Seth Rogen Involved With Animated Bigfoot Show For FX

Seth Rogen

Listen, when I name out things that you would think would become a show, I bet NO ONE saw this Bigfoot trend coming. But there are so many shows dedicated to hunting and finding Bigfoot, and honestly, it is kind of silly. Even the guy who made the original Bigfoot video admitted it was just a guy in a suit, so what are these people really looking for? Well, in an interesting spin, the FX network has a new Bigfoot show coming, but there are a couple cool things that should set this show apart from all the others.

The first thing to set it apart is the fact that it will be animated. This kind of makes me happy, because animated shows always have a longer leash to get away with stuff for the exact reason that it is animated. Execs don’t get nearly as upset when something horrible happens to a cartoon the way they get upset when it happens to an actual human. So this means this show should be able to pull off some out-there stuff that a show with actors would not be able to.

Next up, actor and writer Seth Rogen is on board with the show as well, but we don’t know just how deeply yet. Will he be writing? Voice acting? Producing? The details are still scarce, but they are here if you want to read them.

Last cool detail, the show will follow the In Me Own Words books, which are actually written by Bigfoot (not literally, but you catch my drift) and follow him as he struggles with daily life and existential crisis’ we all do on a daily basis. The idea is great, the team behind it seems to have some muscle, and the fact that it will be animated should take it to new levels, so I am officially looking forward to it. I just don’t know when and what it is yet.

We’ll deliver more news about Seth Rogen and an animated Bigfoot show as soon as we get it.

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