Shake-Ups at How I Met Your Dad as Director and Actor Depart


CBS is banking on How I Met Your Dad to replace the recently retired How I Met Your Mother (the OCD in me hates that they’re not calling it “How I Met Your Father”). They did a great thing casting the hilarious, talented Greta Gerwig to write and star in the show, but since then, the show has endured a few problems.

First, longtime HIMYM director Pam Fryman reversed her decision that she would direct the pilot. Now, an actress has left the show as well. Not Gerwig, thankfully, but Krysta Rodriguez. You might recognize her from NBC’s Smash, and she was set to play a fashion blogger on the show. There’s really no word on why precisely she left, only that the role has “evolved” and I guess that means it’s either changed to much for her to want it, or for the show thinking she’d be good for it.

I found this news with the headline “How I Met Your Dad Falling Apart!” but that seems a little bit hyperbolic at the moment. While these departures certainly aren’t good news, the show hardly seems like it’s on the verge of collapse at this point. More news as it happens.

[Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty]

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