SyFy Gets Ready To Unleash Sharknado Week


We all know about Shark Week on Discovery, right? Yes, we all do. We know because for the rest of Summer, half of us don’t want to swim in the ocean after it airs. Well, it seems the very self-aware SyFy network wants in on some of this action, and wants to lampoon that week by having their very own Sharknado week, to celebrate the forthcoming sequel. You know, SyFy is that nerd that knows it is a nerd and knows how to play off that, and you need to give them some credit. The movies may stink, but therein lay their charm, and SyFy knows that to their credit.

The best part is, they actually released a press release about Sharknado week. Sharknado week will be July 26th through August second, and will feature all of SyFy’s crazy shark movies. Ghost Shark. Mega Shark Versus SO and So, and Jungle Sharks. I totoally made up the last one, but let’s none of us pretend it could not exist on that network, because we all know it could (and would be so bad it is genius).

The real start of Sharknado week will be Sharknado: The Second One (yes, that is what it is called), which will air July 30th and co-stars the former lead singer of Sugar Ray. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Mark McGrath get eaten. I sure do. So when July rolls around, make sure to clear some room on your calnder for a tornado full of sharks. It will be worth it, trust me.

[Photo via Syfy]

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