Survey Results: The Show With the Strongest Online Fandom Is….

After writing an article about what the TV Guide cover poll taught us about online fandom (read it here), a university student named Lethia Williams wanted to see if she could determine which show’s online fandom was the most passionate, so I linked to her survey and put out a call for readers of all shows to respond here.

Lethia, with assistance from David Lemmons, examined the results from 3,562 surveys (about triple the sample size needed for normal surveys). Responses were received from every continent around the world except for Antarctica, and fans of more than 65 shows on each of the big networks and cable channels provided their input. Of the surveys, 3,284 were complete and valid.

According to the survey, the show (currently on the air) with the strongest online fandom is Supernatural. The full list of top 13 shows is:

(1) Supernatural
(2) Castle
(3) Smallville
(4) Community
(5) Hawaii Five-0
(6) Chuck
(7) Bones
(8) Leverage
(9) The Vampire Diaries
(10) Fringe
(11) Burn Notice
(12) Glee
(13) Mad Men

You may recall that the survey measured online fandom by a fans’participation in online activity, such as visiting web sites about various shows, as well as in-person activities, such as attending conventions. Lethia also collected data on the number of websites in existence for particular shows. Lethia and David also examined ratings history from Nielsen to see whether online passion was also related to the ratings for any given show. I’ll link to the full reports below, but I’d like to summarize the findings for you. Here’s what she discovered:

The lower the ratings, the higher the online passion for a given show. You’ll notice that three CW shows made the list, each of which have low ratings by normal Nielsen standards. Many of the other shows on the list – such as Fringe, Burn Notice, Chuck and Leverage – are not ratings giants, but have very devoted fans. Lethia said that her hypothesis was based “on the belief that fans of shows with lower viewership would live in constant fear of their show being canceled, and would therefore be more passionate in an effort to keep their favorite show on the air’and concluded that her hypothesis was generally correct.

Sci-fi shows have stronger online fandoms. It’s not surprising that two of the top three shows can be considered fantasy or science fiction shows. Lethia guessed that this was true because ‘they create an entirely new universe for their fans to be involved in.’Science fiction shows had a higher mean passion than other genres, while sitcoms had the least passionate online fandoms. In fact, Lethia went on to hypothesize that people who are attracted to sci-fi shows tend to be more creative in general, which generally leads to the kind of behavior that signifies a more passionate online fandom (creating fanart, fanvid, fanfic, and attending conventions). Viewership and genre are also related, so they can’t be sure if it is the viewership or the genre (or both) that drives passion.

The results of this survey shouldn’t really surprise people. Look at the TV Guide Cover poll – the top finalists all included Supernatural, Smallville, Chuck and Castle. Further, the recent TV Guide fan favorites poll winners include Supernatural as best sci-fi show, Castle as best drama, and winners from Chuck (you can watch interviews with the winners here).

Do you Supernatural fans want to know how passionate you really are? Lethia sent me the following stats:

Supernatural fans also are more active in the qualifiers for ‘fandom’. They do not just watch the shows, they interact. More than 80% of Supernatural fans have started new social networking activities because of the show, compared to only 60% of the fans of other shows. 75% of Supernatural fans have produced creative enterprise (fanfic, fanvids, fanart, etc) inspired by the show compared to only 58% of fans of other shows. Supernatural fans are also prolific. has more than 47,000 works for Supernatural. Castle, the show with the second most passionate fandom in our survey has only 3,500. Supernatural fans also vote. For anything. Often. 98% of Supernatural fans say they vote in polls, compared to 91% of other fans. 70% stating they always vote, with 45% voting more than 50 times per poll. In comparison, only 56% of fans of other shows claim they always vote, and only 30% vote more than 50 times per poll. Finally, 30% of Supernatural fans have attended a convention for their show compared to only 12% from other shows.”

Update: Because enough people have asked, I’ll let you know that the average age of Supernatural fans responding to the survey was actually 31 years old. This can actually be contrasted to the average age of fans responding for all other shows, which was 27.

As for my own personal thoughts, after having experienced the Supernatural fandom, I’m not surprised by the outcome, or for the presence of many shows on the list (such as Castle, Smallville, The Vampire Diaries, and Fringe, which I think all have fairly strong fandoms online). I have to say, I am kind of surprised by the fact that shows like Community and Hawaii Five-0 are so high on the list. I honestly had no idea how strong their online fandoms were.

I also find it interesting that no procedural shows (such as CSI or Law & Order) are in the top 13 list, but think this fact relates to some of Lethia’s conclusions about ratings and genres. On a side note, on any given day when we post news or other types of articles, two of the most popular shows on TVOvermind are both Supernatural and Castle, and shows such as Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Smallville and Glee are also very popular with our readers, which I think speaks to the results of this survey.

If you want to learn more about how the survey results were analyzed and about the results, Lethia’s methodology report can be read in full here, while her final submission to me can be read here.

So what do you think, online fans? Are you happy with the results?

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  • Riverbella

    Delighted. . .and not the least bit surprised.  Supernatural fans are the best–as is the show!

    • Jimmy Kimmel

      SMALLVILLE is the best show ever!

      • Ozzie

        SORRY BUT SMALLVILLE is not the best show ever or even the best show ever and has not been the best show ever on the CW for 5 years now, so I'am happy that this series over at the CW is ending very soon. The CW too needs to end ONE TREE HILL.

        • skauble

          Yeah, gotta agree.  I'm in the Smallville fandom and even I think the show sucks.  If only coherent plots and character continuity had been one of Clark's powers.

          Of course, that only speaks more to the passion of the fandom. lol

          • Mayhem

            Smallville is jumping the shark every week…… Let there be Superman already….

          • westwingwolf

            Well, well, well. Surprised to see you here.  You know I agree on the suckiness that is Smallville.

            And Community is the best show ever! (Not that anyone but perhaps another Community fan will agree with me.)

            But we should all agree Smallville is not good.  I'm so ready for this show to be done.  Does it count to be active in the fandom if you actively hate parts of the show?

  • jacquieyw

    This is fascinating. Community and Hawaii 5-0 – who knew?

    • Clarissa

      I know!  That surprised me too, but I think it's great!

  • Cin

    Survey or not. This list is full of crap. The top 5 are without a doubt:





    and Chuck

    The rest can & do fall in line after that. And no, I'm not fans of all of those shows, but I have twitter & a tumblr. So another words, the fandoms that flocked to this survey are declared 'THE BIGGEST'? Whatever.

    • Clarissa

      The survey set out to measure the most passionate fandom online (based on a variety of online and in-person activities), not necessarily "the biggest".  And fans of over 65 shows responded.

      • Cin

        I read the 'report' – still, at the end of the day it's subjective and does not honestly portray all avenues of online fandom. Another words, it is one set of results done by one person and is all based on the type of people who responded or which sites she included. Nothing definitive in any way.

        • Clarissa

          No, it's not definitive.  But no survey really is, even ones that are conducted by the media and polling companies all the time (like election surveys).  The goal was to gather the answers and come up with a result as best as could be determined.

        • Mark O. Estes

          Okay, so what's the objective and 'accurate' response? We have Twitter and Tumblr as well, so I'm trying to see why that factors into your argument. The poll is just a poll. It's not going to be put in the record books as being the end all say all. In other words, I wouldn't worry about it that much, but I do congratulate and applaud Lethia for all her hard work she put into this survey.

        • cassi

          It's just one approach to try measure the passion of online fandom. No poll is definitive. Not even the Nielsen ratings or a photograph. LOL Everything is subjective.

    • AJ

      what the hell is SPN?

      and I have to agree with the survey…Supernatural fans are very devoted to their show….

      • PadacklesSpn

        Are you seriously asking that question? SPN is the shorter version of 'Supernatural'. Obviously you're not a fan or you SHOULD have known this, it's a very common fact, heck as common as knowing the Impala in the show is Chevy 67' …

        • DCD

          AJ never even said he was a fan of the show. he said he agreed that spn fans are very devoted. judging by you're reaction to one thing he did not know some are too defensive of it.

    • Em

      I agree, Supernatural, Glee, Fringe and The Vampire Dairies are all my favourite shows, as is Bones. I was really glad to see them on this list, especially Fringe which is awesome! I only recently started watching SPN because i kept seeing it everywhere. I fell in love with it straight away, and have just finished watching season 6. It deserves its fans because it is so freaking awesome!!! :D 

      There seems to be none of the larger shows like Grey's or The Mentalist on here.. hmm.. Not that i mind, this list is fine the way it is. 

  • Smin

    Of course, non-sci fi shows like Castle don't HAVE conventions so that kind of thing skews the results, I know about a billion fans that would go to a Castle convention (as in a real convention not a fan get together) if there was one to go to.

    • Clarissa

      That's fair and I'm sure it would be popular!  Conventions were just one part of the overall survey and qualifiers that went into the results.  I think it's also interesting that shows like Community and Hawaii Five-0, which also don't have conventions, made it higher than a show like The Vampire Diaries, which does (and also appears at places like Comic Con, which was counted as a "convention" on the survey).

    • cassi

      Then you guys should create one. So many Supernatural conventions are organized by fans. Leverage is not a sci-fi show and they had a Con. If there are enough people interested, there is no reason why Castle shouldn't have a convention. :D

      • Clarissa

        What an excellent idea!  One of our writers, Luciana, is our resident Castle expert.  I'll pass that along to her :)

        • cassi

          It's just a question of fans being really vocal about it, creating awareness and then dealing with the specifics (location, actors, the date, etc). I only remember the Leverage convention because it had a few Supernatural actors Aldis Hodge and Mark Sheppard and the best convention name ever ConCon. I think there will be another one this year. Just an idea, you could combine it with Firefly and create the first Castle-Firefly con. Combined fandoms means less risk of not having enough participants.

          • Smin

            I think the main issue is probably the cost. it costs a LOT of money to put on a convention with big name guests. i don't think there's any risk of not having enough people show up, as shown by this poll Castle has a strong fandom. it's just coming up with the fees up front that might be an issue.

        • CastleTV

          Based on the response to our April fool prank if there's any way we CAN put on a real convention for Castle we will do so :)


          • cassi

            @CastleTV Just keep being vocal about it, create banners and stuff. The more you talk about it the better.

            @Smin Not necessarily. The prize for a convention depends on the number of people attending as well. The guest list is more a question of availability and willingness of the actors. It's much harder to find people who can organize it. There are so many thinks to think about and plan and it's a lot of work for the fans who organize it.

  • cassi

    Not really suprised. I think Hawaii Five-0 owes part of it's online popularity in comparison to other crime procedurals due to the actors background in sci-fi and fantasy. Genre fans are very loyal and take notice if one of their fav genre actors gets casts in other projects (Bones, Castle, Hawaii Five-0). Community is simply very geek friendly with all the TV and meta references. I tried watching The Big Bang Theory and I think Sheldon is a fantastic character but as a female fan, I find it frustrating that only the guys get to show their passion. I couldn't watch the show anymore after Penny showed no appreciation for Indiana Jones.  So far Community has shown much more equality. The episodes have a geeky topic and all the characters take part in it.

    But my personal number one is still Supernatural, six years and I'm still not tired of it. It's a miracle. I don't know how but Supernatural turned me from a disloyal genre fan into a devoted, passionate Supernatural fan who cares about anything related to the show.

    • Melody

      Genre fans do tend to follow their fav stars.  I've watched Supernatural since day one, both the topic and the actor pulled me in.  I became a fan of Jensen Ackles back when he was on Dark Angel and enjoyed watching him on Smallville (until he tried to kill Martha) and was so excited to see him on a genre show that was totally up my alley.  I started watching Bones because of my love of David Boreanaz from Buffy/Angel.  Although I am a fan of Firefly, I haven't yet checked out Castle (honestly I don't even know what network it's on).  Fans will follow our favs where ever they lead us.

  • Hillary Ann


  • taymuria

    Interesting results, thank you for the presentation. Yes, I'm also sure that a CastleCon would be a great success even without pairing with Firefly.

  • lexa

    i'm just glad that Smallville and Supernatural were 2 of the top 3 shows <3

  • Dee

    I do not doubt that Supernatural is #1 because it IS!  Us fans love everything about the show and are not afraid to show it.  All the latest fan polls are proof!

  • McDonald

    I don't get all the Supernatural  love…

    • Janice

      Have you ever watched??  If so, okay, fair enough….it's not for everybody.  But if you haven't, check out a few eps, preferably starting at or at least near the beginning and maybe then you will get it!  It's hard not to love it!

      • Lucifer

        The show is ok, but is not even among the best, otherwise ratings would be much higher and be critically acclaimed as Lost or Battlestar Galactica were. Too many plot holes and filler episodes, that's why.

        Their fandom seems to be the craziest bunch of fangirls online obsessed with Ackles and Padalecki, that's the real answer.



        • Janice

          Some, maybe, but most of the fans I communicate with are totally into the characters and the stories they tell….plot loopholes and all!  And ratings might very well BE higher if it was on a major network with all the perks that go along with that.  But that's okay…. I mean, not everyone is going to love every show, but you really can't just generalize about fans like that.    I was a big Lost fan, but nowhere near as much as with SN, and I TRIED to like BSG…I really WANTED to like it, but it just didn't work for me.    But as for the craziest bunch of fangirls…..yeah, maybe, LOL, even though the youngest person on my main message board is in their 30s and the oldest is in their 60s and we're ALL obsessed, LOL!

        • AJ

          Um…I'm a fan of Supernatural…but I'm not a "girl".  I'm very much a dude and I watch the show because of the strong charisma of its cast, the INGENIOUS of it's writing/production staff and the creativity of the crew. It has nothing to do with "how gorgeous the boys are" or any such nonsense.  The actors are absolutely the best (IMO) at what they do and I think they are way underrated as actors and could easily become a-list movie stars and/or directors if given half a chance and a DECENT script (notice I stressed DECENT).  The stories they tell can be metaphors for every day life, and the overall symbolism of family first and protecting those that you love really call out to me.  THAT, my friend, is the REAL answer.

        • cindy

          In your opinion its not among the best.  To a good number, it is THE BEST.  And no, I'm not a 'fangirl' obessed with Ackles and Padalecki, though they are two of the most underrated actors out there.  As for ratings, if SPN had the benefit of being on one of the big networks, I guarantee it would have fantastic ratings.  I've read several critics articles praising SPN for its outstanding writing, storylines and acting.  All said it deserved more recognition and would receive that recognition if it were on a different network.  I've watched all of the shows you've mention and none have the magic that SPN does.  In my opinion.

        • TheSonarChicken

          Hmmm, I disagree with that statement. Not every person who watches the show is female. In fact, there are a ton of guy viewers but most don't really see the need to attend cons or express themselves online. Maybe I'm mistaken but it seems the older American males are more reserved while the younger ones tend to be more open. I'm probably off, though. That and it seems this show has a ton of adult fans who're likely busy working and looking after their families. Last I heard, the average age of the SPN fan was supposedly in the late 30s, with some fans being teens or even children and others being as old as say, the late 80s to 90s.  

          Just some observations from a foreign fan(I'm probably off and feel free to correct me if you think so): 

          Well in America, it seems that "horror" can't be "deep". Anything which tries to break that stereotype is blasted and torn to shreds by random critics and users. Totally don't get that mentality at all. Also, it often seems that shows with high budget are recognised by the audience and critics while low budget is usually synonymous with poor acting ability and poor writing, even if that might not be the case.

          And yes, I've noticed America has a tendency to lighten up remakes of movies like Internal Affairs, The Ring, Let Me In, so perhaps this is why people stay away from this series as it's too dark for them. 

          The show to me is very well-written and many of the supposed "plot holes" are actually certain types of mindsets, actions, etc. that only make sense if you slowly think about the circumstances and rewatch the seasons. Furthermore, this series has a penchant for only explaining certain things much later so I get why people think it has plenty of plot problems.

          Also, many of the details are supposedly contradictory but in fact, point to certain highly complex situations or mindsets. And even most of the filler episodes have plenty of details relevant to the over-arching plot, universe, characters and so on. It's all there and you just have to look for it. Yeah, I actually thought it was poorly written until I stopped to think about it.

          Btw, there's the Winchester Family Business site for all those who want to discuss really in-depth about this series.

          I don't watch a lot of American shows, btw. Most just don't interest me because I don't know much about American pop culture and I can't grasp certain cultural details until I've lived there for some time. And too often, the ones which try to deal with the human condition, seem to apologise and soften the impact instead of letting people deal with reality as it is. Then there's that "romantic" view of serial killers being some cliched psychopath or of certain lead characters being a certain stereotype. 

          Ah, and what I'm looking for? There's also often a long chain of causes, effects and consequences and I find plenty of TV(not just American) fails to grasp that. A person doesn't turn evil just because someone tells them to. Usually, it's a lengthy road of events as their ethics, humanity and empathy erode by the day. Same thing for many other actions too. Sadly, it seems lots of people don't understand that or find that hard to swallow. And it seems Supernatural fills this quota and many others quite nicely.

          • TheSonarChicken

            Crap, it should be this!

            Then there’s that “romantic” view of serial killers being some cliched psychopath who wants to save the world or of certain lead characters being a certain stereotype.

        • pathofclouds

          Lucifer is just pissed off coz Sammy and Dean beat him :P

      • McDonald

        I have watch three in total, but have heard a lot from this one friend of mine who I guess is one of the super fans this article talks about. The episodes I saw just did not catch my interest or were a bit cheesy. Like one of the ones I watched the two main characters were in another world where they were actors in their own show. It was just too weird.

        • Dahne

          Try watching episodes from earlier seasons.  French Mistake, the episode you mentioned, is from season 6 and is a meta-episode designed for uberfans.  I would try the pilot and A Very Supernatural Christmas if you want the basic story and a glimpse at SPN in a nutshell.  It has a little bit of everything.

        • Adriana Holmes

          I just wanna say two things:

          First: You can't understand a show or appreciate it by watching only 3 episodes, that probably were all from the latest seasons and weren't in order. If you really wanna know if a show is worth watching start by the beginning and watch more than 3 episodes to be able to feel the whole context of the series, because SPN being on its 6th season has thing going on that you won't catch if you don't know anything about the first 5 seasons.

          Second: The episode you are referring to in your comment it's from season 6, and not only you need to understand the others seasons to like it, but it's also an episode that was made specially as a gift and a thanks to the fans who have stock with this amazing little show for 6 years now and  has a lot of nods and inside jokes that only a die-hard fan would understand. So if you have only watch 3 episodes you can't hope to appreciate it, but us, the devoted fans (which, let me tell you, are a lot) not only admire it, but love it.

          I don't mean any of this like an insult, I just wanna tell you to give new things a chance, because if you do you may be winning something awesome.

          Sorry for my English, I'm from Venezuela

        • TheSonarChicken

          Try watching the pilot and then In My Time of Dying Season 1 isn't too bad but the first few episodes were not very plot-centric, just plain old horror stories. They're okay to watch but not very good, in terms of writing. Many people who disliked this series often based their first impressions on early S1 and never stopped to watch more.

  • mrswinchester24

    Not surprised that Supernatural is number one. We are die-hard fans. What does surprise me is how much more dedicated we are to our show than others, like the fanfiction numbers. I LOVE Supernatural!

  • Angie

    I'm kinda surprised One Tree Hill didn't make the list and I've never watched an episode. They should do a study of which fandoms are the most vicious. Smallville, TVD, and Glee would be in the top three for sure.

    • Clarissa

      Ha!  That's a question for another day…..

  • Janice

    Maybe now people will realize WHY SN fans keep winning in poll after poll and stop accusing us of cheating all the time!!    The SN fandom ROCKS!  Hope this somehow finds it's way to the guys!

  • v


    i wonder where Doctor Who would rank.

  • Fysh

    SPN is an excellent show, but its online fandom is only #1 now because two other shows are gone. One was cancelled and the other finished its run. These two shows are LOST and Heroes. While both were on

    the air they were #1 and #2 , with online fandom. SPN fans you are great, no doubt, but keep everything in perspective, please.

    • Clarissa

      I would believe that LOST, if it was still on the air, would have a very strong online fandom and would probably be #1.  I'm not so sure that Heroes be #2 though.  I think it would have been interesting to do a survey like this a few years ago when all those shows were at their height.

      • Janine

        I was a fan of both Lost and Heroes. I went to a Heroes convention here in the UK which was well attended (approx 800 attendees), they then put on 2 more of them which were less and less well attended as the show declined in popularity. They also tried to put on a Lost convention here, twice. The first one had less than 200 attendees and the second one ended up getting cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. Just because a show is widely talked about doesn't mean the fans are prepared to go to a convention for it. The fandoms that seem to be the most popular as far as conventions go are Supernatural first, and then shows like Dr Who/Torchwood (which doesn't even appear on your list), BSG did well for conventions, and long-finished shows like Buffy/Angel/Firefly still attract convention goers. One of the biggest conventions in the UK is for the L-Word which I'd never even heard of, nevermind watched, but the conventions run twice a year I think and are always sold out. Also someone else above mentioned One Tree Hill. Someone tried to put on a OTH convention here a few years ago, again it didnt sell tickets, even with main cast members attending. Some shows just attract a different sort of fan, one who loves their show but isnt that interested in meeting the cast or fellow fans.

    • cindy

      I watched Lost and a little bit of Heroes, but just couldn't get into that one.  Yes, those two were high in ratings because they had the benefit of being on one of the big networks.  Now, in every online poll and competition that Supernatural, Lost and Heroes were a part of, at least the ones I participated in, Supernatural won every single time.  If you read the article, it said the shows with the lower tv ratings rated higher in the online polls than the shows with higher ratings.  So, tv ratings have nothing to do with online fandoms.  Plus, you made a point that I need to hit upon.  One show ran its course and one was cancelled.  Well, Supernatural was only intended to go five seasons and is now in its sixth and will in all likelihood have a seventh, and the season keep getting better and better instead of how seasons usually go for tv shows.  So, the fans have kept the show going longer than it was originally intended because if it weren't for the fans and word of mouth for this fabulous show, it wouldn't still be on the air. 

  • http://Facebook Anna Sinclair

    I am not surprised with Hawaii Five-0 showing up in your poll …there are a lot of us Alex O'Loughlin fans who were very upset with the cancelations of Moonlight and Three Rivers…he is a wonderful actor, and we were so pleased for him to get the leading role on H50 ….the show is great with a wonderful cast and crew…great writing and directing…beautiful scenery…and as a Alex fan I am thrilled that the show is doing so well…and am looking forward to the new season….I must say my 3 top favorite shows are H50….Castle…NCIS …..

    • Gavin

      "Doing so well??"

      Check the numbers again. The show has lost over 20% viewers since the premiere and yesterday only got 9 million viewers and 2.4 demo. Terrible numbers for a CBS show. It was beaten by Castle big time.

  • Gillian

    Not surprised with that list.

    This tells me these shows are watched by young people that are on line a lot, fans of the Vampire Diaries, Fringe , or old people with no jobs  that have a lot of time to be on line, as Hawaii five-0.

    • Dahne

      According to the survey results, age and passion are not linked.  That tells me that fans of all ages get passionate about their shows.  This is certainly true with the Supernatural fan base.

    • cindy

      Really?  I'm an avid Supernatural fan, #1 in the poll.  I'm 47 years old and have a full time job at a company I have worked at for 29 years.   I have an IQ of 139 and there is no show on tv that impresses me, or has impressed me as much as Superatural.  I'm not a 'young person who is online a lot, or an old person with no job.   Don't label fans just because you don't agree with the results.   

  • Dahne

    Clarissa, I am most interested in the demographic information from the survey.  Would it be possible to publish demographics by show?  I'd love to see the mean age of Supernatural fans that took the survey.  This information is what got me most interested in taking it.

    • Clarissa

      Hi!  I do have some demographic information, but primarily about Supernatural. Why don't you email me at and I'll share it with you.

  • Kady

    I'm not surprised in the least. We Supernatural fans are devoted, vocal, and talented. The cast and crew of our show gives us high-quality episodes every week. They work extremely hard to do so, so we respond in the best way we know how – we show our love in the most vocal and passionate ways we can. It's a mutual love, and it's the best ever!

  • Abi

    Good! maybe now CW will sell its shows to HULU because I don't have t.v. and it really sucks to have to watch things less than legally online. I'd like to show my support to Supernatural, Smallville although I'm surprise the Stargate franchise didn't make or Merlin (though the latter is fairly new).

  • http://twitter cindy

    ive watched a few ep of spn didnt really care 4 it my fav show is Leverage didnt say much abt it a lil disp sorry guys

  • Suz

    SPN fans…let's give each other a big pada-hug! :') I'm so proud!

  • A


    I'm a huge fan of the show I must admit, but I didn't think the fandom was this big…

    • R

      I agree, I'm also a huge fan of the show but never would have expected to see it on a list like this.

  • Virginie

    Castle is my fave TV show so I'm thrilled to see our fandom is 2d on the list! That's awesome! And I also love SPN so I'm very happy about that too.

  • Andy


  • aclineo

    This is interesting . . . but I thought It's Always Sunny would DEFINITELY be on the list, too. Mad Men is also a bit surprising because I always thought their fans skewed a bit older so they wouldn't really be internet fiends but I guess I was wrong.

  • Erin

    One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Chuck and Glee are the strongest I've come across.  

    I'm not even into all of these shows but the fandoms are hugely passionate and insane but not necessarily huge in size. 

    One Tree Hill would've won this.. this is the first time I've heard of this survey and it was through the TVD fandom. If the OTH fandom had gotten word of it we would've kicked some ass..

  • Sara Tveit

    I'm so proud of Supernatural fans! :D


  • Trevor

    Supernatural? Over-rated crap! The writing is dumb, shallow and only fangirls watch this show. You people are too stupid to watch Boardwalk Empire. Tim Goodman was right, this show sucks. A show ain't good unless Tim thinks it's fantastic. Everything else is trash.

    The only reason why it's so popular in Asia is because Asia has dumb stories, so they really love anything that comes from America. Asia is known for its porn and countries that make porn must be dumb.

    Supernatural is even on the trashy CW network which can't afford to spend more than 5 to 20 million per episode. Only high-budget TV shows will win any Emmy awards. Supernatural boasts of having top-rated actors like Mitch Pillegi, Mark Sheppard and so on? Sorry but I haven't heard of them. The only actors and actresses who matter are A-list people and then those on series from AMC, FX and HBO. The rest can't act because the Academy Awards say so and anything not from the top 3 networks is crap.

    Mark Sheppard comes from Britain which keeps making those stupid dramas I've never heard about. Doctor Who is just plain over-rated because they can't even afford high-quality special effects. I watched Blink and its' writing was crap because it broke all the rules on how fiction should be written. The actress also kept acting like some cliched British chick. X-files doesn't deserve any of the awards it won because it has some of the worst writing ever. And X-files had some terrible acting.

    Charlie Sheen's acting would outclass all the low-grade acting on Supernatural. I don't care Peter O'Toole acted with Jared Padalecki in Christmas Cottage and said nothing bad, about Jared's acting. Jared sucks and anyone who doesn't have their guts to criticse his acting is stupid.

    I don't care Peter O'Toole won many awards because his acting is nothing in America.

    And who wants to look at old people like Peter O'Toole? Lawrence of Arabia was the most boring stuff, ever. Also, Jensen sucks. Jim Beaver and Misha Collins can go crawl up the ceiling. 

    • Jenna


      Way to be a troll who's out for nothing more than to rile up the Supernatural "fangirls."

    • Neha

      Wow! For a show you hate, you seem to know a lot about it and its actors! LOL!

      Whatever! Go back into the hole you crawled out of! 

      And I'm not surprised that Supernatural is on the top. I'm damn proud of it too! :)

      • pathofclouds

        What the f*** Neha? Did we just write the SAME THING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THAT is a Supernatural connection. I rest my case people!.

        • Neha

          LMAO! God I can't stop laughing!!!! Ok..if this isn't amazing, I don't know what is!! :P :P

          • pathofclouds

            We even started with 'wow' LOL

        • Scyllaya

          Go Fandom Family!! :D Really fun, how you two answered with the same thing XD

          Yeah and I'm not gonna even answer to some random attention thirsty jerk, cause I never read so much nonsense in one comment XD

    • pathofclouds

      Wow Trevor, for someone who hates Supernatural, you sure know a lot about the show and all the characters' bio. You are just a closet fan. *Hugs from an Asian who feels sorry there is NO porn in America'

      • tabaqui

        We Supernatural fans only *wish* we could have it as good as many anime/manga fans have.  There *is* no porn in America!  Heh.

        • pathofclouds

          LOL Doesn't matter what this one guy thinks!! Dean loves busty ASIAN  beauties and I am proud to be one :PPPPPPPPPP (Did I just write it here? heeeeee!!!!)

    • Jade

      1) Who is Tim Goodman? 2) Apparently you milked yourself off the teat of the Hollywood hype and cut yourself off from the REAL shows. 

      Enjoy your A-list of sub-interesting favorites. ;)

    • Enough

      OMG Trevor thanks for the laugh, you had me going there for a minute, till I realized you were just playing us. Good one! Note to everyone else Trevor can't be this serious, I mean he praised Charlie Sheen, so we know he is trolling us.

      Just hug him and thank him for the laugh, cause it sounds like he needed a hug today..


      *hug to Trevor*

    • Susie

      If your comment was supposed to hurt SPN fans feelings, it didn't, it just made me LOL! I don't have a clue who Tim Goodman is and I don't care. I'm guessing your just bitter cos SPN beat your favourite show.

      Also if you've never heard of Mark Sheppard how do you know he's from Britain and is in Doctor who???

      Also if all the shows made by britain are stupid then why does america keep doing remakes of them?

      so any thanks for the laugh your comment was probably the funniest thing i've read today, I'm still laughing like an idiot

      oh and a huge well done to supernatural fans for winning yet another thing XD

    • Amanda

      LOL Trev you keed you keed! I have to admit, pretty funny stuff. LOL @ the academy awards for saying whos good and whos not, thankfully they dont save your life. 

      AMC, FX, HBO…Hmm, pretty generallized, but no big xD I watch some shows on them too

      but Charlie Sheen?? XD Dear LORD…. That's a good one :)

      *throws confetti at troll*

  • pathofclouds

    Dear all,

    Give us an online poll, we will win it.

    Give us an episode, we turn it into art with our videos, drawings and photos.

    Give us a character, we put him/her/it in fanfiction.

    Give us fellow fans over the internet, we become friends.

    Make us happy or piss us off, we create Twitter trends.

    Sincerely (and passionately),

    A Supernatural fan

    • Neha

      Thats what I'm talking about Meghs!! :) :)

      • pathofclouds

        LOL Neha is that you????? To all other viewers/fans—– We Spn fans have a psycic/telepathic connection which you cant even begin to understand, we are miles away and still end up saying the same things at the same time! All thanks to the internet and our love for the show!

        • Neha

          It is me!! :P :P Ok, this was probably the ultimate test and we passed..with flying colors!!

          • RohVJ

            LOL!!! you guys definitely are freakily connected….all thanks to SPN. Our fandom kicks ass!!

    • Melody

      Amen to that sister!!

  • johnny

    I love you pathoclouds:)

    Thats what its all about

    • pathofclouds

      Group hug!!!

      I just realised Spn fans are probably the only ones reading all the comments lol

      • Scyllaya

        Probably XD Because we are all interested in each other and what our fellow fans say :D

      • http://livejournal fannishliss

        yes! here I am a spn fan reading all the comments all the way to the bottom.  Your comment made me lol!! :D

        • Amanda

          I am as well! Having a good laugh at above comment xD

          let's have a confetti party!! :D

  • kim

    I started vidding because of this show love it.

    Count me down I vote in ever poll in I dont care what it is. lol

    • Amanda

      Oh my god! I didn't start vidding this show but once I did, it flowed. like, I can't stop! I can make crack videos that have me ROFLing as I make them or sad videos that tear me up.

      Supernatural is just amazing :)

  • Mark

    Oh Trevor what got your panties in a bunch. lol

    Calm down dude in stop jumping down people throats.

  • MiladyMilordislove

    Community's fandom is massive on tumblr with so many blog's dedicated to the show. The online fandom is the reason why the creators of Community decided to try Jeff and Annie as a couple (the best couple in the world who are not actually a couple but should be). It is the reason why they won the eonline poll earlier this year for best couple on TV.

    • R

      Yeah, I wasn't surprised by that one at all. I'm more surprised that other people are surprised. Community has a huge, rabid following.

  • TheSonarChicken

    What happened to some of the comments on this page? I kinda liked Sarah's reply. :(

  • Scyllaya

    I am not surprised about the outcome. Sci-fi and fantasy shows tend to have devoted fans and I know how our Supernatural Fandom is very passionate and active. I am included naturally :)

    I'm pleased to read these results and yes the recent TV Guide Cover and Fan Favorite Awards show how (hyper)active we really are online.

    Go Supernatural Family!!

  • Andrea

    I believe Chuck should be on top of Community.

    Chuck is international, and here in Australia I have a community who watches it on Foxtel.

    I love Community, but I believe Chuck is more engaging. The fans, American or Australian are diehard.

  • Ozzie


  • niebell

    I love Supernatural because of it's family relationship values and brotherhood. Padalecki and Ackles are gorgeous, yes. But it's still not the main appetite.

  • Barbara Soloski Albi

    The show with the biggest growing fan-base with absolutely little to no help from HBO is The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency on HBO.  We started with a modest 3,000 fans and have moved it up to 24,000 fans since the series ended.  This has been done by word of mouth – basically facebook as we have had no advertising from HBO.  They have repeated the show a few times in the two years but with almost no advertisement.  We want season 2 of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency with Jill Scott as Mma Ramotswe!  We have written to Michael Lombardo at HBO, Adam Rabinowe of Consumer Affaris at HBO, newspaper reporters, Harvey Weinstein, Tim Bricknell, Amy J. Moore of Cinechicks, Alexander McCall Smith, etc. etc.  We have had responses from almost everyone. 

  • A.Joel

    I agree with Barbara.

    We haven been working relentlessly to get The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency back on air after HBO said it wouldn't bring back the series even though it won a Peabody Award for Excellence in Television.  We have been fighting the good fight and still are fighting with  little or no help from HBO. The fans make the show and its the reason many shows stay on air. We should have been included in this because the fans of The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency are one of the most passionate fans. We've written letters, sent millions of emails, and still working. We are advertising the show for HBO for free. We really do have one of the strongest Fandom Online.

    • Clarissa

      It sounds like you guys are doing great things for your show and I'm sorry it didn't make the list.  It was open to fans of all currently airing shows – not including reality – during the 2010-2011 season.  Perhaps that's why it didn't make the list?

  • Megan

    Community represent! :D I love that show. Alison Brie is so amazing and so is the rest of the cast. Daniel Glover is so funny. I think it seriously has the best cast dynamic on tv right now. The cast is diverse and lovable. You can tell they all love each other irl and on the show. Alison and Joels' chemistry is so hot I mean hotter then Chuck/Blair first season. I think their chemistry is by far the most underused weapon of sexiness. I never watch tv but this is one show that has made me watch no tv but news,gossip girl, and the daily show to participating in livejournal community's, staying up for days voting for them on the eonline poll, and tweeting writers. It's such a good tv show that my writing teacher even used an episode as perfect script writing. I mean the show has only had 2 seasons and my teacher is already using as a model of writing. I think that's crazy most shows don't get a class devoted to them till they at least reach syndication.


  • Tommy

    Hawaii 5-0? Seriously? I find that show so shallow and I don't mean the fact that pretty people are running around in beach wear. The dialogues and plotlines are boring. I find it surprising that they have a following at all.

    Chuck should be in the top 3 because how many of those shows above were brought back due to fans multiple campaigns?

  • Ina

    Hey, guys :)

    I guess I'm the only person who's not a DIEHARD SPN fan and still read all the comments above. I love the list of the most passionate fandoms and I love Bones and Castle. I like SPN, too, but not as much (yet) as the first two shows I mentioned ^^ 

    TVD and Glee are cool, too. But I'm not that devoted to these shows. I just watch them for entertainment :D

  • CC


  • Tori


  • Christy

    WHAT!!!!!!! You so forgot DEXTER!

  • Youwish

    Glee sucks sooooo hard, a TV show about Losers awesome, lets go push them down the stairs, or in front of abus, that I would watch!

  • Corkybelle

    I'm a fan of Supernatural, Leverage & Bones. I'm not even close to shocked that all 3 made it in the tops list.

  • Mayhem

    I started watching Castle for ONE reason.  Nathan Fillion from "Firefly/ Serenity" A Sci-Fi Show!!

    Of course now I love Stana Katic. 

    Anyway I believe the loyal Sci-Fi fans of "Firefly" are what keep Castle on top.

    Or Maybe I'm wrong…….

  • Kym

    "The rich and powerful take what they want. We steal it back for you. We provide… leverage."

    Huge fan of Leverage! Not a lot of people know about it, but us fans of the show, obviously, are very passionate about our Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief, and Mastermind. Most Leverage fans have a habit of getting friends or family members also hooked on the show so maybe the fanbase will grow by that. It's has action kind of like Burn Notice with a few less explosions, the character info you get through the show is as progressful as NCIS and there's also a quirky humor to it. 

    That show doesn't get enough credit. Quite a few TNT and USA shows don't. I'm a big fan of Bones, Supernatural, Castle, Burn Notice, and Fringe as well.

    • Melody

      And Christian Kane is absolutely lovely to look at, especially when he's kicking serious ass!!

  • Shy Anne

    As a long-time online fan (from the days of X-Files and Highlander: The Series), I can attest to the intensity of Supernatural fandom.  Oh yeah, we're on that like white on rice. *g*

    Five-O fandom went from zero to fifty in about .05 microseconds, right after the series premiere. Come on in!  The water's fine!

  • Rhonda

    I love Supernatural and Castle but i think Leverage needs to be moved up farther on the list. I watch it every chance I get and never get tired of the re runs. I agree it doesn't get the credit it deserves. Also Christian Kane is the greatest and his music is awesome. Kaniacs we need to get his CD up the charts farther.

  • Tara

    I take it they only had fandoms of American shows on the survey? Because there are some shows in the UK who's online fandoms would kick the crap out of some of the higher ranking ones on that list.

    • Melody

      Merlin and Being Human fans are crazy cool – again, I get to count myself among them – as well as Primeval.  There are some great UK shows and fanatics.

  • watcherone

    Leverage is the best show of the group…hands down.  I also enjoy Burn Notice, Supernatural and Fringe, but NEVER miss my Leverage!!!   I also really enjoy watching the BBC's Merlin with my nieces.  We cannot wait for the next season.

  • Ivette

    Ye-ah Supernatural FTW!! It's sooo true we are such dedicated online fans!! i know i am, before this show started i wasn't really into polls and all that other stuff for other shows. But there's just something about Supernatural!!

    • Melody

      I was the same way.  I'd check out the occassional blog, but it was rare.  Supernatural really got me devote and I now scoure the net for more, more, more.

  • arjay

    burn notice, leverage and 5-0 are the best. rome was the best of the best and spartacus a great show too.

    camelot stinks.

  • Jen

    Where at Doctor Who on the list? I'm surprised that isn't in the top 13.

  • lil.uhura

    Why am I not surprised that all four of the only shows on TV that I care enough about to bother watching are on this list (Chuck, Smallville, Leverage, and Glee)?  Maybe because most of what's on TV is pure crap.

  • Ana Cecilia

    Interessante a pesquisa e se encaixou perfeitamente, particulamente entrei em comunidades por causa da série, produzo e comento arte sobre a série, e realemente sinto a paixão de nós fãs.

  • Sarah Farrukh

    only the Opra show is rock :)

  • Melody

    As a Supernatural fan who votes in polls, participates, and considers herself a part of the fandom, that aspect of the results didn't surprise me.  Since I've never seen an episode of Castle, that did surprise me a bit. Actually, several of my favorite shows are on this list: Chuck, Leverage, Bones, Burn Notice, Vampire Diaries, Hawaii 5-0, and Smallville.  I guess i'm in good company with so many other devoted fans.

    I do disagree with the assessment though, I'm not a fan of Nielsen and I truly don't think it is an accurate representation of TV viewership.  I'm not suggesting that Supernatural is a huge ratings giant like NCIS, but I believe it does better than Nielsen suggests.  At any rate, whether small or large, I do agree that Sci-fi/Fantasy fans are often the most devoted and I agree that a lot of it has to do with being invested in not only the characters (whom we all love and adore) but also the world created around them that we get to explore.

  • http://FaceBook//JosephFox Joseph Fox

    Although I may agree with some of the choices, I am dismayed that "Leverage" is not higher on the list.  If Comcast were to incleude stations that are not in their corporate ladder, maybe some shows would have a higher "On Demand" presence.  That may be because I just simply adore the show, or because I live in Portland, OR and have actually witnessed some of the filming.  Like in Henry's American Bar and Grill at SW 12th and Burnside.  I even have one of the beer taps that were in the episode (the White Polar bear, third from the left side in that scene.

    I am not surprised that Hawaii 50 is on the list as that is one kick ass show.  Any way, can't wait for the summer series to start on USA, TNT and TBS. 

    Thanks for letting me state my opinion.

    As always,

    Joseph Fox

  • supernaturalfreak

    Yay Supernatural! Love the show, and Leverage is great, but Supernatural makes me giddy and excited! I also don't randomly search the web for any other show info, and I am far too adept at what's going on in the story line. I was watching a YouTube video of Jared and Jensen discussing the convention experience and they talked about it being legitly about the show and the characters, not fans just asking if the actors where briefs or boxers. It's the most creative show on television and it really does deserve to be number one!

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