The Sopranos are Coming To Blu-ray


The Sopranos was one of the greatest shows ever on TV. It raised the bar forever for what a TV show could be, and changed what family would come to mean on TV. There are many now (and who always will) say The Sopranos was the best TV show of all time. Brave, raw, gritty, violent, and utterly compelling. Well, some great news for fans of this amazing HBO series. It is coming t Blu-ray with five hours of footage that none of us have ever seen before.

Truth is, Sopranos fans and Blu-ray addicts have been waiting for this for a long, long time now. All six seasons of the show (including the never before seen footage) will be available in a box set come November. Here is the kicker, though. It will priced just under three hundred dollars. Though I do understand that is a far asking price considering all the material that included, but I ask: in the age of the internet when you can find almost any show on a torrent for free, are people still willing to pay almost three hundred dollars to own the ultimate version of their favorite show? I know only time will tell, but it is worth asking.

The funniest thing to do is to imagine Tony Soprano picking up a DVD he wanted to buy and then looking at that price tag. What do you think Tony would say?

Truth is, the kind of stuff that would come out of his mouth is the kind of stuff we can’t print here. We think you catch our drift. Either way, I will buy it. That show was epic, and is well worth it.

[Photo via HBO]

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