Shaq Said No To Kids Being On Ex-Wife’s Reality Series

Remy Carreiro December 20, 2013 0

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This is an interesting story. As many of you know, a big draw for the reality TV market now is the wives or ex-wives of famous stars getting their own shows. This often leads to drama, which leads to ratings. Not saying we agree with it, but that is just how it goes. Well, what makes this so awesome is when it came time for Shaquille  O’ Neal’s ex-wife to get her show, Shaq said no to his kids being on it. Yup, he put that big old foot down. When a man that size puts his foot down, you tend to listen. Thing is, it started a bit of a war.

As reported on Uproxx,  things get spicy. Shaunie is now claiming Shaq is only saying no because he tried to do a show first and it didn’t work out. She then claims he asked for a million an episode from her show, and when she said no, he said no. Shaq’s  people claim this is all a lie, and that Shaq said no to the show, and has done so before.

Shaunie then went on to say she needs to do the show to support her kids, but come to find out, she gets $100,000.00 dollars a month in child support. WHAT? Shaq quickly produced papers proving she gets that money, and that was that. Shaunie then responded saying he never sees his kids. At that point, people had enough and just asked her to stop talking, we assume.

So as of right now, Shaunie wants a show, and Shaq said no. Seems there will be more on this story soon, though.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images