Shawn Levy is Developing Haunted House Drama at CW

Shawn Levy, the producer and filmmaker responsible for ‘Stranger Things’, has recently started working on a new television series with a horror theme. ‘Stranger Things’ was a Netflix hit last year and the 80s sci-fi horror theme kept viewers entertained throughout the first season. It is set to return to Netflix on October 27, 2017. Two of the upcoming episodes are directed and produced by Shaun Levy. Despite the success of this show, Levy hasn’t been resting on his Laurels. In fact, the opposite is true as he has taken on a range of projects for both film and television.

Levy has built a solid reputation in the film industry along with his production company 21 Laps. The family movies they have created include the ‘Night at the Museum’; franchise and ‘Real Steel’, starring Hugh Jackman. They also created’ Arrival’, a nominee for a Best Picture Award.

The latest deal he and his production company will work on together is for network television. Levy and 21 Laps are working on a psychological thriller that will be aired on The CW. This network is better-known for its DC Superhero series and for teen melodramas. Therefore, this new project is something a little different.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this psychological thriller is a combination of Agatha Christie and Stanley Kubrick. The series will be called ‘Epiphany’ and it is about a group of gifted strangers. They are recruited to solve a complex code that is hidden in the walls of a haunted Gilded Age mansion.

The script for ‘Epiphany’ is being penned by Spenser Cohen and his partner Anna Halberg. Cohen is also responsible for writing the script for ‘Extinction’, an upcoming feature film. Lee Toland Krieger will produce the series and also direct the pilot for the show. He is famous for directing ‘The Age of Adaline’. He also recently directed ‘Life Sentence’, a dramedy for The CW which starred Lucy Hale.

‘Epiphany’ has an interesting plot that makes it ideal for the creation of a series. What is not yet known is how the storyline will develop in the long-term. The success of ‘Stranger Things’ means that it will probably stretch to five seasons and it is possible that The CW is hoping that ‘Epiphany’ will have a similar run.

There are a few potential ways in which the producers can make the story stretch over the course of a few years. One option is for the code to be unbreakable in the first season and for the team to continue in their attempts to break the code in the following seasons. Another option is for the consequences of solving the code to lead to further problems.

As yet, there have been no further details about this series released, such as when it will first air on The CW or who will star in the series. This indicates that the project is most likely in the very early stages of development. For now, fans of Levy’s work will have to make do with the second season of ‘Stranger Things’.

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