Shark Week Fail: Megalodon Was Fake


Although I figured it out last night during this terrible special, shoutout to Gawker for breaking this story.  If the SyFy channel wants to run movies about giant fake sharks terrorizing the world, we can suspend disbelief because of how silly it is. But when we sit down to watch Shark Week on Discovery, the last thing we expect to watch is some fictionalized account of a giant shark, as told by dull, lifeless actors. Yet, those of us who watched Megalodon last night, that is what we watched. I can be the only person who is a bit turned off on Shark Week because of this, right?

So if you missed the small disclaimer at the end of the special, you were made to believe that Magelodon, the first shark week special, was real. Don’t get me wrong, Megalodon’s used to exist, but everything you saw was fake and doctored, except for the teeth. Like most Shark Week stuff. You know, making science fun? But then, at the very end of the documentary (which was actually a mockumentary) we are told it was all dramatized footage and no one in the documentary was actually affiliated with it. So wait, I just watched a two hour documentary about monster sharks that may be living dinosaurs, and yet everything they presented was falsified? And now I am supposed to be met with the urge to watch the rest of Shark Week and not be bored or convinced I am being lied to?

The real reason we all like Shark Week so much is because it is creepy AND informative. Starting off Shark Week with some SyFy channel fair is surely going to shift the way people look at Shark Week, and on top of that, it is gonna make us doubt the validity of everything else we see on the channel in the next week.

Bad move, Discovery.

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  • Philip

    Perfectly written. I was so annoyed with all the syfy crap right off the bat, I had to see if anyone else is pissed about this and you said it exactly right. I’m no longer excited to watch shark week let alone try to get my kids excited to watch something even they could spot as fake and unreal

  • Foxhuntgirl

    Oh get off your high horses. It was supposed to be like Mermaids. It was interesting to watch and it was simply like a “what-if” thing. Who cares if it was a dramatization…seriously.