Seth McFarlane Predicts His Own Bad Reviews


Not many people like Seth McFarlane the person. They may like his show, and they may know the guy is witty and edgy. But this does not mean they like the smug way he presents himself, and in the same breath, people do not often adore the stuff he does OUTSIDE of Family Guy, with Ted being the exception to that. Well, the young writer/actor took to Jimmy Fallon to do a little predicting on how his movie would do with the reviewers.

This idea actually spins off what he did during The Oscars. At one point, he stopped at read some made up headlines and reviews for his Oscar hosting gig WHILE still hosting Oscars. Thing is, in many of those cases, he was spot on. People HATED his Oscar hosting gig (I am not one of those people). So what he does here about his new movie, One Million Ways To Die in the West is a play off of that. As much as I would love to embed the video myself, I cannot help but feel like a few of his disses are a little extreme for our little SFW site, so I decided linking it here might be the better idea.

I will give the guy this. He knows that he offends some people, and he knows some people may hate him, and it doesn’t seem to shake him at all. You gotta admire someone like that, at least a little bit. Personally, I hope he is wrong about these predictions. I think the movie looks tastelessly delightful.

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