Stephen King Movie Being Made For (of All Networks) Lifetime

stephen king

What do you think of when you think of a Stephen King movie? Fear, terror, violence? What do you think of when you think of a Lifetime movie? Usually, females experiencing fear, terror, and violence, usually at the hands of some mean, monstrous dude. So I guess the fact that life time is adapting the Stephen King novella Big Driver for their network kind of makes some insane amount of synergistic sense. All I am saying is, they are not two names you would normally put side by side.

The story is part Misery, but exploitation horror. It will star actress Maria Bello as a writer (King LOVES to write writers) who is heading home from an event on some back road when her tire blows out. She is relieved when a man comes along to help, but this is set to be a Lifetime movie, so you can guess what happens next. Some very bad things to the female lead. But, when she is left for dead and recovers, one thing and one thing only is on her mind: revenge. The sweet, sweet sensation of revenge. But like with most thrillers that present similar concepts, will the revenge turn her into the very monster she hates? Seems an interesting (though somewhat unoriginal) idea. But with Stephen King and Maria Bello involved, I am intrigued.

A Stephen King movie on Lifetime, huh? This I will have to see to believe. We will have more on Big Driver as details emerge.

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