Selma Blair and Sarah Chalke Join New Amazon Comedy

selma blair

Sarah Chalke is really funny and a joy to watch in anything she does. Selma Blair is really funny and a joy to watch in anything she does. Well, some genius over at Amazon decided they should have both Sarah Chalke and Selma Blair join the cast on a new ensemble comedy they are making called Really. Yes, this is Selma Blair and Sarah Chalke, together on one show. I will be honest with you, my curiosity is peaked right now.

Really is about a group of friends who are also couples just trying to make it all work while hi-jinx ensue. It is not something you haven’t heard a million times before, but with Selma Blair and Sarah Chalke on board, perhaps the talent can set it apart from the crowd. It should also be said that this is a show made by and for Amazon. Speaking personally, I have only ever watched one episode of anything on Amazon. It is just not the place I think of when I think of watching original content. But I feel like they know that and are trying to change it. They can’t let Netflix and all the other networks have all the fun (and profits), now can they?

There is more about Really over at TV Line, and we will have more on this promising show as more info leaks.

[Photo via Mark Davis/Getty]

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