But Why, The Sound of Music?

Remy Carreiro December 6, 2013 0

sound of music2

Ok, I will admit. I am a bit lost on this one. We all know from Paul’s article earlier today that the special did fantastic, but I just keep asking myself why. Why the Sound of Music? Not only is it out-dated, but nothing that was done last night could even touch the original. I mean, of all the specials you could choose, or musicals you could portray on live TV, why the Sound of Music? It just doesn’t make any sense to me. Someone please help me understand this.

Please understand, I am not saying this having not watched it. I watched it, and was a fan of the original growing up. But even as I was watching it, and all the performers were doing really well, I still found myself asking, over and over, why the Sound of Music? I mean, they could have done Cats. They could have done Rent. Maybe Marry Poppins? They could have done Lion King (that would have won, by the way) but off all the musicals to go by, they with the Sound of Music. My problem was, it felt like exactly what it was. Modern people trying to recapture the magic of something that happened a long time ago and would best be left alone. Plus, Nazi themes are a little heavy, yes?

Funny thing is, today, looking at the ratings, it hit me. I am the only person on Earth asking “why the Sound of Music?” Everyone else seems to have loved it. In that sense, maybe I am just a cynic. Who knows, but it just all felt a little too cheesy and contrived for me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to watch the original. And yes, I DO sing along.

[Photo via NBC]