The 20 Longest Running American TV Shows of All-Time

In today’s day and age it’s extremely difficult for a show to run for more than a few seasons, let alone 5, or 10, or even more.  There’s just so much on TV that’s it’s difficult to get people to commit to watching any one program for an extended period of time.  So we decided to comb through the TV universe to locate the shows that have stood the test of time.

This is a list of the twenty shows that have been on the air longer than any other. Omitting sports broadcasts, news programs or religious shows, these are the dramas, game shows, kids shows or comedies that have gone beyond the rest.  Not one of these aired for less than 25 years, and by the end of this list, you won’t even believe how long they’ve been on.

Check out the full gallery for yourself

28 Years – Wheel of Fortune

29 Years – Captain Kangaroo

32 Years – This Old House

32 Years – American Bandstand

33 Years – Family Feud

33 Years – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

34 Years – Soul Train

37 Years – Saturday Night Live

37 Years – Nova

38 Years – The Young and the Restless

39 Years – The Price is Right

40 Years – All My Children

43 Years – Sesame Street

43 Years – One Life to Live

45 Years – Days of Our Lives

49 Years – General Hospital

53 Years – The Wonderful World of Disney

54 Years – As the World Turns

55 Years – Candid Camera

57 Years – Guiding Light


  • Rodolfo
    • BJG

      Sabado Gigante has only aired in the U.S. for 26 years.

  • John the Mod

    Cough, cough… Doctor Who? 49 years old at this VERY minute?

    • BJG

      Doctor Who has only been airing in the U.S. (on BBC America) for 2 years.

      • Nali

        This stupid list is either biased or just POORLY researched. Extremely misleading if you ask me. HELLOOOO Doctor Who has an impressive streak here! But no, just because it originally aired in another country, it doesn’t count. LAME!!!

  • Thomas

    There’s a lot that this list doesn’t mention, unless they are doing only American televison. Even so, that makes this list useless. Fun Fact I learned as a history teacher: Guiding Light has actually been produced for 72 years, though 15 were on the radio.

  • Scott

    What about “The View”? That seems like it’s been on forever.

    • BJG

      lol…it may seem like it’s been on forever but The View is only in it’s 16th season.

  • Glen

    Coronation Street? Some of the characters haven’t even changed their outfits for about 30+ years.

  • Barretto24

    Coronation Street – Over 50 years
    Casualty longest medical drama in the world and is still going on today.

  • Daniel

    A woefully inaccurate list that fails to mention its based on only US shows. The UK has some of the longest running TV shows in the world including The Sky At Night (55 years), Coronation Street (52 years. Considering Guiding Light was cancelled in 2009 its days are numbered as the longest running TV show of all time. In fact The Sky At Night is currently the longest running TV show on air and will beat Guiding Light as the longest of all time in 2 years.

    • Mr. Giggles

      All UK shows are garbage and not worth even mentioning. Thus US shows.

  • Daniel

    Candid Camera shouldn’t even be in the list as the show has not aired new episodes regularly for the duration of its runs. The show did not have any new shows between 1954 and 1960. It also didn’t have any new shows made between 1967 and 1974 until New Candid Camera was made.

  • Jocko

    This list is called “The 20 longest running TV shows of all time”, but shows don’t count if they’re not American? Jesus, talk about ethnocentrism.

  • Erik

    What about En Familia con Chabelo…
    His longevity is a running joke in Mexico actually.

    So, I propose you change the title of your list to “The 20 longest running AMERICAN TV shows of all time”…

  • Corey Mason

    Doctor Who is on its 50th anniversary(although there was a short break during the 90’s).

  • Merganman4

    Disgraceful, Doctor Who didn’t make it on this list and, if you look at the post date, it was posted on Doctor Who’s 49th Anniversary *facepalm*

  • James Westvold

    Retitle this to: 20 Longest Running American TV Shows.

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