SNL Returns in March with Jim Parsons and Beck

jim parsons

There is always that period in late winter when everything gets grim and gray. It is usually around February, and everyone who has survived through winter is very BLAH up to that point. It doesn’t help that during this period, Saturday Night Live tends to run all repeats. It just feels like it stretches out winter and makes the last few weeks last longer than they should. Well, we got some good news for fans of SNL, as the show is coming back on March 1st with some killer guests.

Their first host will be The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons. There is just something so likable abut his dead pan delivery and monotone voice. What we love about SNL is the writers often know how to play off the host’s characteristics, and it can make for some truly fun and truly funny skits. It would be great of they brought Jimmy Fallon on for that episode, and have them did a Jim-off. That would rule the night.

On top of that, Beck will be the musical guest that night. So, in essence and with no disrespect meant for anyone, it will be a night filled with nerds. Parsons is a nerd and openly admits it. Beck is a nerd and openly admits it. The thing is, nerds are awesome. The meek HAVE inherited the Earth, and the March 1st return of SNL stands as testimony to this.

We are all nerds too, so this makes us happy.

[Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Stringer]

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