Seinfeld: Let’s Take a Moment To Talk About Festivus

Remy Carreiro December 23, 2013 0


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Seinfeld is, and will always be, one of the greatest shows that have ever existed. Riotously funny and searingly will written, it was TV comedy unlike anything we had ever seen. There are so many wonderful, hilarious things this show brought us. But the one thing people seem to bring up more than any other is the fake holiday tradition of Festivus. Perhaps the greatest fictional holiday of all time? I thought we would take a moment to explore some of the festivus traditions. Don’t worry, it’s not your year for the feats of strength. That’s next year.

Festivus was a holiday invented by George Costanza’s father in the 1997 episode of Seinfeld called The Strike. He invented Festivus when he got sick of all the consumerist, commercial madness around Christmas. Just the fact that they use a metal pole instead of a Christmas tree is enough to traumatize George. But honestly, Festivus gets worse.

What about the “airing of grievances”, which is exactly what it sounds like? Or the “feats of strength”, which pretty much was George wrestling his Dad for domination (and always losing)? It may have been brutal to watch, but it also seared itself into our subconscious. As far as fake holidays go, there is a reason Festivus has gotten so popular over the years.

Namely, it is hilarious.

Truth is, anytime something cool happens to me around Christmas, I always say “it’s a festivus miracle”. Only the coolest people get the joke. More about Festivus here.

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images