A (Slightly Jaded) Review of The 2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Before you read this, and before I actually say anything about the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, just be aware that award shows are all about demographics, and I am clearly not in the demographic they were aiming for with this show. Let us wear no masks about this, the 2014 MTV Movie Awards are aimed solely at 14-17 year old girls. Anyone outside of that who watches it will walk away feeling two things. Anger and confusion. Here is my slightly jaded, old guy review of the 2014 TV Movie Awards.

First and foremost, Conan O’ Brien did a fine job of hosting, though I was expecting more. I needed to remind myself, over and over, this is not a show that wants me to laugh or phone in. This is a show aimed at teens, and that was apparent from the start. His intro (50 cameos from 50 celebrities ) was brilliant, but from the host stand point, was his high point for the evening. What unfolded next across the entirety of the show was nothing but a teen popularity contest. People who had no place winning awards won awards, and handsome and pretty actresses got accolades, while the actually talented people got ignored. I mean, I expected to feel slightly out of touch, but when that band Twenty One Pilots took the stage, that is when I realized I should either move into an old folks home, or that kids today have horrible taste. Pretty sure it is a perfect mix of both, no offense, kids.

I think the moment that best sums up the 2014 MTV Movie Awards is when they did a montage in the memory of Paul Walker, and yet, one person said two words about Philip Seymour Hoffman. Pretty much sums up the demo they were aiming at, and boy, were they hitting it.

The Liberty has a list if winners for those interested. As you can see from the dull tone, I was rather uninterested. But man, I tried.

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