Sons of Anarchy 5.09 “Andare Pescare” Preview

Jon Lachonis November 6, 2012 0

Who has what it takes to stand up to the Presidential Election?  Sons of Anarchy, that’s who!  In reality the eager news media won’t be able to remotely call the contest until after 11pm anyways, so you’d think the television Gods would have worked out a few pit stops for us.  Instead, we have a primetime schedule busting at the seams with loud-mouthed political pundits and as much manufactured suspense Political producers can muster.  Don’t get me wrong, the election is important — but if you’re like me, make your vote, make it count, and relax with your favorite beverages for a long night of DVR’d programming.  Luckily, FX does not fear the election and we have a brand new episode of Sons of Anarchy at 10pm, “Andare Pescare”.

Even though there is continuity episode to episode, this one feels particularly like a part two to last week’s Sons of Anarchy, “Ablation”.  Two major cliff hangers were set up, Gemma’s mission of redemption to reconnect with Clay and help find the evidence needed to prove he was plotting to overthrow Jax, and Frankie Diamonds theft of $200k and who was waiting for him in that SUV.

As the promo below shows, the reason for the specific amount of $200k is that it was buying Frankie some mob protection.  Bikers vs the Mob?  Hell yeah!  On the other side of the cliff hanger, you can see from these promo shots that Gemma is indeed following her orders.