The 20 Highest Paid Actresses on TV

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We’ve done a male version of this list so naturally it’s time for the females.  Which actresses are the highest paid on the small screen right now? This list aims to find out. This takes into account total earnings from the year, so it can include current payment for shows, rerun syndication payment, advertising revenue or outside income (such as restaurant ownership or money generated from a fashion line). So if you’re confused about who is where, that might explain it.

It is sad though, that overall this list has lower numbers on it than the male one. Hollywood needs make things even for once.  You’ll also notice that there’s a few reality stars on this list.  The truth is that payment for reality TV “stars” is going up.  Especially for the ones who have created an empire around their “brand”.

Anyway, on with the list…

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

  • Bea

    Um…reality stars are NOT actresses.

    • Ed B

      I was thinking the same… Who in their right mind would pay $11M to Khloe Kardashian and for what—the AWEFUL job she does on X Factor? I wouldn’t pay her $11 dollars…

      • Mikko

        Dont care bout the money guys!for me,hatcher is still the hottest mom!

    • Mommyme

      I agree …reality stars ARE NOT actresses…what school did they attend, what comedy improve troupe did they participate in…it is disgusting…Tina Fey deserves to be paid more than a Kardashian, !

      • Tom

        Agree on Kim, although not sure why Tina should get paid so much for a show that never cracked the top 50 usually not even the top 75

        • Chris

          I believe most of her payment will be from writing and acting in 30 rock

          • Emilia

            Ye I agree but Kim gets paid coz she’s pretty and well slutty so u know

      • Bill

        Most of Khloe’s earnings come from the family clothing and lingerie line which is included in her annual pay according to page 1 of this list

  • Tess

    Clearly the American people are dumb. To pay a no talent courver 18 mil a year is proof positive. For a lot less a kardashian will warm your bed

    • LibertarianSocialist

      Hollywood and New York are shining examples of how incredibly backwards Americans’ priorities are. They continue to believe a strong society is one that glorifies stupidity and rewards combativeness over cooperation. Fleeting celebrities command fortunes, bankers conjure “wealth” out of thin air, medical research only serves the bottom line, and people kill each other over Black Monday sales.

      Strong society my ass, manufactured madness is what it is.

      • Santos

        Well said there is nothing left to say

      • murasame

        I deeply agree… and that’s unfortunate. How I’d love it were not so…

      • Linda

        here, here.

      • anna

        I do totally agree. but this does also apply on the whole world

        • Sydney

          “This does also apply to the whole world” is an incredibly inaccurate statement. Having gone and witnessed many developing countries first hand, I assure you, this is a North American phenomenon that we’ve perfected. We have so much that we continually want for more, convincing ourselves of needs that aren’t truly there, praying for more money and less work.

          • Ruben

            As a western european I can assure you that here too this phenomenon is manifesting itself. And even though I cannot speak for many other countries I do have some friends in developing countries and when I hear them speak I think that it’s actually even worse over there. And in conclusion I would like to add that I think it’s somewhat human nature. By which I want to say that I think that even though these cultural values may not be relevant in certain countries right now, I think it’s very plausible they could be in a few years provided the ‘right’ circumstances.

            And basically I’m just sick that everyone keeps dishing the usa even though i’m not american myself and even though most of you actually might be. Which brings me to another annoying world wide phenomenon, namely intellectual prejudice.

  • drusilla

    That’s unfair Kelly Cuoco must be paid a much more higher salary than Sofia Vergara. Her show has much more ratings than Modern Family and that trashy Reality star which by the way should not be describe as actress.

    • youknowme

      Just not true, Big Bang Theory has been declining allot lately, and its obvious that Modern Family has ”smarter” jokes, no supprise here. Btw its Kelly Cuoco.

      • redomega

        In what world are you living in? The Big Bang Theory is at it’s all time high. It reached 20 million this season. It’s the third highest rating show on TV. They are both funny shows. No need to hipster demean one.

      • Lissa

        Actually it’s Kaley Cuoco!!!

  • lo

    Clearly Tina Fey should make more than all of them and the Kardashians should not make anywhere near what they do. The world sucks.

  • HappyBB

    “It is sad though, that overall this list has lower numbers on it than the male one. Hollywood needs to cut that crap out…”

    Other than that, Hollywood should use more Asian actors and actresses and portrait them as positive characters, not stereotypical bad guys and mistresses in bed!! Like it or not, Asian people are part of the American life and they make great contributions to the society.

    • B bailey

      Yeah. They make awesome shrimp fried rice

    • Freddy

      Just guessing, but your Asian??? Right??
      I think Lucy Liu should be on the list, not just because she is hot, Elementary has to be the greatest show out right now.

      • Joe

        I completely agree but that show just started and the others have been on tv for a few years/seasons so id give a couple years then see the salary comparison. I would pick Kaley Cuoco though. not because shes hot which she is but because shes hilarious and actually intelligent.

    • http://yahoo obama

      they don’t hire my brother to work in their take outs –

  • Lizzy G

    I agree reality “stars” are not actresses and Kim Kardashian is definitely not an actress, in fact she looks like a freak with her fake body, fake everything. Some day they will be found out – lol.

    • Kelly

      “found out”? Who cares? Unless they make her give the $18M back.

  • Mike

    Sofia gets paid for her boobs, and has zero talent…

    • Deep

      She can’t act for ####.She has the most annoying voice, botox lips, fake boobs, fake personality, she’s all fake. The only reason she gets paid is she’s in America acting on an american show for americans and she has big boobs. USA is a manufactured mess.

      • Dr2t

        Believe it or not Sofía’s boobs are not fake. Latina’s are like that, man. You wouldn’t know that because from your basement all of them seem to feel like sandbags. No surgeries yet, maybe botox. Now in the talent department, well, you’re entitled to your opinion.

        • murasame

          Ha ha ha !!! How you’re wrong ! Latinas have got fat arses, fat bellies and somewhat generous boobs at their best, and that’s only before 25yo, after, it only gets worse and worse…

          • David

            jealous? hahahaha you really don’t know how a latina women are

  • rodeodrivepricestoohigh

    Folks you pay for these reality TV fools in your cable TV subscriptions. Notice cable TV shows are getting dumber and dumber with more and more reality TV trash. Cut your cable today!!

    Spend money on things that matter… like courses, eductions, good books that teach you something, things that advance humanity.

    Negotiate down all things that are superfluous like overpriced designer clothes, movies by Johnny Knoxville and Sasha Cohen Baron, spa prices, etc. None of which cost much to make are are make fake people rich.

    • Dougdenslowe

      Ironically the only women on the list I’ve heard of are reality show stars.(I’ve heard of Tina Fey and Courtney Cox)While I’m here….way too many ads on this site,I’ll not return!

  • Robert

    What are you talking about, Sofia Vergara has a lot more acting projects going at any given time than Kelly does (typically speaking).

    Although my question is since when are the Kuntrashian’s considered actresses (if you exclude the sex tape and acting like they are actually people)

  • rony

    They shouldn’t have included the K sisters or anyone from a reality show. And I wonder why Alyson Hannigan’s co-star Cobie Smulders wasn’t on the list. And if this list was based on actresses on current shows so why are the Desperate Housewives, Marg Helgenberger and Kyra Sedgwewick on it. And I wonder doesn’t Zooey Deschanel’s sister Emily make big money; I mean her show’s been on a lot longer than hers. And I also that Sofia’a co-star Julie Bowen doesn’t male enough to be on the list.

    • Morgan

      Zooey does modelling and promo work to make the big bucks; Emily keeps it simple.

  • rony

    It turns out that of Sofia’s 19 mill only around 2 comes from her work Modern Family. The rest comes from her work as a spokeswoman and other projects.

  • Claire

    The picture under the name of sofia vergara is actually Vanessa Marcil who plays Sam in the tv-serie Las Vegas… I don’t think the Kardashian’s can be considered as actresses really..

    • Steven

      Lol Vanessa Marcil looks nothing like Sofia… and that is Sofia.

    • Chuck

      Clair, you are incorrect. this is Sofia

  • Ano

    your missing Emily Deschanel aka Bones with about 8 mill per year

  • Sherni

    Paying them for what…. Totally crazy.. only showing boobs n all… they get big bucks….wow plastic barbies these people are… not even real/natural … money talks I guess..

    • Chuck

      Wow. sounds like someone with small boobs and no figure hating on the ones that have it… May be should work on improving yourself and not hate others who do.

  • miffy

    Kaley Cuoco looks like she could be related to me which is odd, looks like the female version of me :\

  • stratig

    Самая оплачиваемая должна быть Бритт Робертсон.

    • murasame

      Je ne suis pas d’accord, il y a quand même beaucoup mieux !

  • SImeon Prince

    First of all, the Kardashians are not actresses. they’re just real-life sluts on tv. Kaley is a real actress, super hot, super talented, and should have earned more.

  • patricia

    How come we don’t see Patricia Heaton from The Middle and how many years as Deborah????? I guess she doesn’t get paid enough, but is as good as, or better than, all of them….

  • Anna

    “It is sad though, that overall this list has lower numbers on it than the male one. Hollywood needs to cut that crap out…”

    Hollywood? Try every employer ever need to cut that crap out. It’s makes absolutely no sense that women STILL get paid less all over the world.

    • Phoenixx

      Makes perfect sense in terms of Hollywood. Alot of genres of TV shows have a larger male demographic than a female demographic making shows with a male main character more watchable. In terms of females that watch TV shows, many are subdued by an attractive male cast. #morepay



  • Former TV Viewer

    This list shows why I don’t watch tv anymore … ugly overpaid actresses

    and that is even before I get the Kartrashians

  • shadowpdf

    Terrible list. Half of the entries are no longer being paid. Their shows were cancelled or retired. Then there a bunch of reality “stars”. They are not actresses. And you could have put the show the actress is supposed to be attached to. Anyone can say their price tag is $8, but if there is no show paying it then the actress isn’t that highly paid. Also you could have said if the dollar amount was for the year or per episode. Badly put together list.

  • Omniforce13

    Technically, since reality shaows are really scripted, that would make them (bad) actresses.

  • Dawn

    It seems to me there are so many people hatin on the kardashian sisters. Well obviously they did something right in their lives to have so many viewers and be some of the highest paying in the industry.Kim just made a new movie that Tyler Perry brought her into and that says a lot. I wish them an they’re family nothing but the best.

    • Mary Elizabeth

      The Kardashian sisters’ only claim to fame is the ridiculous number of guys they’ve bedded down. And they certain don’t turn any down. And then there’s Mom, a shining example of a role model for 3 daughters. There’s something wrong with the reward they claim for being sluts. But it does prove one thing — there must be lots of guys out there who like them six axhandles across the butt.

  • Ben

    This is ridicules. Why are the Kardashian sisters and Bethany even on this list? The are not real actresses and only got famous from dumb reality shows and acting like dumb bimbos.

  • mike1616

    This list is obviously what they make overall in the year and not what they get payed for appearing in there TV Shows alone. Who ever make this list needs to be more clear in the future.

    • eklektika

      The story clearly states that the earnings are based on all earnings (i.e. endorsements, residuals, etc), not just current TV shows. The headline “actress” is misleading but it is actually quite informative, although disappointing, to find out that Khloe Kardashian has a higher income than the brilliant Tina Fey. Laughing all the way to the bank.

      P.S. I wonder where Oprah stands in all of this?

  • Russell J Heath

    In response to Bea I would say instead “Reality actresses are not stars”.

  • R J Heath

    In response to Mike, I would say “How would you know?” There are loads of women with boobs like her in Hollywood but only one Sofia Vergara, and Sofia has more star power in her twinkie than all the others combined. Take a hike, Mike!

  • David

    I’m confused if #1 is Sofia Vergara, why is Vanessa Marcil’s image shown instead? Do all women of Hispanic descent look the same to you? lol

    Also, I’m confused are we talking only money made from TV or also from Film, I find it hard to believe that Sofia makes 18mil from JUST television, and I find it even harder to believe Zooey would get 9mil for ‘New Girl’ (same with Hannigan for ‘How I Met Your Mother’) Otherwise, how is Lucy Liu not on this list as she does Elementary, plus Kung Fu Panda & Southland on top of Film and commercial work?

    @HappyBB: I think you mean minorities in general, last I checked not a single Black actor made the list, and while two of the top three are Latina they also typically don’t get much airtime. The same goes with Arabic, Indian or Indigenous American unless it’s to fit a typical stereotype.

  • NoseTackle66

    OK, let’s face it enough people are sufficiently idiotic that the KarTrashians make a butt-load (w/Kim you KNOW that’s a lot). Courtney Cox a TRUE actress makes, what, less then 1/3 of those “Reality”(in who’s world???) “Stars”. Couco, another actress makes 1/2 of those idiots!!! Now for all of you who did NOT read before looking, it does say the earnings are NOT just from TV (which makes the “List” moot IMO), so that would explain Cox’s low earnings, since as a MOTHER in Hollywood who is actually concerned her children are raised correctly she doesn’t jump at every opportunity to endorse or “Create” products. The writer apparently fell asleep doing research and didn’t awake in time to separate actual series earnings (Red Bull might help, or a Mountain Dew!!!) The REAL actresses (Helgenberger, Sydgwick, Hatcher, ect.) whose series are in reruns (again read the disclaimer at List’s beginning) DESERVE to be on a list of ACTRESSES. Including “Reality Stars” cheapens the list exponentially!!! At best they should be an asterisk addendum, giving their “Earnings”. So, BAD writing, BAD judgement (including “Reality Stars”), not much good about the whole damn thing!!! Why the hell am I commenting??? Ahhh, just waiting for my ride & nothing better to do!!! The time is yours.

  • Billy Baldwin

    “It is sad though, that overall this list has lower numbers on it than the male one. Hollywood needs to cut that crap out…”

    I agree, wholeheartedly. Let Hollywood CUT the outrageous salaries that the males are receiving.

    • murasame

      Be glad they even get money for this ! They’d be a more natural fit in the kitchen !!!

  • Patrick Longworth

    It’s amazing how much hate is being expressed towards some of the people on this list. Even if you don’t think of them as actresses, they are actresses by virtue that they are acting in a role (even if you think it a horrible and cheesy role). Personally, I dislike much of what the Kardashians represent as well as those actresses on Desperate Housewives or whatever that alleged show is called.

    Kaley is a good actress who has been in different roles and shows but still she isn’t a “heavyweight” actress – indeed almost none of the actresses listed here are.

    Anyway, though this list is probably one of the worst lists I’ve ever sifted through, still I guess the writer’s employer was happy enough with it.

  • Damilare

    That’s unfair Kelly Cuoco must be paid a much more higher salary than Sofia Vergara. Her show has much more ratings than Modern Family and that trashy Reality star which by the way should not be describe as actress.

  • http://yahoo Sammy

    Ouch – these idiots are part of the 1% and all Democrats – these pay scales are way out of line with American Public and are a disgrace to the working men and women of American – Shame on you ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS! Not many if any one reading this article make even close to $1 mil = stinky1

  • juice

    that image is not Vanessa Marcil…..

  • juice

    wow…..why so angry? It’s just a dumb poll. Who the F—- cares

  • Kevin

    Alyson still makes revenue from Buffy and she continues making movies while acting on TV (i.e. American Reunion). Also HIMYM is in it’s 8th season while TBBT is still in its 5th, I think? I doubt Kaley is receiving any kickbacks from Charmed. She has been in more commercials lately but those do not pay much and her movies are not very big.

    I do not even know who half of these women are.

  • Jeanette

    The female in the pix is Sophia and not Vanessa.

  • The_Mick

    I don’t know who several of these actresses are – it would have been helpful (i.e., professional) to list the shows on which they appear.
    Tina Fey, if I’m not mistaken, is the creator of 30 Rock and my guess is the $11M is just the tip of the iceberg – I assume she’s well positioned to make money from the show going into syndication, etc.
    I amazed that the original five stars of the Big Bang Theory are not making $1M per episode like the four stars on Seinfeld did. Kaley Cuoco’s making less than half of out-of-shape Kim Kardashian? No wonder she’s the Toyota Rav-4 Genie!

  • http://NA jerome

    I have not watched any episode, of any article on the kardasians. The little bit that is forced on me, is enough to tell me that their talent which is non-existent,is being promoted by their managers, or agents and not the general viewers. Managers and Agents are only looking for a bigger payout.

  • Max

    @David – Given that the image you refer to of Sofia Vergara is actually of Sofia Vergara (you can find it on google image search – by searching her name) I would say it’s you who thinks all Hispanics look the same.

  • jim

    There appears to be a formula here, the amount of talent is inversely proportional to the amount of salary.

  • Sheeple Hearder

    I completely agree…. her acting is some of the worst on record, but you’ve got to admit she’s pretty hot ! Makes Kimmie Kardashian look like the real bag lady she is !!!!

  • The Blade

    I agree that Tina Fey should make more than any Kardashian. She should make more than all of them put together. I’ll bet that, in 40 years, Fey has a lot more of her money left than the Kut Up Not Toasted sisters do.

  • Kayla

    sorry..i’ve got bad news for you….yes, yes they are.

  • Devin Shields

    Hmmmmmmm, and not one single Black woman in sight!!!!

  • Jimbo

    I’m not sure what their politics have to do anything but if you’re pointing out they’re all Democrats I’d guess you’re probably a Republican.

    I thought Republicans stood for “free enterprise” and people being allowed to earn what they can? It seems to me you should be happy they’re able to earn this kind of money. Not criticizing them for it.

    If the shows’ producers can pay their talent this much and still turn a healthy profit I think it shows they aren’t being overpaid. I guess though you think the peons that actually do the work and are the ones people actually tune in to watch should be paid minimum wage so the shows owners and the networks can pocket even more profit.

  • Mark

    While I agree that the Kardashian’s are overpaid, I think the figures include all their income including sponsor deals.

    Sofia Vergara was already HUGE in Latin America. She probably only makes $4-5M from “Modern Family” and the rest from her other ventures and acting gigs.

  • Crappy Journalist

    Dang not one black actress on the list of the top 20…says alot about America…for those of you hating on the Kardashians…let it go…they beat the system and flourished…Y’all just mad cause you wish you could be paid for your life stories and looks…So just think, the more you hate, the more they make…you’re keeping them relative…

  • Mike

    Crap. This list is not good.

  • Diana

    I pity you…to be bigoted in this day and age. Pathetic.

  • Laterrater

    Oh poor B Bailey, I feel sad for you and your little brain =)

  • Debra

    I know it’s the network’s money and they are free to do with it as they please. But I honestly do not know how they justify paying some of these actresses what they are, considering the ratings for their shows are poor to mediocre. I’m not just picking on the ladies. I feel the same way about the male costars.

  • EK

    What?! Sofia Vergara is an amazing actress. She has amazing comedic talent.

  • EK

    THANKS FOR TELLING US HOW YOU FEEL IS SUPER ANNOYING CAPS. If you don’t care, that’s fine, but why would you then go out of your way to tell the world in bold letters just how much you don’t care? Interesting…

  • OR

    Sofia Vergara is really the best actress on TV now, she’s funny, pretty, hot and she is always herself, authentic, still a latin girl with a funny accent when she speaks english. Stays true to herself.

  • Lance

    Think Aly’s residuals from Buffy probably put her over the top on Cobie.

  • pendejo

    When these figures were published modern family had been out longer and kaley cuoco was still in her original contract plus these figures include rerun money that was not accounted for Kaley as TBS just paid big money for big bank theory. Kaley is closer to 13 mill a year now

  • you’ve gotta be kidding

    Maybe she makes a lot, but she’s still a slut, and has to live with herself.

    That’s punishment enough.

    • you’ve gotta be kidding

      I was talking about Kim Kardashian….no matter how much money she makes, she’s still her…..bummer

  • BelgradeTomCat

    I can’t believe Courtney Cox is at the bottom of this list!
    But here’s a great proof that money isn’t all.
    No matter how much money they make, Courtney Cox is !!Courtney Cox!! and
    Kim Kardashian is… the lame Kim Kardashian.

  • Priscilla

    thks for de compliment for Asian gals….

  • Don

    To be fair it said “Women on TV” not actresses. And the Kardaishans are women on TV.

  • Ryan

    I dont even recognise half of the list :|

  • mo

    no Mad Men girls…. strange…..

  • will

    Clearly we all had a general vote on hot much to pay these actresses.

  • Big Kitty

    what does the overall $ amount represent?? One full season of their show? Yearly (including other revenue)?

  • SteveO

    Since when did reality tv people become actresses??? Kim, Kloe and Bethany are not actresses!!

  • Cliffystones

    It looks like the entertainment industry has the same problem with too much dead weight making too much money. While talented, hard working people get hosed.

  • Jerry

    Certainly our values are screwed up. With only one percent off all persons in the actors guild working why are these folks so over paid?
    Sophia is hot but a quick trip to the beach will find plenty of hot women that can read a cue card.



    • Marjiscott

      Yes, this list is totally screwed up.. it certainly NOT the Highest Paid Actresses on T.V. Many famous faces ( of color as well) totally left out..

  • Spoon

    Geez, I can’t believe people’s issues with this list is that there aren’t any black women on there, that Kaley Cuoco deserves so much more than Vergara or that they’re being paid less than male tv stars. I’m all for equal pay, but have you taken a look at their salaries? I don’t think they shouldn’t be complaining. Hell, all of these people are outrageously overpaid. A cop patrolling the streets, a teacher learning a kid to read, do you know how long they have to work to earn the lowest fee on the list? To think that people who do something that actually matters earn so much less than someone making a joke on tv. How much people can you feed with 5 million? We live in a pretty disgusting world if you ask me :(

  • Dan

    The worst get paid the most.

  • Ross

    How is Kelly Ripa not on this list? She gets what these people get per year in a week. If the kardashians qualify she should too

    • Chuck

      No she does not. she not even in there League.

      • Marjiscott

        It’s “their”, Chuck, not there

  • Jim

    More than half these actresses are not longer on TV make a real list

  • The_Mick

    This list would be much more professional-looking and informative if it listed the shows and networks on which the actresses appear.

  • Any

    Has everyone forgotten Dana Delaney?!

  • Joe Runciter

    I recognize only a couple of these women.

  • Chas

    All of the earnings listed here are for 2011. To see where the figures come from, check out the original article on

  • Elle

    I’m always curious to know (when these sort of lists come out) how much Emily Deschanel brings in … granted she is not a big name like most of these ladies and BONES was her first hit, but she (along with Boreanaz) pretty much carried the show for a long time.

    I never really see her on these lists, even when the salary is in the 1-2 million range, which I find somewhat odd.

  • Gass

    Oprah acts.

  • http://timewarner glenda

    I saw a picture of Sophia Vergara without her makeup, talk about hurt my eyes. Many of these women we think are so georgeous, would stop a train with their looks, if not for makeup. These women make way to much money.

  • Rich C

    funny how as the boobs get bigger so do the salaries (except E. Longoria)

  • Pirave

    I AM IMPRESSED! These are actually people i like!!
    (well approx 9/20 and half of those being from desperate housewives
    but still talented people getting paid? since when does this happen?! And people i know and like on TOP 20 lists that never ever happens either!)

    I’m also surprised Melissa McCarthy is on the list, as i only know her from Gilmore girls and seen her briefly in something i don’t remember. But i like her so who cares :P

  • Pirave

    OH and although i have heard of the kardashians .. people i am not counting them among the ones i know

  • KB Barrett

    some I’ve heard of (Sedgewick,Cuoco-sp?, and couple others), some I wish we’d never had to have heard of ! and a bunch of overpaid “nobodies”… so-called actresses? sort of like “politics”.

  • Jocelyn

    There are no Black actresses that could be one among the top paid actresses on television? So sad…

    • Marjiscott

      Halle Berry is still on Exant.. right? How much does she make?

  • WhiteRoyal

    That why this world is a mess people brains involves around celebrity, from music,Tv,sports and what ever els.. All over priced, over paid, over media cover people are so stupid happy to pay for over ratted crap for these people to have a life like a royals!!!….. Sooner people wake up the better this world can be!!! stop giving these big rich company`s silly amount of money for crap!!, should all be cheap for public… Get paid like everyone els no more than doctor, nurse, firemen, army, all the realy inportent jobs not these so call celebrity? and company profiting?..

  • Cliff

    The higher the paycheck the lower the talent. Awesome!

  • kh

    Interesting how the highest top paid actresses are the women of color. You go girls! Though I don’t consider the Kardashians actresses in any way. (That they make so much money is appalling! Basically they get paid just for breathing the public is so entranced with them.) The article should have been titled “The Highest Paid Female TV Personalities”

  • cw

    Courtney Cox probably makes $5 million a year just from royalties from Friends reruns and memorabilia! (Hey is anyone really going to read the comments at the bottom of the page? The most recent comments should be posted first like other sites.)

  • Chuck

    you are incorrect. the ones that are not actresses are the Kardashians..the rest are.

  • Stephen Hill

    What is “AN ACTRESS ON TV”? Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston,
    Halle Berry and Beyonce’ ( 2 of many black talented beauties worth more than their weight in gold for talent) all appear on TV and earn more than the highest paid on your list…

    I this US TV, English speaking TV or world TV?
    The subject is risible because it is so full of holes.
    Back to the drawing board tom!

  • Jellyhead

    Happy to say i don’t recognise many of these people. I’m very happy, maybe my life is worth while.

  • Courtney

    Um why isn’t Jennifer Aniston on there?? and Angelina Jolie??? and hello? Sarah Jessica Parker??? I’ve never even heard of half the people on that list and it’s meant to be actresses NOT reality stars who get way too much money.

    • Zac

      It says TV. Since when was Angelina Jolie an actress on TV? read it properly before commenting!

    • Marjiscott

      Because they are not currently on T.V.

  • Zac

    Ellen Degeneres?

  • michael

    The amount they make for a job a 5 year old can do makes me want to vommit.There’s people in the world that have nothing and they get money like that just to spend it on facelifts and fake tits.I bet they have no problem paying there bills while everyone else suffers.

  • vitoria

    so fair, love you sofia!

  • mansky

    not so much interested in who SHOULD be paid more, or less. I should be paid more. But this list is a mediocre document. Not everyone knows every one of the 20 actresses, or when, or for what show, they earned their millions. There has to be a better way to present this information.

    If we were to vote on everyone’s salaries, yours and mine would be better, and most of these folks would get about the same, and their bosses would get much less. I understand that I’m commenting on a blog where other commenters don’t have a lot of insight, but, please, folks, if all you can say is x needs more than y, commenting is useless.

    Oh, wait. It is. I apologize for my comment.

  • Serathas

    alison is a great actress, loved her in american pie, buffy, angel and how i met your mother

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