‘Saving Grace’ Series Finale Comes Full Circle

Bryan Jones June 22, 2010 123

After three years on the air, TNT’s Saving Grace ended last night in an episode that I’d define as mostly good but open to a bit of interpretation from the fans. Saving Grace was a complicated television drama that followed Grace Hanadarko, a police officer in Oklahoma City, who had a dark side that included heavy drinking, smoking, and plenty of recreational sex. But despite these and other flaws the character was well loved and had a good heart. The series opened three years ago with last-chance angel Earl (portrayed flawlessly by Leon Rippy) asking Grace if she was ready to give her life to God. Last night’s finale came full circle and answered that question. (Warning – spoilers on the finale after this point. Read with caution).

In the past, the series has typically had very strong episodes, and their timing throughout each season has been perfect. However, during this final season, specifically these last three episodes, it seemed rushed and a bit disjointed. For me, it impacts the finale a bit, and lowers the high standard the show has set before this point.

The finale did successfully wrap up the character of Grace Hanadarko, though maybe not as fully as some would have liked. The series always covered the sometimes thin lines between good and evil, worldiness and spirituality, and despite being given a Last-chance angel, Grace resisted giving up her bad habits. The finale followed Grace’s battle with an evil being in Baltimore, but in order to destroy it she gave the ultimate sacrifice. As the rubble was cleared away and Grace’s lifeless body was removed in a body bag, her friends and survivors stood and saluted her actions. Even her angel, Earl, stood amongst the crowd and saluted, leaving many to wonder why he wasn’t guiding her to heaven. But it would seem, to me at least, that the meaning in her death is that Grace was finally able to take that extra step. And just as Earl asked her 3 years ago in the first episode, yes, she was ready to give her life to God. However, for many it seems that for a show about saving Grace (it is in the title after all) they forgot to actually save Grace! The moments after her death in the finale focused primarily on her friends and family and how they reacted to and dealt with her death. So the question remains, did Grace make it to heaven, and is she truly happy for once? As it stands now, the writers intended for each of us to make those decisions on our own. So like it or not, it’s for you to decide. For me, I have to believe that since Grace obviously wasn’t saved physically, that she was finally saved spiritually, and like it or not, it was good television.

What was your opinion of the Saving Grace finale? Do you think Grace ended on a high note, going full circle, or have the writers let you down? Were you upset, like me, that there wasn’t any resolution given to Earl’s involvement in Grace’s sister’s death, many years ago? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Pearlnelson

    I knew she was going to die when the baby's name became Grace. I think they should have used an additional hour to tell the story because the last hour seemed very rushed. Satan never appeared evil enough or believable enough to me.Favor? Now that Earl is free, can he be my angel?I will very much miss this show. Kudos to the entire staff for doing such a wonderful job every week.

  • cwk

    Ugh, I think I'm so bummed that it's over–It's tough to not let that translate into disappointment with the finale. I wanted some deserved happiness for Grace and Hamm. Nonetheless, this show has never made the viewer feel comfortable. On the contrary, it's made us face the messy realities of life, and challenged us to find beauty among that mess. There was definitely beauty in those final moments. I'd argue Grace WAS saved. She died a hero, not in a drunken car wreck, or from an STD — it could have been otherwise!

  • gail

    I too wanted something for Ham and Grace, even thought she said I love you she was searching for more. I think in the end, She was determined to destroy evil, as she said I'll beat my life on it. She couldn't get rid of the devil or darkness but she was determined to get the bad guy. Willing to go down for her fellow man, sister, dog. The cop in her prevailed. But she was at peace.

  • Elaine

    I thought the ending was very disturbing and unsatisfying. I hated the entire sequence in Mexico, which was just too bizarre with Grace wandering around in that puffy dress. As to the final scene, nothing was really resolved and it seemed very rushed. Her death scene was more like an afterthought. Also, that whole line of saluting friends and co-workers was sort of corny and not what real people would do, in my opinion. And I personally, did not want to see Grace carted off the show in a body bag. This character deserved a much better send-off after three years. It's a shame that the entire series was so well done, and the final episodes were so weird. We all know that people die, but part of entertainment's purpose is to keep us from dwelling on it…so in the interest of entertainment, it would have been nice for Grace to go on living instead of having to think of her being blown up and lost to everyone who loved her, including her T.V. fans! I am disappointed in this ending. I hate to even think about it, as a matter of fact. It is kind of sickening.

  • FM

    A mish-mash of overacting and a plot that was pointless. A real letdown as Grace spends two hours in a major pity party alternating between whining and being drunk before going off on some vague journey to sleep around in Mexico with a disguised demon. To top it off Grace kills herself to kill a demon that can't be killed? He's timeless! Did the writers forget that little point? The whole thing ends with high school theatrics of everyone saluting the body bag. What a load of self-important nonsense. The only good thing was Leon Rippy.

  • Lsanders

    I felt like i was left hanging… I agree with Pealnelson.. I loved saving grace…. I am her

  • http://datechguy.wordpress.com/ DaTechGuy

    Grace loses her battle, because in the end she gives into the sin of pride deciding to take he devil's ultimatum. The target was never people, everyone dies anyway, the target was graces soul and she kills herself unnecessary. Like Satan can't make another batch of explosives.There is a reason why Pride is at the head of the list of deadly sins. In my opinion Grace succumbs to it.

  • Karenbslms

    Very disappointing to say the least!!! Definitely, no resolution and a lot of guessing!!! Loved the show but why do writer's always leave the door open when the possibility of returning is nil?

  • Mtn_2 Beach

    I thought the final episode was a little rushed but having so much to wrap up how could it be otherwise. Hamm and Grace did have their happiness.. Grace told him she loved him. Grace gave Retta a picture of Earl (something she really wanted) Grace gave her life to save others including her nephew. Her soul is at rest. I believe she made it to heaven. Earl did his best to guide and love her. I loved the beach scene at the end.

  • Jandem06

    I, too, felt a bit rushed, but that could not be helped, I guess. I have to ask — if basically Grace killed herself – even though it was to destroy Evil – no one else knows that – so it appears she blew herself up – does that make it okay and you expect her to go to heaven? So suicide is only against the rules for insurance companies? I loved this show – it was awful, wonderful, made me think and question, and made me laugh —- I don't know anyone like Grace in real life, but I could relate to how crazy her life could get. I imagine my own person Earl with me often — so glad he isn't some angel of old – some fat little kid with wings! Yikes!Thanks to Holly Hunter and the entire crew for a riveting t.v. experience!

  • Reidclan

    anyone know the name of the song that ran in the last scene? Was it by everclear?

  • GraceEarlfan

    Been a fan from the first and I was very dissatisfied. Loved the beach scene with Earl but the Mexico scene was idiotic at best and the side story with Butch and his friend just took up unnecessary room. Never did resolve the purple door symbolism, Earl was not with Grace in the final moments, just very, very poorly done overall though there were good moments. Wanted to watch a new show on TNT but WILL NOT do so as a matter of principle.

  • Kathy

    I agree with Elaine…I was devastated & disappointed in the finale. I think it was rushed also and they could have saved a lot of time with all the Mexico stuff during the first show. I'm glad she had her spiritual awakening in the water but I think she could have done a lot more good if she lived. I kept expecting Earl to swoop in at the end with the facedown. And, yes, the name of the show was "Saving Grace" so I'm glad she was "saved" but I still think after watching every show for 3 years, and since it is still TV after all, that a happy ending wouldn't have been too much to expect. There are other ways she could have "defeated" or stopped or slowed down the Evil One. I mean evil is never really defeated…so in that respect having her die at the end for that was a waste. The fact that he couldn't have HER soul would have been enough to piss him off and move on. I don't know…I was just disappointed. The looks on her friends, especially Ham's, faces was heartbreaking…and then it just ends!!!!

  • D.Reg

    I hated the ending! They left alot hanging and I would have liked to have seen Grace have more than just a few seconds of happiness.

  • Sauce08

    I will miss Grace, and I wish it had ended different. I cried at the end just because of the pain that Hamm must of been going through and the ring that he had bought her. It was sad, and I am sorry that it came to an end. It is just sad that they had to end a great show, Holly Hunter is amazing!!!

  • Sauce08

    as well as the rest of the cast was amazing!!! I will miss them!!! Grace is at a better place now, i believe.

  • Kygreylady

    Poorly done. A very bad end to what was a good series.

  • Jimbob

    I really liked this series a lot. The best stories are about relationships of every kind. Grace was all about the people in her life. I really like Earl but I never thought that the show needed to resort to the “gimmick” of him being an angel. He could easily have been her Uncle or neighbor or someone like that. Most of the episodes could easily have been done without an angel or reference to God. The final episode was different in that Grace finally followed all the bread crumbs to figure out what she was supposed to do. She had no choice but to try and take out the evil guy because he came after Clay and would no doubt keep going after her friends and family till she confronted him. He forced the issue. And after he confessed to all the things he did to get to her for all those years of course she had to take him out. We have to believe that there’s a good chance he died. Grace tested his powers by shooting him and while he didn’t die he bled so it seemed that with enough fire power he could be destroyed. The bread crumbs led right to the warehouse and the cigar and Grace realized that God had given her the means to destroy evil. In the end she didn’t hesitate. I too wish her friends could have had a bit more insight into the details of her ending but then the show has always relied upon faith. I’m grateful that the network provided enough episodes for the show to come to an end. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending yet but I can’t imagine it ending without Grace dying. She was always on a collision course with life. Thanks for an intriguing and wonderful show.

  • jusme

    TNT just aired the show – they didn't WRITE it!! Don't take it out on them!

  • Simon

    As far as your comment that saluting is corny and not what people do, you are obviously not in Law Enforcement or the military. That is the ultimate sign of respect and people do it!

  • Alenglish

    I was EXTREMELY dissapointed with the finale. It was bizarre and left many questions unanswered. I agree with the others who say it seemed rushed. The whole side story with Butch was the only coherent plot in the finale, but I think it was an unnecessary one. Instead, I would have liked to have a side story that incorporated the main plot, not one that could stand alone as its own episode. I'm still confused even after watching it twice over WHO put the fertilizer in the red truck. Grace had been driving it, so I assume she went to the storage unit with the intention of blowing herself and the demon up which makes no sense because if he did not die when she loaded him with bullets, I don't think an explosion would kill him or stop him either. Grace did not die to SAVE anyone, no one else was in danger at that storage facility. Even before that final scene, I thought things weren't making sense. Once Grace found Neely's body, she contaminates the crime scene, her clothes are hidden in a wall right there with the body?! Plus how did Neely get to Mexico? How come Neely died on the street but there Grace was at her (NOT FRESH, but grass covered) grave on the same day? It was too weird. Since the first episode, I figured that Earl was the last chance angel, meaning that he was only an angel for people who were about to die, Leon Cooley was on death row after all, so I assumed Grace was entering the final stage of her life then, but I figured she would die heroically, not senselessly. Plus, Grace did not change 1 iota and that was the whole point of her getting an angel in the 1st place. The writers must have been high to think that ending the series this way made any sense whatsoever. SUCH A DISSAPOINTMENT! I hated the finale & not just because the heroine dies at the end, but because I felt like it was written POORLY. Mcveigh's partner in the Murrah Building bombing was some kind of demon/satan supernatural being who gave Neely drugs to overdose, made Esperanza's ball go into the street, and set Grace's house on fire to kill Clay & Gus, and he claimed to be the one who cut Grace's shoulder and we know he wasn't because they caught that guy. My point is, so Grace got a last chance angel because God knew the devil was chasing her, Grace did not change her ways, in fact, she got into sin MORE, then she kills her self and an invicible demon to…WHAT? Confuse everyone? Totally bizarre and not thought out. In my opinion, under these circumstances, God would have sent Grace straight to hell. She committed suicide and she did not change

  • Pamreid

    The song at the end was The Calling – "Wherever You Will Go." The finale was not totally satisfying, but it did make me think. I rewound it three times to watch over.

  • Cdes1011

    I agree. I thought the ending was unsatisfying. You can't kill evil by blowing it up. Everyone knows that. You overcome evil with good. Why wasn't the ending something more like that? Also, I think the beautiful scene of Earl and Grace on the beach was out of place – it should have been at the very end, right after the big blowup. And why was the big pile of mail still standing after Grace blew up the storage unit? And how did Neely end up dead in Mexico?

  • Pamreid

    The song at the end was The Calling – "Wherever You Will Go." The finale was not totally satisfying, but it did make me think. I rewound it three times to watch over.

  • Linda

    I was very disappointed in the ending. No one can destroy evil so it was pointless. His remains weren't found, just Grace's. And, if Earl could save her nephew why not save the little girl? Evil was trying to destroy both. Too many unanswered questions. And, the wasted time spent in Mexico was just FLUFF that could have been better spent wrapping up what had been a great series. I looked up at the clock and couldn't believe there was only 10 minutes left and nothing had happened. The ending was rushed, unbelievable, and totally destroyed what had been a very good series. IMOLike others, I suspected from the beginning that Grace would wind up dead. Last chance angel seemed to infer that. But, the ending did not do the show justice and left me wishing I had never watched the show at all.Earl was the real saving grace for the show. Without him I would feel like the entire series had been a waste of time (after watching the ending). But, he always made me feel good and I loved seeing his part each week.

  • Crptdude01

    I canno't believe it is over. I did not know it had been cancelled until today. So when she died last night I just kept trying to tell myself that it was not her and they will find her alive in the rubble. But since the show is cancelled then she really died. Horrible, horrible ending. This is the first TV show that I have ever watched from the very first episode without missing an episode. I am very disappointed. Everything was very rushed at the end. Hamm throwing the ring…… I was so sad.

  • Gaelstirler

    BIG Spoilers***Setting aside the improbability of angels and demons there are some plot points that bothered me as I watched last night, not he least of which were the many crimes Grace committed. Here is a run down: breaking and entering the home of the child she recently killed, stealing a photo and bracelet, peeping on the grief of the bereived mother, illegally entering the home of her neighbor and tying her to a chair then leaving her–possibly to die–stealing her drugs, using said drugs, leaving her dog Gus locked in the house without making arrangements for a dogsitter, finding a dead body and not reporting it to the authorities, transporting said body across international boundries and state lines illegally, not to mention the bloody attempted murder of Hut Flanders and intentional detonation of a huge bomb in a busy commercial area. Then there is the whole time line problem. Grace was only missing between 36 and 72 hours. In that time she tied up Neely, smoked crack, arranged to have her Porche crushed, broke into and hid in the mother's house until she could escape without being detected, procured a red pickup truck, drove or flew to a Mexican border town near a beach. That means it is either Tiajuana, 1350 miles, 20 hour drive, or Brownsville and South Padre Island (700 miles, 12 hour drive) went to a quencinera, found Neely's body, tried to commit suicide by drowning. Moved the body from the ally to a vehicle or plane, delivered it to New Orleans (1800 miles from Tiajuana, 700 miles from Brownsville), arranged for burial, morned over her grave and returned to Oklahoma on the same day that her house burned down. Even if you allow that Earl may have helped with more than driving, it stretches the imagination. Plus Earl has never helped with realistic kinds of travel before. It was always more like the scene where he invited her to eat on the beach. His trips with Grace took place in a kind of spiritual world where even a nuclear blast would go unnoticed by the rest of the world. At the end of each trip she was still in her home as if she never left. Therefore we must conclude that Grace never really went to Mexico, tried to commit suicide (washing machine story notwithstanding), went to New Orleans, or met Potter and discussed how he found her body. All of that was part of her fantasy or out-of-body-experience. And if that was not real, then the motive probably wasn't either. The motive for her journey was finding the girl's photo, so she never really broke into the child's bedroom or spied on her mother. All of this occured after she stole Neely's drugs and used them, so I submit it was all a hallucination. From that moment on we're are in Wonderland. First, Grace is cleaning house, something she's never done before, Rhetta finds Neely has been the victim of a serious crime and even though she is a sworn law officer, she makes no attempt to report it, neither does it occur to her that Neely might try to take revenge or need counseling. Rhetta finds drug parafinallia in Grace's home, but no drugs. What happened to the drugs? Then Rhetta tells people Grace will be alright and that they should not to go check on her? That is not like Rhetta, that is like Grace.I think what really happened was she never left town, Neely didn't die, Grace accidently set the house on fire while doing drugs. She rescued her dog and maybe her nephew from the fire before she went into a coma and died in the hospital. If not, then the writers were on crack.

  • TK 99

    I am not sure I agree just yet but that is a very interesting take. The first question I would ask my self is where, looking back over the series, where was it that Grace missed her "last chance" at redemption because I too noticed that Earl did not escort her soul the way he did Cooley's and I thought that was significant and not just an oversight. BTW I have always thought Grace was played as bi-polar and so that plays into a lot of my thinking about the series.

  • Leslie

    I think one thing I missed the first time I watched it that I caught the second time was that the Devil says to her, "let's make a deal, I let you walk out of here and I will save this fertilizer for another spring day in Oklahoma City." I think at that moment she had to decide, do I choose God, loose my life and potentially save others or do I choose the devil and stay alive. So her setting off the bomb wasn't to kill him – she knew she couldn't kill him – it was her finally truly choosing God. Remember that Earl gave her the cigars from Baltimore that she used to ignite the bomb. I just wish we could have had one more scene with her and Earl.

  • Cdes1011

    The only conclusion I can draw from the show is that we all have free will, even with a last chance angel trying to help us. Leon was going to die, we don't know if he truly changed, Neely chose to take drugs again and died because of an overdose apparently, and Grace was hell-bent on killing herself from the first show. I loved the series, but came away with a sense of being let down. One of the things I did love about the show was that Earl wasn't portrayed as some cloud-high, clean as a whistle pious being, and he showed no judgement toward the people he was assigned to be with. He only loved them. Now, that was cool.

  • Jean

    It was very rushed and unsatisfying. It made no sense to me to have the "trial" several episodes ago – without any set up whatsoever. It made no sense that she suddenly found Neely's body – where? In Mexico? Back in Oklahoma City? And it was thrown in that she "coincidentally" meets a rescue worker in the cemetery in New Orleans?! And suddenly the thing with the necklace? And while her story was wrapped up – what about poor Ham? Won't he start boozing and whoring as a result of all this? It might have been nice to see Earl – or some other angel – reach out to those so obviously in pain over this development. Maybe Grace was always dead. Maybe not. But this finale was a lot less cohesive than the writers of "Lost" managed to pull off – and they ran years longer and had far more complicated plots.

  • Jean

    I agree with those who were very bothered by Grace suddenly abandoning her dog. That dog was such a focus for her in so many episodes. How she moaned and wept when he went missing. And then she just abandons him without making arrangements? Okay – maybe she was high when she did it – but that just indicates to me that she was totally "lost" at that point. It also makes little sense to me that everyone could easily see the demon/"journalist" but not the angel. As for the surviving bags of Angel Cop fan mail – I suppose that's a visual metaphor for the public's undying "faith" or "belief" in goodness or miracles even in the face of the harsh reality that, more often than not, miracles do NOT happen (Grace was not literally "saved' and she apparently went off the rails despite having a good support system). That, to me, added to the total despair of her good friends and lovers, is depressing and rather cynical. I find no poetic justice in Grace's years-long guilt trip over causing her sister's death in an explosion – and ultimately choosing to end her own life in an explosion. If I were really cynical, I'd say this whole incident will send so many of the other characters down the very same guilt trip. WHAT A BUMMER!

  • Manyblessings71

    I am very disappointed with the ending! In fact I think it totally SUCKED…………How could you leave all of us loyal fans hanging the same way you did with the SHEILD! Grace and Ham deserved more than that send off, and all her friends. OMG I am through watching these great series to end up with a devasting ending. I surely hope this dosen't win any awards. You all shoud be ashame of your selves!

  • TK 99

    Or maybe the mailbags were a "thank you" to those who tried to save the show with e mails and letters????

  • TK 99

    I am reading all the coments and yours strikes closer to my thought from the very beginning of the show, that Grace was played as bi-polar.

  • gerri

    Thinking about it now, I suppose the deaths of the other characters in Earl's care were forshadowing of Grace's death. I think if this were a film her death may have worked better, but viewers invest in characters on a TV series making the loss of Grace very dissatisfying and leaving us to feel that we, like Ham and Rhetta were robbed. Some of you are questioning whether or not any of the people Earl looked after learned anything or changed at all, but I think the most poignant and affecting line was Earl's when Neely asked him, "Does God love us when we mess up," and Earl's answer was that "that is when He loves us more." emphasizing the meaning of the show's title, "Saving Grace." We are only saved by Grace, not Hanadarko, but God's grace, because lets face it we all keep messing up, and God is there waiting to love us and asking us to trust him with our lives. In that sense, I think the point was made, but I'm not sure Grace needed to kill herself, that part I believe robs us of closure for everybody, esp. since many have said, she couldn't kill the evil with her bullets, so although the good lived on through the letters, perhaps the evil man lives on as well…

  • Gwenn

    I thought the end was brilliant. Everything happened as it should have. Grace came full circle with all the demons in her life put to rest. Perhaps some of you need to watch it over again a few times and pay attention to the little subtleties in the background. God is with her everywhere throughout the epsiode, he is there when Earl is not. If you are a regular, then you know the form that God had taken throughout the series. Listen to the background, He is always with her. She chose to end 'evil' in the way it presented itself to her throughout the series. This was 'her' evil, we all have our own demons to deal with, she 'killed' the one that followed her throughout HER life. In doing so she managed to prevent another OKC bombing, and prevent it from destroying those she loved. If you watched the series each event that happened in her life was done by the evil that surrounded her and those SHE loved. This series was brilliant, Holly Hunter is just amazing to watch. I will miss this show!

  • Lynn

    The finale was certainly left up to interpretation and like you I believe that Grace was saved spiritually. She was able to finally tell Ham she loved him and that was not something she could have done unless she loved herself, and lets face it she certainly didn't early on in the show. I believe the ending was suitable the two men she cared for took her body from the site while everyone she loved watched. And in Grace style she went out on her own terms. I would not have expected anything else from her character. I love the happy ending and Ham was going to attempt to give her that and now we never know what the answer would have been to his question. I believe she would have said no and that is why I think I am OK with the ending they had.

  • Newlightfaith

    Disappointing to say the least, to show our heroine go out with a bang, to attempt to destroy something she can't (the devil), to commit suicide (going to hell), what was it all For? we already saw Neely go (to hell), Why Grace? Why couldn't she be the one who defeated evil? Dismissed the whole purpose of the show. message missed, for God is greater than ANY obstacle and always provides a way out. we were cheated on that level. last, killing her, like that, destroys the rerun value. Who wants to see them? I know I don't!

  • Cecibean

    I want the two hours of my life back that I wasted on this finale.

  • mlpet

    Question: Why do angels (Earl in this case) and Monica (in Touched by An Angel) cry or are sad when a person dies? If they are bound for heaven, obviously, the angel knows how wonderful and better place that is, so why are the (the angels) sad? And if they mortal goes to hell, obviously they (the person) was really bad.

  • monalisa

    I didn't get the Mexico thing but as Grace was high and she seemed to want to continue Esperanza's life a bit longer. Confusing.I was hoping that Grace could complete her mission and destroy evil and be freed to go on with her life and Hamm having freed her demons.I felt it wasn't Satan so much as maybe an evil angel or a representation of that. She chose to do what God had planned for her and Earl set her up to do. He was a last chance Angel so I suppose she was going to die no matter what but, was "Saved" by her decision to destroy some evil even if it meant losing her own life to save others. I cried as they were carrying out her remains. I think they were all in shock and Saluting is what you would have done and break down later in private. I felt so sorry for Hamm and Rhetta mostly. But life does go on.This was a great series. Holly Hunter was awesome and dared to portray someone warts and all. I adore all the people who where in it. It was gutsy, real and not real at the same time. Life is complicated and don't we all wish we had an Angel for Guidance. I think it would have played out less confusing if they had more time and it had not been canceled.Rest in Peace Grace.

  • Newlightfaith

    no she was not. she did not trust God. the WHOLE series rested on that point. "trust Me Grace" She never did. Ultimatly,she KILLED her self , went to hell.

  • Molly

    Where was Grace's priest brother in the line-up of saluters at the end of the show?

  • Tom

    To Alenglish: You summed it up pretty well. All in all, I enjoyed the series the past few years, even with itsover-the-top plots, and way too much mumbled dialogue. Kudos to Holly Hunter and the rest of the cast forinspired performances – especially Leon Rippy and Laura San Giacomo. No kudos to the writers of the totally discombobulated two-part finale, however. They must have been on Neely's drugs.

  • Ginra

    I'm not sure she died. There was, after all, only one body bag, which leaves the door open to interpretation (and to "Saving Grace: The Movie".)

  • Jules69

    Seriously … you had to kill Grace off? Are you fricking insane?? I couldn't believe it. I was saddened, angry, crying, pissed. I understand that she had to get rid of evil, but I have to agree with Cdes1011 .. you can't blow up evil. It doesn't work that way. Why couldn't it have been Earl and Grace walk out on the ocean with angels around them and take Grace off into the distance? Something that was more calming and soothing to end a terrific series that never should have been cancelled in the first place. Poor Hamm never got to purpose. Come on guys … you need to learn to write better. And to Elaine: Simon is 100% correct. Only Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Military get saluted to show the utmost respect when they die. And those who aren't Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Military, their hand is placed on their hearts just like Clay did. Guess you never watched anything pertaining to 9-11.

  • Jules69

    I like that TK. Makes perfect sense.

  • guy

    You sound so, well, protected-north-american in your simplistically "I have never suffered, I don't understand why art must reflect that if it has not ever happened to me" response……. Perhaps the idea that there are two different americas living in the united states — those who are standing against evil and have paid a high price and suffered, and those that do not have a clue and are happily going about blissfully ignorant. And honestly — you (Cdes1011) think there is no cost in overcoming evil with good?? Go back to watching CBS.

  • Guy

    Guess you have never been in God's "washing machine"….. it can change you forever and I thought that idea was pretty clear. I loved this show because it actually chose to look at evil — something we in this country cannot stand to do correctly — we either hate wrongly (extremism) or try to "love" the evil into something good – which cannot happen and will not change anything with either response. You have to face evil and call it what it is and that is what I came away with after watching the show. And I think it does take a lot of preparation and patience from God and angels to make it to the point of taking the stand against evil.

  • Ravenwest

    I was going to tape the show last night, but forgot. Now that I read that Grace DIED, I'm glad I didn't waste 2 hours. So, what exactly was the point of "saving" Grace, when she wasn't saved at all? Pity, they would end this series so flat. Wonder if they'll do the same with the Closer and other excellent series when their time is over?

  • Oldgurl

    I totally am confused about the Mexico thing. Did I miss something. Who was the man Grace stared at and went with to the party and who was the girl she gave the bracelet to??

  • Cdes1011

    On the contrary, Ravenwest, you should see if you can watch the finale two hours. As you can see from all these comments, there was a lot of meat in those two shows. It is not a waste of time to watch. And who can know if she was saved? Only God knew her heart. I think, in the end, her "saving Grace" was her saving grace (by grace we are saved and not by works)- she gave up, she gave in, she took hold of her God-given purpose. All of this in a show that wasn't "preachy" or clothed in overt Christianity.

  • Angieandbubba

    Grace didnt kill the evil by blowing it up. Like you said, you overcome evil with good. that is exactly what she did. She sacrificed herself for the good of her loved ones and oklahoma city. she did what God asked of her. That is how the evil was destroyed. I also don't understand the whole Neely thing, but I get the point of the show and the finale.

  • Dekenney

    I would have liked to have a final shot/image of Grace and God / Dog – from behind walking away together

  • Molly

    Maybe her priest brother was not present at the end because Grace committed suicide by walking into the ocean. It seemed apparent, by the end of the show — when events were shown out of time line sequence several times, events were eventually shown, in retrospect, to have occurred simultaneously (I'm NOT referring to Earl being at the house fire while also on a trip with Grace), when Grace was present in the station house yet her whereabouts were unknown to many people while they were also in the station house, and we were given almost too many clues/references to the ocean and the water for her experience there not to have been more significant than it almost is by the end of the show if you don't keep it at the forefront. Grace did what she said she did in the ocean: she let go, opened her mouth, and breathed in. She described transcendence to Earl while they sat eating and drinking beer on the beach. It doesn't really matter when she "let go"..it doesn't matter in what order she chose life over evil (though she left her physical body when she made the choice), and it doesn't matter what ends didn't get tied up for each of us — she DID die…and she DID choose good/God. Earl told Grace that the ocean was (tears?) for those who couldn't cry (not sure about the verbatim). So…I like to think that Grace didn't commit suicide when she went into the ocean…that it was symbolic and that her "letting go" while in the water" was symbolic of her release to God..at some point..either before her death in water or fire…she CHOSE..and regardless of one's religious bent…..there is a Judeo-Christian theme going on in the show based on Earl's role…..(though angels find a place in many hearts and I do not know if angels are found in Islam but it makes sense that they would be since these three major religions share roots in a time B.C.)….. anyway…Grace..you, go, Girl!!!!

  • confused watcher

    Please explain the scene in Mexico. I was totally confused. What was that all about? Who was the Mexican girl, and why did Grace give her Esparenza's bracelet?

  • catlover

    I have watched Saving Grace from the first epsiode and have never missed one. This season however, has been very disappointing. It seems like they said oh were cancelled let's just throw something together. It has always been a well written, produced and acted series to end up in such a disconjointed mess. They jumped all over the place last night with scenes that made no sense and with no explinations. For a loyal fan this was a very unsatisfying ending. I loved all of the actors in the series, Holly Hunter was great. I have to say that Earl was my favorite, nice to see an angle protrayed in such a down to earth (pardon the pun) fashon. I was hoping that another station would pick up this series, but now with Grace gone that is very unlikely. Unless Earl has a way of bringing her back, hey it's tv you never know………………….

  • Metallica1302

    I agree with you to a certain extent. I love the show and even protested its cancellation. The truth is instead of that whole incident in Mexico they could have used the time to explain some unanswered questions. The thing that makes me the most angry is that I understand why she did what she did. I live in Tulsa, OK 100 miles away from OKC and believe me what happened on April 19, 1995 will always leave a whole in our hearts. I cried when I realized that she gave her life so that others wouldn't have to. But with the showing being about God and Angels I guess I thought that God would save her like he did when her and Neely jumped off of that building. When he didn't I thought to myself, where are the writers faith? God could have saved her don't they know that? But then I thought, he did save her. Maybe not her body but he saved her soul and that's what really counts. I guess we'll have to take that! I am very sad to see it end….

  • LindaW

    The final episode was truly haunting as it kept me tossing, turning and thinking all night long. After reading everyone's comments, I have to say, the series ended the way it was supposed to end. I hated that Grace had to die, but I believe good prevailed in the end. In the beginning, Grace hit Cooley while driving drunk and Earl said she had to change her ways. Towards the end of the series, Grace killed Esperanda but we know Cooley was executed. I agree with everyone that the Mexico portion was stupid and pointless but I think that while Grace tried to kill herself in the ocean, God saved her for her to kill the demon in her life – Flanders. I'd like to think she chose God's will and I think this is one test that good prevailed and evil died, even though they only found Grace's body. I truly believe God works in mysterious ways and it's not up to us to judge Grace, as only God can. The look on Ham's face and Retta's reaction when they carried out her body bag made me cry. I think the mail that survived was God's way of saying he is still in charge and not to doubt or question him. Remember the look on Butch's face when he saw the stacks? He didn't think Grace had an "angel". I truly don't think of it as Grace killing herself, but killing the evil in her life. Why else would the cigars Earl gave her years ago surive the total destruction of her house? She gave her life to God to help save others. All actors played their parts extremely well- especially Holly Hunter and Leon Rippy. I hate to admit it, but I'll probably buy the dvd series.

  • pkize

    the final season was disappointing. the ending made no sense at all — why would grace believe that blowing up the storage facility would resolve her confrontation with evil (the devil?); why would colleagues from police and fire stand and salute when they brought the body out; wouldn't her death have appeared to be a suicide.it certainly seemed that the writers and producers were upset with the cancellation of the show and just threw together story lines with whatever came into their heads. too bad! the previous seasons raised some very interesting theological and moral questions.

  • Debranance

    ocean ..'his tears for those he could not save'

  • SilverSpringer1

    The girl in Mexico was celebrating her quinceanera, her coming-of-age party. I think the point was that Esperanza would never grow up and become an adult and Grace passed on a piece of Esperanza (in the form of her bracelet) to another girl.I don't understand the Mexican man and his two women and the hair and makeup thing — unless it's another fantasy element in an otherwise realistic fiction piece.

  • viewerguest

    I think the ending was abrupt and stupid. I had to watch it twice and still I did not get it.Did she kill the evil being, or only herself? Where was God? Like you said, why wasn't Earl escorting her to the next plane of existence? He has taken her to some amazing places before. This ending seemed to be saying that was it…a meaningless ending without any of the spirituality that this show has been known for. It is almost as if they switched writers at the last minute. The Mexico sequence didn't make any sense and was not explained.

  • Bev

    Thank you!!! I felt like I was the only one who thinks this ending was perfect in its completeness. I think that her time in the "washing machine" represented the washing away of her sins and a second baptism. I also appreciated the idea of her "last supper" with chili fries and beer. I never thought of her as bipolar but a human being damaged by the evil done to her by her church. She lived her life rebeling against its teachings to a degree that nearly consumed her. In the end, she faced her demons in the face of evil and took her power back.

  • Eldritch

    Suicide gets you condemned to hell. Having discovered the crime inprogress, shouldn't she, as a cop, arrested the guy. Sure, he wasSatan, but he did his evil acts in human form. She should havearrested his human form. If someone had arrested Timothy McVeigh,that would have prevented the OKC bombing. Satan himself will go on. He's unkillable, so what exactly did her sacrifice accomplish? More importantly, Grace never changed. In the pilot episode, Earl tells her that she's headed to hell unless she changes her ways. But she's the same out of control wanton in the finale as she was in that opening episode. She was always a good cop who was willing to sacrifice for her friends. There's no reason to think she was saved. She's still the same person who was damned in the first place. Frankly, the the final episodes just pointlessly wallowed in her pain which is little more than female empathy porn.

  • gerri

    Earl repeadtedly asked Grace, "Are you ready to give your life to God?" I am not saying I agree with the writer's choice to have her commit suicide to stop the crime. However, you are questioning whether or not Grace learned anything or changed at all. I think the most poignant and affecting line was Earl's when Neely asked him, "Does God love us when we mess up," and Earl's answer was "that is when He loves us more." emphasizing the meaning of the show's title, "Saving Grace." I think the title refers to being saved by Grace, not Hanadarko, but God's grace, because lets face it we all keep messing up, and God is there waiting to love us and asking us to trust him with our lives. Grace came out the water, perhaps a symbol of baptism, and said, "You win Earl. I give my life to God." In that sense, I think the point was made. I do agree, I'm not a fan of the choice to have Grace kill herself, that part I believe robs us of closure for everybody, esp. since many have said, she couldn't kill the evil with her bullets..but I just wanted to point out that it is hard for any of us to change our ways, and therefore, thank God for his saving grace…

  • Jannut_nora

    This was a great show and I am sad to see it end.

  • snowybaby

    I LOVE the series, but did not understand the final shot selection from the finale. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that my TV cut to commercial early. The last onscreen moments, for the entire series, were Ham hurling away the wedding ring and Earl looking at something undefined? Uh, what? I can maybe understand Grace's sacrifice – - though I wasn't sure that choice demonstrated character evolution, since Grace of Season 1 would have done the same thing to spare her loved-ones and fellow citizens of Oklahoma – - but that ending was kinda disappointing. Even the music cut off at a seemingly random interval. Was anyone else left saying: that's it?!?

  • Lissa

    Definitely could have put it to bed with a better end. I think the full circle thing was great, but the way they rushed it in the last 10 min was just a sad end to a great show. They should have cut down on the Mexico scene and the thing with the guy and the illegal guns, and just focused on Grace and the actual end.The end made me feel like nothing was ok, everyone looked so sad and angry, and it was a just a very bitter ending. This is exactly the kind of ending Buffy had in the first end of the show, and though not as abrupt, left way too many people so disappointed that they had to bring the series back. You would think director's and producer's take notes from past successful shows.

  • Eth

    Think higher people, think ascension, think about that fact that we were O.K. with angels and God and it was accessible. Most of our culture shuns it all. It came to us accessibly not in the form of organized religion, not in the form of fundamentalism, but in the form of flawed, wounded folks that we can really relate to on some level. I liked that it was food for thought and food for conversation about God. I did not care for the first hour of the finale, but I did think that the wrap up was good. Grace did learn to love herself, Ham believed and quoted scripture and given where he came from . . . I mean my God! Rhetta received all the proof and validation of God she could have ever asked for, Clay losing his Aunt helped him to heal the loss of his Mother. Ham lost her, but he knew that she loved him and that her death being the "drama" that is was, was completely appropriate, albeit painful.I did not see her death as her end, but her beginning. Taking her soul to the next level was the best that she could have ever done, and it was done in the name of love. Whether or not evil was vanquished for eternity was never the question, she did what she could do and she did it for others, not just for herself, as so much of her "acting out" had been. It showed growth and healing and great strength. I was happy to witness it. I am not sorry that "Grace" was gone, it was SAVED. I will really miss the series. Holly Hunter and the whole cast are amazing, I hope that we can expect something that is thought provoking enough to have us question things more existential, most enjoyable.

  • EJW

    I thought the ending was perfect. Fear no evil!

  • Meg

    I agree that the Mexico/Esperanza sequence was bizarre and pretty much unexplained.. Neeley was a waste as a side story. Irritating. Certainly not as strong as the condemned prisoner side story. Two hours of watching one strange scene flit to another with time passing that could have been used MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY. Throw it all into the mix. A useless crime subplot (???). The usual unending misery and darkness. The ultimate writers' cop out of someone fighting "demons-devils-satan". This conglomeration of choppy scenes was NOT a good enough sendoff for this otherwise fine series. A rushed and ho-hum ending (who DIDN'T see it coming?). Earl deserved better! Hamm deserved better! Rhetta deserved better! Well, chin up, animal lovers. Grace's dog FINALLY found a good home.

  • Rikirescue

    I thought the end was completely unsatisfying and very predictable. Poorly done ending for what started out as a brilliant show. Like so many good shows, the first season writing was the best and it went downhill after that. Holly Hunter was, as always, brilliant.

  • Kris

    I felt the finale was great .Grace did come full circle and there was no way to end it but ,that way of courseyou can't kill evil ,Grace new that she didn't let him take her soul and made sure with every one she lovedshe was willing to do whatever it took to take evil and demons with her. Earl and Grace's last dinner together was like the last supper true but a great scene.I will miss the show and the cast I think theyall were great. To bad they couldn't come back for a 2 hour movie to answer their questions. See if Earlstays or leaves to fine someone else. What happens with Ham and the captian and Butch and Bobbyplus her best friend and who gets her dog.The show has helped me alot more ways than one. To believeagain and there is more than sex ,booze and rock and roll. The real thing I wanted to see is Ham and Grace get together but I knew that would never happen I'll miss this show but like tv land there be another and don't forgot you can always buy the seriesseasons to watch over again . This show was very different from most shows you watch it was gutsyraw and religion all thrown into one. which I think made the best show on tv right now……………Kris

  • Eldritch

    ""Does God love us when we mess up," and Earl's answer was "that is when He loves us more…"If that's the case, then Hanadarko didn't need a last chance angel. She'd just be forgiven by divine grace. However, in the pilot Earl clearly told her that she was headed to hell unless she changed……which seems to discount Grace. I just didn't see her change over the course of the series. Then there's the whole suicide problem. If I'd given it much thought, I probably would have expected Grace to die at the end of the series, but only after having making some kind of change which granted her salvation.

  • DrSnark

    Tonight Grace joined my Hero Dr. Jack Shephard from LOST in sacrificing her life to save others… Hut made the choice clear – leave now and I'll save my stash for some other spring day in OKC…save yourself and I'll be back to kill again. But "Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends" …With all the political and moral corruption world-wide, our Jungian Collective Unconscious, which aches for spiritual evolution, is being expressed by creative artists all over. And we engage, we weep, we admire and aspire to such bravery, integrity, self-sacrifice – and in our inspiration lies the true success of this and other such thought-provoking shows. SAD, yes, but she and we felt it coming, she said it to Earl…She got her material and spiritual house in order and said her goodbyes uniquely to each loved one. And Evil is relentless, and as myriad as the Angels… At least she took Hut out, which was in truth her Final Mission. Her friends saluted her, realizing this despite their sorrow. Earl was there for THEM; perhaps Clay may be his next protege, with Neely. I agree that Earl took Grace away right before, like the Reapers in Dead Like Me…the beautiful beach (like the Chapel in LOST) a gateway to the Next Level…they spoke as equals there and I've no doubt he gave her her wings…So farewell brave Grace, and Rest in PEACE … with Jack…

  • Farylann

    The mail was from people who loved her and viewed her as an angel for her selfless act with Neely. If you listened carefully to what the demon was saying to Grace you heard him offer her a chance to just walk away unscathed. If she had, although no harm would come to her but he would continue to hurt others including her family. Would Grace risk that to save herself? Of course not. Police officers, soldiers, firemen..etc. put their lives on the line for others every day. It is a selfless act. Did you notice what set her off. He was there when her sister died, he stole the necklace. Grace would not be able to stop all evil, but she could stop him by sacrificing herself. In the end the mail was left because when everything is else is gone, what remains of the people we care for is love. Nothing can destroy that.

  • Alicia. :)

    The purple door thing was resolved…She asked Earl what it meant, and he said, "sometimes a purple door, is just a purple door."The only thing that was important was that Neely was behind it and she had to get to her.I wish that the show could have kept going and that Grace would have survived, but all in all, the ending was pretty amazing.And yeah, TNT doesn't write the scripts, just presents that TV Shows and Movies.

  • mrmusic

    What was the song that was played at the end of the program?

  • Sirius Lady

    Earl should have carried Grace's lifeless body out of the rubble saying "You're ready". Everyone should have soluted as he walked by and passed into the Light with Grace's in his arms. The music should have been 'In the Arms of an Angel' by Sarah M

  • Sage

    "The finale followed Grace's battle with an evil being in Baltimore…" The final scene didn't take place in Baltimore, MD. It was in a storage facility in Oklahoma City with the same name — where she stored her letters. That was the page she ripped out of the phone book's yellow pages.I will miss this show, but I was disappointed by the finale. Sure, it tied up all of the loose ends, but it didn't match the brilliance of the preceding seasons.

  • anti-delusion

    Kudos to the writers for showing the ridiculousness of faith. The real moral of the story? Dead is dead. Grief is for the living, and there are no boundaries to the incredible crap we concoct trying to cope with our mortality.

  • Gabby

    There most certainly are Angels in Islam! The Angel Gabriel is the one chosen as Mohammeds' special protector and also the Angel who reveals the Koran itself! There are many mentions of angels who escort souls and intervene and communicate on behalf of God throughout the Koran. Buddhism has angels as well altho' not the same ones that are common to Judiasm, Christianity and Islam. I'm one of those who also didn't like the finale. However, reading some of the comments here has provided a few different perspectives that served to satisfy some of my dislikes & confusions. I also thought that the evil being Grace confronted was not Satan himself but rather a demon (evidently a personal one for Grace) and demons CAN be destroyed — altho' Evil itself in the larger sense cannot as it is part of the balance of the earthly existence created by God. So I got the impression that when Earl showed Grace the nuclear detonation over the ocean while they were on the beach he was letting her know what would be necessary to destroy this "personal demon". The demon was wounded by the bullets not destroyed — but he was affected by their impact. I came to the conclusion that Grace did sacrifice herself in order to destroy the personal evil that would only continue to harm those she loved ( including her city ). I did think as was stated upthread that the beach scene w. Earl and Grace would've been much better as a final scene– after the body was carried out and saluted ect.- then Earl, Grace and perhaps the where-on-earth-did-they-find-a- dog-with-a-tounge-like-that strolling off together or perhaps moving unseen through the crowd of mourners. Could've been way better but all in all was at least some sort of closure for the series….

  • DrSnark

    P.S. After returning and reading some more of the thoughtful and provocative comments here, I must say that many posters are BETTER WRITERS than the ones who wrote the Finale. I do agree with the criticisms of the Mexico "montage" (hair and make-up boring and silly), which seemed pointless or at least unworthy of half the first hour. DID Grace drown? Why WOULD she abandon Gus, her second "angel"? WHY did Grace leave Neely like that and DID she smoke crack and perhaps burn down her own house? Posters here have raised and answered more questions – intelligently – than the Finale itself. A word of advice to the "Hollywood pros": Don't underestimate or patronize your audience! As the LOST writers learned the hard way in seasons 4&5, think your story through before writing and serving it to today's TV audience…We take our favorite shows seriously and will hold you accountable! Poor Holly Hunter and fellow actors – it must have been tough being cancelled and then having to do a convincing wrap-up with some of this material…kudos to them! And kudos to many posters HERE, who did a great job trying to "fill in the blanks…" Ciao, Grace & Earl – I still think your mission was accomplished!

  • Vera GB

    What was the writer thinking? Sure, everyone knew the show was cancelled, but he should have considered the loyal viewers that loved those characters for three years! It's as if the guy took the paycheck and ran. For instance, why did he show the evil one holding up Grace's sister's amethyst necklace at the end, and just discard it? Wouldn't it have been better to have the necklace dangling from the mailbags at the end? As horrible as the ending was, that would have made it more bearable and more miraculous. Where was Johnny? He's been featured frequently, yet he was missing from the finale. If they had to kill Grace couldn't they have shown her being reunited with the sister whose death haunted her throughout the show? And that Mexico sequence bored me to death. Since the writer (I repeat) just HAD to kill Grace off, why didn't he show her standing next to Earl at the end? That would have been more satisfying to me, to know that Grace had found peace at last. The cast of this show has been consistently terrific, especially my favorite next to Holly Hunter, Laura San Giacomo. Her palatable grief in the final scene broke my heart. I'll miss this show so much, but I'm really angry at the way it ended.

  • TVFilmFL

    Isn't it cool that a TV series could generate such theological/religious/spiritual debate? They tapped into where America is right now, didn't they? And yes, a Hollywood ending with Grace's salvation pure and complete and her marriage to Ham is probably many fans' first desire, but her character wasn't a happy-ending one. She was the representation of all negative outcomes that free will can mean in humanity. at least that's what I've thought over the 4 seasons. Earl is the polar opposite. And God is the dog with his tongue out to the side watching and choreographing it all. I, too became attached to the show, its trough line, its character arcs and the music that became its soundtrack. But I suppose the whole point was to stir TV viewers into thinking about God, aspiring higher and having the opportunity to get a last chance. They had kind of finished telling the story, hadn't they? Just as in life & death there are no clear cut answers, so the writers did their best in what I would guess was short notice, to bring about a sense of closure that still left viewers questioning their beliefs. Bravo to the writers, to the actors and to the viewers!

  • RVC222

    When Grace disappeared to mexico her friends and family took care of Gus. Also Gus was at Ham's place. She knew he would be taken care of. When your going to go face evil and have made your peace with it, you detach from earthly attachment including your family, friends and beloved pets. I was saddened by the end but I thank everyone who has posted, it helped me get closure. Grace put her life on the line every day and at the end it doesn't matter if she destroyed evil. She chose the light for herself, for Mary-Francis and to save others from future horrors. She found her peace elsewhere. I would have liked one more scene in the finally but they did that through the whole show. They skipped the obvious and didn't go too fluffy.

  • Trailseeker45

    My arguement is with TNT…They couldn't adhere to the time slot. I had to record it with my DVR and programmed it with the time slot that was on the tv guide….When I was finally able to watch the showthe last 2 minutes was cut and I didn't get to see the very end. My last view was of Ham throwing away the ring…TNT hasn't even scheduled a rerun of the finale, nor is it on the web site, hulu, or youtube.I feel cheated…Doc

  • Blzrcuddles

    Thank you Newlight. You are someone who understands the truth. Also, Evil is Evil…why would he tell her the truth about leaving her family alone? Evil realizes that it has a short time on this earth and will do ANYTHING to send someone to hell.

  • Guest

    well to be honest..I was disappointed that the show ended at all. Throughout this whole season there's been a NBA basketball game on or some other crap. The show was so interupted, I'm surprised they even bothered signing her off period. She will be missed I think more than anything

  • Guest

    I completely agree with you

  • Nana24stars

    Neely wasn't "in" Mexico. Grace follows the balloon, walking back sees Neely, and realizes at that moment what has to be done. If you notice after she takes her clothes out of the wall and dresses, she walks away alone and there is no body where she had seen Neely. She just knows Neely is dead and goes back to OKC to collect her body and take her to New Orleans. If she can hit and kill Cooley and then the body be gone it can happen again with Neely. Can't explain the time issue except she's riding in a truck with an angel! And I still don't understand the deal with the guy with the two hookers and him escorting her to the party. I'm going to have to watch these last two episodes a few more times to try and understand. And at the end when Butch walks back to the bomb site I would swear that there is another body bag there below the mail. I'm off to watch it again.

  • TK 99

    I took that scene to be the thing that might lead Butch to his own spiritual awakening. He was played very much as the "Doubting Thomas" in the last episode, something that was not really a part of his character in the earlier seasons. Seeing the mailbags untouched confounds him because he had not believed that the Grace/Earl/Hut things were genuine otherwordly events.

  • linda

    I too felt the finale was rushed as I have been lulled by the reliable characters driving action and informing the story line. Once I stepped back and observed during a second watching I realized that the entire two hour period is essentially Grace's preparation for battle on behalf of the greater good and her acknowledgement that this act is her singular purpose. The first half of the finale is confusing and not satisfying for many viewers. I get that. After much thought and research I appreciate the whole hallucinatory aspect of the hour. Grace steps out of her own self absorbed world and completely inhabits Esperanza's life. She meets and is tempted by evil in much the same way as the inhabitants of biblical Babylon were tempted by God's 2 angels sent to earth to set a good example. Both angels became fallen, one of them is named Harut…or Hut for short. As names throughout the series have described the strong ties between place and human names…so is the name of evil a "tell." Flanders is the section of ancient Belgium associated with the Burgundians…captors and betrayors of Joan of Arc. Armed with this knowledge I viewed the finale with fresh eyes. Hut is not Satan, he is a fallen angel doomed to spend eternity tempting humanity with poor choices to prove our failing. He stalks Grace as her death angel just as Earl is her redemption Angel. As Joan of Arc willingly chose the fire over revoking her faith in the true path for her country, Grace too chooses fire over betraying her beloved land. She does not commit suicide, she surrenders her earthly shell for the greater good. Earl need not be present for her departure as he is her "last chance" angel…not "stairway to heaven" angel. Even if he was at Leon's side during his death, I suspect he was there more to support Grace than to accompany Leon. The hallucinatory aspects in the first hour are similar to the odd behaviors describing Joan of Arc's last days as well as bringing just a touch of the Tibetan Book of the Dead to the ending. Grace needed to shed her earthly attachments, as she says good bye to friends, home and family she must ultimately shed her ego as well. For all the yearning you may have to have seen Grace and Earl or Grace and God departing as seen from behind …I find the vague conclusion satisfying. I am allowed to use my own intelligence and yes, my own faith to extrapolate what happened next without being told. The clues are there.

  • Jimbob

    Yea I had the same thing happen to me. I recorded the show and the recording stops right as Ham is throwing the ring. I looked for the repeat or hulu version but they're not up yet. I did find this clip with the ending http://www.tvsquad.com/2010/06/22/a-sacrifice-o….. so it seems that there wasn't much that we missed.

  • Molly

    Yes…I definitley think that would have been a much cleaner ending!!! In addition to several points you make here about how things could have been done differently, there was something so absolutely "didn't even make artisitc sense" about the brief shot of Ham throwing and yelling and then one final (mournful?) smile from Earl!!! I absolutely do not understand how those two things ended up the way they did. It HAD to have been an error…???? Did something get cut and left on the floor and then lost??? I truly thought something was coming after the cut to commercial because it was so UNTIDY. Hmmm? Thanks for the refernce to Islam!

  • Mp247art

    She states to Earl on the beach….that she knows he is pure evil…and she is going to bet her soul on it

  • http://pseudocigs.com/ Marc

    Good Show, but I keep forgetting to watch it!!

  • Jwidenier

    What the f…?

  • Zena

    they could have saved her, but i think that would have defeated the purpose. the main point of beliving is when your task on this earth is completed it's over. i think most people likes fairy tales and this one shocked the viewers into reality

  • Iokastimath2

    evil came to town the day that the murrey building exploded hut Flanders says that he came to town,people were angry to god to each other they have lost their faith that dayand that kept evil alive so grace sacrifice her self in the same way its not the explotion that makesevil gone it's graces sacrifice and the letters remane untouchedas a sign for people to believe to have hope

  • Boston's Daughte

    I agree that the last few episodes were a little frenetic–trying to do a season's worth of tying up strings in 3 episodes–though I'm glad they had those episodes to finish up the story. I kind of expected her to die at the end–because my impression that the "saving" portion wasn't about her physical life, but her soul. Earl was 50/50 until that point–Leon Cooley's had accepted God; Neeley had given in to evil's temptation–Grace finally accepted God, which meant that though her body died, she was "saved" by the love of God and her acceptance of him. I'm not saying this is my belief system–but what the show appeared to be saying. It was an interesting series and prompted a lot of philosophical conversations among my friends. It will be missed.

  • Chee

    That was awesome!!!!! I believe you!! I kept telling my husband it was all a hallucination. Did you see the amount of crack?????To add a bit…….Her final aked was not out of the need to destroy the evil but was an act of rage for the loss of her sister therefore suicide and hell….

  • Ayla

    As a former soldier with the US Army and a friend to many law enforcement officers, I just wanted to say that you're completely right, Simon. Saluting a fallen warrior is indeed the ultimate sign of respect, and to neglect doing so is the ultimate sign of disrespect. As you said, Elaine obviously isn't in the military or in law enforcement.

  • Genna4

    There was a lot of symmetry to the ending. Powerful and uncompromising…as was Grace. The gift of the mailbags left behind unscathed (a symbol of love), proves to me without a doubt that she was saved.

  • Genna4

    Bravo, Farylann; that is exactly what I thought.

  • BRubble

    It really annoys me that TV studios play these b.s.games about what stays on and what doesn't. This show could have easily had another full season and I don't believe it was any more expensive to shoot than any other cop show, pu-lease!There are new, crummy cops shows and more formulaic medical dramas every time you turn around, they last one season a nd get cancelled-that's not expensive? Saving Grace should have been alowed to run one more season in order to complete it's story arc to viewer's satisfaction. The suits need to stop playing politics and worry about quality programming. There are 24 hours a day of programming time. Shows can be on at anytime and people can tape them, DVR them, watch online, it doesn't matter anymore. Once again the TV execs are OUT OF TOUCH. Need i mention "Arrested Development" and "Family Guy"? The suits are jerks.

  • ThePiano

    Why do people think that taking a stand against evil is suicide and she's damned to hell? Isn't this what martyrs do? She did not take Evil up on his bargain. She sacrificed herself. And since when does taking a stand against Evil mean we've eliminated Evil? Of course Flanders could return with another truckload of explosives. That's not the point. The point was she was a changed woman and had turned to God. On the other end of matters, I agree that the last few eps were rushed and disjointed. I love reading all these comments, though, because they give me food for thought. I will miss this show very much. Can't believe it only lasted 3 seasons. Why?! It was so much better than "The Closer."

  • Mimi

    i was totally satisfied with the ending. grace had "saving grace", in that she confronted the evil and got her payback for the oklahoma bombing also. her guilt over her sister's death haunted her, and impacted many of her actions. holly hunter and leon rippy were superb! and the rest of the cast was flawless, including the dog gus. I can live with the ending, but i'll miss the show and will purchase the dvds. this show is legend.

  • Caring

    The true reason I was disappointed that Grace died was that I was still hoping that some other network might still pick this show up and let it continue. I am going to miss the characters, especially the amazing one Holly Hunter shown through.

  • Abby

    I haven't been watching for the full 3 years, as a matter of fact I caught the first few episodes, then watched the last 5 on the website in the last 2 days- life took away almost all of my TV time in the interim- but I was intrigued by the portrayal of God, angels, evil, people's struggle with not only true evil, but with their own inner turmoil, etc. It was a thinking show, one that bravely addressed questions that people have had for thousands of years, & fearlessly stood out by giving people who believe in something some dignity, some forgiveness for their flaws, & the benefit of a doubt. I'm sure I'll want to catch the in between episodes that I missed, but as for the ones I saw, I thought it was brilliant, including the examples of how people have endured tragedy & unimaginable heartbreak in very strange & beautiful ways. I like the ending, because I like to think that we can overcome evil, & we can accomplish some things, even though in the grand scheme, like Grace, we may not have a perfect life & may not actually make waves on a worldwide scale. She was essential in the lives of those she touched. As for the complaint that real people would salute? That's BS. It's cheesy, but it's a symbol. No, the music wouldn't be playing, & it wouldn't be in slow motion, but real people would do it, & have. I was encouraged by Grace's final decisions, even as I was sad for her death. All in all, a memorable & courageous show.

  • Manners

    I've watched these 2 episodes 2 times to make sure I didn't miss anything. Obsorbing it all after the first time took me a while. Once I started putting it all together I realized what an awesome job the writers, etc. had done on ending the show. Remember… Earl told Grace that different peeps have diff angels, in a previous episode. Earl obviously wasn't the sister's angel, or he would have been there. This was my fav tv series out of ALL series. I was devastated when I found out this was going to be the last season. But thank you to Fox for letting it have this last season, so there could be a closing for all the "Saving Grace" fans!!!

  • LightSprite44

    Obviously they decided to end the show so they just ended it. I regret watching the series now as they completely abandoned the original writing style and just blew her up. Sad.

  • Agathasgrace

    its a shame i cant find it online without a bunch of whohaa attached to it..just want to click and watch but nooooooo. damn it….

  • SavingGrace

    I had wished for a scene with Leon Cooley – not that it was necessary, just that I had hoped he would have been there!

  • Jaybeebumble

    Thank you…and very well stated.

  • Jaybeebumble

    Although I don't agree with you I do understand your point…we(the fans of this show)really were invested in this amazing, beautiful and flawed character. I struggled along with her in these final episodes, they were difficult to watch. Who can't identify with that pain?…Who hasn't made dreadful mistakes?…Who hasn't had there faith and their love for humanity tested? I couldn't believe they could take her away and leave us wondering, but they didn't do that, really. We saw Grace coming to peace with herself, connecting one last time with friends and family and understanding finally what was needed for her to do…was it rushed…hell yes but that isn't the fault of the writers that's just show biz.

  • gigi_tv

    The saluting just seemed contrived. I don't think Elaine is knocking the saluting at all. Just the way everyone was suddenly there all at once and started saluting a body whom they didn't even know for sure was Grace. Don't be so sensitive. We are talking about the TV show and how bad the ending was. The show was great until the last few episodes. I don't know what was up with the puffy dress either. Very disappointing for me.

  • VALJEAN1218


  • Socalgal103

    All I can say, after being a HUGE fan since day one, is VERY DISAPPOINTING. The ending did seem a bit rushed, but more than that it was surreal. If the series had to be cancelled(still confused about that) I would've preferred she lived. Obviously Graces' character wouldve willingly sacrafise herself for the better good,I can't imagine her actually gone. Such a lovable,real, passionate character is still alive in my mind. I haven't loved entertainment like this for a VERY long time. Hopefully Ms. Hunter will be back soon, as well as the entire cast. It was magical!!!!!!!

  • Kathleen

    I'm not surprised at the ending from the writing standpoint.  In my opinion, they left a lot of loose ends throughout the series; not just the purple door, but also the relationships.  Grace and Ham are dating, then Grace and Butch, then Ham again, then he's dating someone who falls off the map and is back to Grace again.  I never watched this show during its original run.  I started watching it on Netflix when I was bored and had to struggle to make it through the first few episodes.  The sex scenes were far too graphic for my tastes – you can portray someone as promiscuous without giving the audience a front-row seat in the bedroom.  I also found myself contemplating Grace's liver and whether she actually owned a brush or comb.  Those issues aside, Earl was the character that really kept me going, and I found myself enjoying the series, especially when it turned away from the soft porn aspect.  The final episode got me searching the web for another season that perhaps Netflix wasn't streaming, only to find that it was truly the final episode.  I agree that Mexico was largely inexplicable and added nothing to the series.  Until then, I had thought that Grace's hair couldn't get any worse, but at least someone fixed it for her and did her makeup.  Huh?  I started thinking we were being presented with Grace's perception via her new crack habit.  Again, huh?  The "real" Grace wouldn't have smoked crack – she was a drinker.  Just don't see how that contributed at all.  Happy ending, sad ending, whatever – the finale was lazy.  Obviously, their efforts were being directed elsewhere and couldn't be bothered any more.

  • drake

    I personally think that the writers let us all down and should have wrapped up the series with the question answered once and for all whether or not Grace was finally saved.