Seth Meyers Gets Late Night Pickle From Jimmy Fallon

Okay, I can admit that is the most oddly misleading title I’ve written for an article. “Seth Meyers gets late night pickle from Jimmy Fallon” is a phrase that could be taken on many different levels. In reality, though, it is just a proverbial passing of he torch from one late-night talk show host to the next. A generational way of saying “good luck with the show”. Why is it a pickle? Well, more on that in a moment.

So as you all know, Seth Meyers is taking Jimmy Fallon’s show from him, and Fallon is taking Jay Leno’s show. This is widely known right now. So last night, Jimmy had Seth on the show, and, well, he handed him a giant pickle. See for yourself above.

I think the strangest thing about the late night pickle is that even Jimmy Fallon is not sure if it is a real tradition for if the writers of Letterman were jusy trolling him. He claims this is an actual thing that happens. I, for one, cannot see what a giant pickle has to do with late night talk show hosting, but if Conan had it, Letterman had it, and Fallon had it, that pickle must be magic.

Good luck to Seth Meyers, just a few short weeks away from taking over Jimmy Fallon’s show. We hope the giant pickle helps.

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