Have You Seen The Ron Swanson Statue That Is Not Ron Swanson?

ron swanson

There are few beings on Earth as majestic as Ron Swanson. If you catch him at just the right hour and you see him in his natural habitat, it is like watching a bear carving a kayak out of a tree with his bear (lol) hands. We all know Ron Swanson is just a character on Parks and Recreation, right? Or is he? Could it be possible he is a time traveler sent to make our lives better? Well, no. But there is a statue that may make you think that for a second.

Only on Reddit do you find gold like this. A curious young man was awed when he found himself standing in the presence of what he thought (and what very much looks like) a statue of Ron Swanson, carved perfectly out of marble. Heck, even the mustache is perfectly rendered. The statue is in Philadelphia, and sadly, a little research shows us that it is not Ron Swanson. But rather, Edwin Forrest. The real irony here is that Edwin was memorialized for how amazing his skills were as an actor. So ultimately, depending on how heavily you believe in science fiction, string theory, and alternate dimensions, this could still totally be a statue of Ron Swanson. I mean, come on? Is it impossible to imagine a statue erected to the brilliant Nick Offerman? No, for us it’s not. What about you?

One comment one the Reddit thread killed us. “A wood workers worst nightmare, to be cast in stone.” Oh Reddit, how you make life better. As does Ron Swanson, statue or not.

[Photo via Reddit]

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