TBS Bringing Jake and Amir to TV with Ed Helms Producing

Paul December 19, 2013 0

jake amir

If you’ve grown up on the internet like me, chances are you’ve seen a few, a few dozen, or a few hundred of Jake and Amir videos in your time. The hilarious CollegeHumor series has produced 600 episodes to date racking up a half billion views. Now, it seems their hard work has finally landed them a TV deal.

TBS has signed up Jake and Amir to bring their brand of comedy from the internet to TV. The deal has the two stars, Amir Blumenfeld and Jake Hurwitz, adapting their show for a more traditional format, and The Office’s Ed Helms is actually signed up as a producer. Deadline reports:

“Created by Hurwitz and Blumenfeld, Jake & Amir will revolve around an odd-couple friendship between best friends and co-workers Jake (Hurwitz), the sensible “regular guy”, and Amir (Blumenfeld), the obsessive oddball. Together they must navigate the cubicles of their workplace, stand up to the corporate man and try to function with their dysfunctional co-workers, all while maintaining their shenanigans.”

This is exciting news for the pair, and for all their fans as well. TBS has had mixed success with its original programming, but has proved a great spot for certain comics like Conan. Hopefully Jake and Amir can thrive there as well.

[Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty]