Stephen Colbert is the Official New Host of The Late Show


Well, I will admit that I am both disappointed and really happy with this news. The news that Stephen Colbert is official new host of The Late Show. Yup, that’s right. Stephen Colbert is getting David Letterman’s job. So you guys must wonder why I am slightly disappointed, when it obviously a great choice. Well, as I had stated a few times prior, I kind of wanted Louis C.K to get it. But, truth be told, now that I have some time to think about it, I realize it is pretty perfect, actually.

Think about it for a second. You kind of need someone snarky to take the place of the one late night talk show host who was known for being snarky. To put someone super friendly or super sweet in the position would have just ended up feeling like too different of a show. Colbert has that snarky host thing down, and will fill Letterman’s shoes perfectly. Not only that, but Stephen Colbert really seems like he likes what he does, so this seems like a great next step for him. The Wrap has more details if you wanna dip over there and find out some more fine print.

I think one of the coolest bits of info in all this is that it is rumored that Colbert will be taking his Colbert Report writers from his show with him to late night. Classy move for a classy guy. So what are your thoughts on the news that Stephen Colbert is the new host of the Late Show? Take to our comments and let us know your thoughts.

[Photo via Theo Wargo / Getty]

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