How Spoilers Don’t Necessarily Ruin Shows

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I made a mistake as a TV fan. I waited to watch Breaking Bad until all of it was out on DVD. I did this because I wanted to wait and be able to watch that brilliant show at my own pace. Problem was, by the time I got to the end of the show, I knew what was going to happen. That may seem like it would sap the fun out of it, but it didn’t. It slowly dawned on me that spoilers don’t necessarily ruin shows. I know this sounds strange, but hear me out.

Keep in mind, the first year I started freelancing on the web, it drove me insane. Everywhere I turned there were spoilers. It hit me that there was nothing I could do to avoid them. Thing is, as I watched Breaking Bad and I knew what was going to happen, it actually opened up a new respect and new levels of appreciation for the show. Let me explain some more.

When you are watching a character on a show, and you got a spoiler and know they are going to die, it opens up viewing it in a different way. You find yourself looking fr hints and tells. You look for subtle signs that the person is aware something is coming. It also makes you appreciate their character and those characters actions so much more as you are watching them. It runs along the same idea that if you found out your grandpa was going to die next week, you two would share the greatest week ever this week. You would appreciate every moment and every sentiment that much more.

For that reason alone, spoilers don’t necessarily ruin shows. They just make you look at some characters or moments a little differently. And that, my friends, is not such a  bad thing.

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