See the Trailer For New Netflix Original Animated Show, Bojack Horseman


Let it be known, as I have said before, that outside of HBO, Netflix is slowly becoming the best network for original programming. The caliber of original shows they have just beat most competition out there, and it looks like Netflix is about to add another (somewhat insane) show to the mix. Meet Bojack Horseman. An out of work horse from the 90’s who is a bit washed up and bitter. As you can imagine, it looks (and sounds) like nothing else out there.

First things first, the cast. From Aaron Paul to Will Arnett, the talent behind the scenes is as impressive as the insane show itself. The idea is that this horse who was once a superstar has fallen from grace, but not fallen so gracefully. Bojack Horseman is the perfect representation of every bitter actor or actress who was once super-famous, but didn’t seem to understand that eventually, the fame leaves. The show will focus around the idea that the fame left, but somehow Bojack Horseman stayed. It looks really original and quite funny, and though I would love to show you the trailer myself:

We Linked The Trailer To Bojack Horseman here, as it’s a bit NSFW.

As many of my readers know, I love twisted, insane, animated shows. So Bojack Horseman is right up my alley. It also shows us Netflix is branching out in the styles of TV they bring us, which also has me really excited.

All in all, I will be on board for Bojack Horseman. This seems just insane enough to work.

[Photo via Netflix]

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