Sam Waterston Joins Netflix’s Gracie and Frankie


Sam Waterston has joined the cast of the new Netflix single camera comedy “Gracie and Frankie”. The main plot of the show is going to be that two long-term law partners, played by Waterston and Martin Sheen, have been cheating on their wives with one another for the past twenty years and have decided to finally file for divorce and get married. Waterston has been playing a role in the HBO show “Newsroom”, which was just renewed for a third and final season, but is probably most well known for starring in Law & Order from 1994 to 2010. The comedy’s female leads are Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. Waterston’s character is going to be divorcing Tomlin in the show. Fonda and Tomlin will have been nemeses before the show starts and will surprising find solace with each other, likely in a humorous, adult-sitcom sort of way.

The show “Gracie and Frankie” is being created by “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman and by Howard J. Morris (Sullivan and Son, According to Jim, Home Improvement). Fonda, Tomlin, and David Ellison, Marcy Ross, and Dana Goldberg are all going to executive produce. Tate Taylor (The Help) will executive produce and will also direct at least the first episode of the series.

While I am excited for Netflix to get into the single camera comedy game, I am less than excited about this show in particular. I honestly find characters who get married to the opposite gender, stay in the closet for decades, and then destroy their families after years of hiding affairs, distasteful rather than inspiring. Honesty and dealing with the adversity of being openly gay in the nineties would be inspiring, not breaking some poor woman’s heart and making large sections of her life come to naught. I just wish that the obviously talented group of people putting this together had invested their time in something else.

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