Ten British and Australian TV Actors You Thought Were American

Paul November 19, 2012 8

It really is amazing just how many talented British and Australianactors are out there these days. There’s so many, that they’re coming over to America to steal the spotlight in many of our shows.

While we make fun of our own American actors for attempting a British accent, but not the other way around. That’s because the Brits and Aussies are just so damn good at it, you don’t even know the difference most of the time.

I’m willing to bet that most of you didn’t know that at least half the actors on this list were British and Australian. Prove me wrong or learn something below:

Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead)

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  • Johannes P Anderson

    I knew all of them except 7 weren’t american (I’ve never watched an episode of Gossip Girl in my life)

  • LilyVonSchtupp

    I knew all of them, is it cheating if I’m English? :-)
    A few of those faces are very familiar to me from UK TV many years ago, before they became mega stars over ‘the pond’.
    Bizarrely, I suppose, I don’t rate Hugh Laurie’s attempt at an American accent, I guess that’s because my ear can hear his English accent running through it. It’s quite easy to pick an American actor mimicking an English accent because they usually don’t bother to change their usual pronunciation of words like ‘data’ ‘status’ and especially ‘pasta’. I’ll conceed that’s probably because the show their making is for an American audience, but it’s a dead giveaway to a native when they hear those different vowel sounds. Even if they do manage quite well most of the time, like David Anders.

  • JP

    This post looked promising, but the fact that the list only included video and no actual details of each actor was quite a let down. I appreciate someone who puts a little effort into their work.

  • roxanne

    no charlie hunnam? is he past convincing, i could have sworn he was californian.

  • Monkey Brains

    Seriously, some people can’t tell?

    Even deaf people can spot it.

    I don’t know what’s driving this American fixation with “exotic” Aussie actors in American roles, when many of them aren’t particularly talented — certainly no more than legions of American actors — and when none of them can totally nail the accent.

    It’s difficult to suspend disbelief when every time the actor opens his mouth you think “Bad fake accent”.

    IMHO, Aussies should only ever play Aussies, Americans should portray Americans, Brits play Brits, Germans for Germans, etc.

    • Sean Royce

      You are completely wrong on all levels.

  • Luca

    Knew all of those.

    And you forgot Joshua Bowman (Revenge)

  • barblibrarian

    And, another thing I find amazing is how many people do not know that Hugh Laurie is famous for his comedy! I am always shocked when I tell people how funny he is and they have no clue that House wasn’t the first thing he has ever done, nor the first thing shown in the United States.