Supernatural’s Tenth Season Coming


Supernatural has a huge following and is widely known for being an incredibly fan friendly show. The CW overall in recent years has been incredibly wonderful towards the fans of most of its shows, especially the most popular ones it has to offer, and its actors are extremely skilled at either being or seeming excited about the work that they do.

On that note, episode 200 is right around the corner, and Supernatural executive producer Jeremy Carver has called it a “love letter to the fans”. The show is finally reaching its tenth (but by no means final) season, which will also hold episode 200, an achievement that many shows never have the privilege of reaching. The fans (including me) are ecstatic, and the show has gained a massive cult following that will be rewarded for its diligent following of the show. They have truly created nine seasons of excellent television, and I am excited to see the next one.

They have confirmed that the milestone episode will have musical elements, although it remains to be scene if they will go full musical, as shows like Buffy, Psych, and Scrubs have in the past (all shows with dedicated followings, by the way). The traditional twist ending at the end of the season has also been seen as a major character change, and it was the focus of most of the Comic Con questionnaire.  Basically, Dean has turned completely evil and the season will be about either saving him from himself or putting him out of his misery (my bet is that they kill him, then resurrect him quickly).

[Photo via CW]

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