See King Joffrey’s Reaction To The Purple Wedding

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The big talk in TV this week is the Purple Wedding from Game of Thrones that aired Sunday night. It was a glorious moment for all, and one that sort of turned the tides on how the show was going. It was nice to see one of the evil people finally get what they deserved. I mean, they made us watch three seasons of the good people all getting slaughtered, and in one single night, they repaid us for that in the most grandiose way possible. They killed King Joffrey. Well, yesterday we showed you the casts reaction to that moment. Do you want to see King Joffrey’s rection to the Purple Wedding?

Well, I will tell you, I did not see THIS coming. I know Jack Gleeson (the actor who plays Joffrey) is done acting after this show, and his reaction to it is just so, well, well, surprising. It almost looks like how Joffrey himself would react if he were watching himself die on screen. So cocky, so dismissive. Yet, that is what makes it so perfect and so meta. Rolling your eyes at your own death takes a certain level of self-assured-ness that most of us just would not have. But Joffrey had it. We may have hated him, and it may have been nice to see him go. But this pic just proves how icy cold he was, and in that sense, he will truly be missed…

BY NO ONE. No, but seriously. Awesome episode, and awesome run, Jack Gleeson. Best bad guy on TV in a long, long time, and I hope you walk away from all his knowing that.

[Photo via HBO]

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