Slideshow: The Strongest Women On TV

Luciana Mangas April 19, 2011 19

Although we are in the 21st century, we still live in a men’s world for the most part. However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t stand on their own two feet and fight for their chance to shine. On television, we have a lot of shows that are led by men. Sometimes tough guys, sometimes jackasses or funny and softies, they all have something in common. Just like the saying goes, behind every great man, there is a great woman. Lately, there seems to be a lot of shows featuring a very strong, kickass leading female, which just proves that women are more and more a powerful voice in our society.

The most recent example of that is the new ABC drama Body of Proof (Tuesdays, 10pm), starring Dana Delaney. She plays Neurosurgeon turned Medical Examiner Megan Hunt, who is a very tough lady and doesn’t take any bull from anyone. Initially, she reminded me of House; but as we get to know her better, we find out that underneath that steel armor, there is a very strong, very broken woman, who dedicated her life to her medical career and lost her child’s custody because of that.

Then in a sick twist of fate, she was in a car accident, which ultimately ended her career as a brilliant neurosurgeon. Now, working as a medical examiner, she seeks out justice for every victim that ends up in her lab, doing her very best to uncover the truth about how they died. What is really interesting is that Dana Delaney scored this job after playing another tough woman a brilliant FBI agent on Castle last year.

Dr. Megan Hunt is only the most recent in a long list of kickass women who have been gracing our screens for years. So we put together a list of some of them so we can remember and honor the fact that they are truly amazing and an inspiration to a lot of people.

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  • Rosa Samuela

    No Dr. Brennan (Bones)? No Agent Lisbon (The Mentalist)?

    Hmmm…………May have to make my own list…..

    But go Beckett!!! =)

  • Katarzyna

    Go Beckett!!! :)

    But… where is Aeryn Sun from Farscape??????????

    • Noetic Hatter

      Aeryn was my first thought, too.

      I guess Buffy, Scully, and maybe Sydney set the templates. We could do worse than this list, though I would have liked to see the Queen of them all: Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.

  • maggie

    Love all the Whedon love! Buffy FTW!  And yay Beckett!

  • rach

    Yay for the whedon love but where is Veronica Mars or Sarah Walker (Chuck)?? even Willow (Buffy) should be up there!!

  • Harris Th.

    @<cite>Rosa Samuela




  • Brandon

    What about Abby or Ziva? or even Jenny Shephard?

  • Chris

    How can you possibly have left out Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck) from Battlestar Galactica?!?  Seriously?  She was such a badass.

  • Robert

    …Kate from Lost is #8 of 15? Was that intentional? Nice.

  • PeacemanPEACE

    Yeah, Olivia is strong all right, strong enough for people to hate Peter all because of her stupid double.

  • Joseph

    how about sarah walker (yvonne strahovski) of chuck, dr. temperance brennan (emily deschanel) of bones and ziva (cote de pablo) of ncis?

  • Paully

    How about Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor), Xena's partner on Xena:Warrior Princess?  Talk about kicking butt, from what other guest stars on the show have said, Renee could kick any of their butts in real life.  And the character was tough all the way around:  emotionally, physically, etc.

  • robert

    I loved Hercules and Xena. .  it was 2 of my favorite shows of all time, they didn't end the right way though, they should have ended up together and Hercules should of taken Zeus's place as King of the god's

  • Cherise

    I'm really surprised that Fiona Glenanne from Burn Notice isn't in there! She would have been my #1 choice.

  • JVT

    Where's Gwen Cooper from Torchwood. Or what about Sarah Connor, the baddest of all badass females.

  • JVT

    Oh yeah, and both Nikitas

  • double g

    I vote for maria bello on prime suspect. oh no wait. all the women on star trek Voyager except kess. Capt. Janeway, 7of 9 and Bellana Torres who is half human and half klingon…you can't get anymore badass than that unless you're full klingon! For retro I vote for Lindsey Wagner aka Jamie Sommers aka the original Bionic Woman! Completely agree with Gabriele from Xena..she ROCKED!

  • Lucy

    99% White Women, what's up with that?

  • key

    really no gwen torchwood, did they not see miracle day on starz!! she has more balls than wimbledon.