Which Supernatural Cast Members Will be the Most Successful Post Series?


The show Supernatural has utilized a wide array of talent throughout its course and as we’ve seen a lot of big names have come and gone throughout the duration of the show. It’s interesting to note however just how many cast members might be most successful after their stint on the show. A lot of them might go on to do nothing and start living a normal life yet again, while others will do anything or at least try their hardest to make sure that they have a future in movies and TV afterwards.

For some it’s hard to let go of the spotlight even if it wasn’t on them at all times.

5. Jared Padalecki

Playing the role of Sam Winchester has been a big feather in Jared’s cap since he’s been one of the most popular scifi/fantasy characters now for years. People have flocked to the show and enjoyed it so fully that his status as a TV icon has been firmly cemented. However he has managed to show up in a few movies throughout the years and it’s very possible that he could go back to this venue without much trouble.

4. Jensen Ackles

Jensen has the kind of looks that would endear him to a lot of different productions and his acting talent should be able to carry him through when it comes to landing other roles on other TV shows or movies. As Dean Winchester he was arguably one of the most favorite individuals on the show and his popularity has been neck and neck with Jared’s for the entire run of the show. Fans might argue otherwise but then again, fans can be kind of fickle from one episode to another.

3. Mark Pellegrino

Mark is one of those individuals that you see pop up now and again in supporting roles that make him a little less than a star in some cases but still front and center in others. He’s been an extra, a supporting character, and he’s been around long enough to know how to work the game to his advantage. He’s not really lead material and it might not be that you’ll ever see him in such a position, but at the very least he knows how to get around and stay busy.

2. Lauren Cohan

This should be a no-brainer since she went on to achieve fame in The Walking Dead and is apparently signed up for season 9 despite many people thinking she was done. It’s arguable that her role in Supernatural kind of pales in comparison to the role she took on in TWD. While both shows have helped to elevate her star status TWD has definitely made her into someone that fans are eager to look up to and watch in each coming episode.

1. Jeffrey Dean Morgan

The guy that played the father of the Winchester brothers has already been on a roll and his star is still climbing since he brought to life one of the meanest bad guys that’s ever graced the comics or the TV screen. As Negan he should continue to move forward with the kind of fame that he already had before being cast into the role.

Everyone should have at least a shot at being famous, but only a handful seemed primed to go down in history.

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