Tara Reid Puts Out “Shark” Perfume

tara reid

We think it might be safe to assume Tara Reid knows her career shelf life might be a bit extended these days due to the recent success of her Sharknado movies. Famous for being bad, Sharknado is just what the world needed in these super serious times to remind us to loosen up. We know what we didn’t need? A shark themed perfume, but Tara Reid is giving us one anyway.

Simply called “Shark” because calling it Sharknado would need she means to own rights she clearly doesn’t, Shark is maybe the most insane idea for a perfume ever. First of all, what woman would want to wear something named after aquatic life? Next up, maybe Sharknado toys could work, but a perfume aimed at self-respecting adults? That is the other thing here. Adults will not want to wear it because they are adults, and teens wont want to wear it because they don’t understand irony. So really, who is this aimed at? Young guys who want to get their girlfriends a gift they are assured will result in their ladies leaving them? Well, looks like Tara Reid just came up with the perfect scent for just such an occasion.

By the way, this is Shark as explained per her site. “Shark by Tara perfume is a complex scent with three different levels of nodes that embrace our fresh, light, and fun feel. Our top-level node is clad with iced mint, violet and lemon, while our middle node is complete with jasmine, tuberose and muguet. The last dry node is cool blue rose, amber and musk.”

Well, there you have it. Shark perfume. Not sure what else to say.

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