When Summer Rerun Season Becomes Summer Retro Season


Any fan of TV can tell you, Summer stinks for good TV. But it all makes sense. The networks know that when Summer is in full bloom, most would rather be sitting around a fire pit than a TV. Reality is, there will still be rainy weekends and days where it is too hot to go outside. But that is rarely ever anything on other than reruns of shows you already watched that year. That is why I have specifically adopted a plan that makes my Summer TV season that much more enjoyable. Feel free to try it for yourself.

Each Summer, I assign myself a favorite TV Decade (80’s, 90’s, or oo’s), and at night when there are occasions of nothing happening and only reruns are on TV, I pick a decade and catch up on my favorite shows from that decade. For example, this Summer is 90’s for me. So far, I have started with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then I will probably watch Dawson’s Creek (it’s okay, make fun of me, I am still cooler than you). The point is, reruns don’t effect me.

Now I know what many of you are thinking. But what about shows like Orange is the New Black that drop new seasons usually during the Summer? Truth is, I am kinda dumb and tend to watch the Netflix stuff in one weekend. I call it a personal demon I need to work through. The great thing is, even in dong that, I still have a dozen or so nineties shows to wade through before fall TV seasons start. Way better than watching a rerun, right?

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