Rosie O’ Donnell Returning To The View


All the shake ups and changes on The View lately have some fans head’s spinning. What is happening? Why is everyone leaving? Who will be staying? Who will be joining? The rumor in Hollywood right now is, if you stop what you are doing and put your ear into the wind in the right direction, you can actually hear Elisabeth Hasselbeck seething with rage. You see, it has been confirmed that one Miss Rosie O’ Donnell will be rejoining the cast.

The great irony in this is that The View tries to show us the rational female perspective on all subjects. But when Hasselbeck and Rosie get in the same room, the show may as well be called “Cat Fight”. Whatever they seem to be talking about falls secondary behind them disagreeing with each other and making as many passive aggressive barbs as they can at one another for the length of the show. Truth be told, it is kind of awesome. It is as if they gave two of the Real Housewives who hate each other a talk show. Yup, it just always derails into arguments between these two.

But what else could the show do? They lost 90% of their cast and needed to ensure they had a few more people on board so the ship wouldn’t go under. I, for one, am totally behind this decision. I am sure Rosie O’ Donnell is, too. The View needs multiple view points. In that sense, it is a logical move.

I just know Elisabeth Hasselbeck is the least excited as anyone about this news.

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