Scrubs The Musical is Happening


Well, we can file this under “things I thought I would never see but am surprisingly happy about.” Heck, it may sound insane initially, but remember, so did the microwave. A lot of the best things society has ever gotten has been thought of as weird at one point. But seriously, there is a Scrubs the Musical happening. Yes, a musical theater show based on that hospital comedy, Scrubs. How much you want to bet there are some AWESOME bromance themed songs?

First thing you need to remember. The show Scrubs had a bunch of musical moments and montages. For whatever reason, music worked really well with that show. Don’t write it off before you realize how awesome it is. Also, don’t worry. It will be the same characters from the show. Not the specific actors mind you, but their characters. While that may sound like a ripe recipe for disaster, realize that the people who actually worked on the show are working on Scrubs the Musical. There is even a rumor that Zach Braff mat be involved. Not starring, but helping to develop. More details over at Entertainment Weekly.

I will be honest. It sounds a little out there, but it also sounds like it has the potential to be a great deal of fun. Plus, who doesn’t want some more time with J.D. and Turk? For now, that is all we know about the Scrubs musical, but you can bet dollars to donuts that anything we find out, you will find out shortly afterward.

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty]

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