Sharknado 2 Drops Its Full Trailer (and It Looks Awful and Awesome)


We can truly appreciate a gem like Sharknado. A SyFy network film so bad, it bordered on fantastic. I mean, what happens when you get a bunch of D-list stars and have them fight sharks that are launching out of a tornado? I will tell you what happens. Magic happens. For months now, we have been talking about Sharknado 2: The Second One, and have even given you a teaser trailer (with the lead singer of Sugar Ray in it). Well, the full trailer has dropped, and with it, our collective jaws. You like that? Made a Jaws reference for the win. Even Jaws would recognize this movie is so bad it’s good.

So what should you expect from this trailer? Well, first of all, it is self aware. That only makes it more enjoyable. Sharknado 2 knows it is not going to win any Oscars, and it seems to be having fun with that. I wont spoil anything for you either, but there are a few cameos that I can ensure you that you wont see coming. Outside of that, it is still a movie about a tornado full of sharks. Only this time, it hits New York. Just sit back and bust out the cheese whiz (cuz you need to eat cheese while you watch cheese). Here is the full trailer for Sharknado 2: The Second One (man, we still hate that name.)

I mean, what else can we even say right now? Sharknado 2 drops on July 30th? Also, looking forward to watching Billy Ray Cyrus get eaten by flying sharks. I guess we can say that.

[Photo via Syfy]

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