The Actors Who Have Died the Most Onscreen

sean bean

There are some actors who appear die more than others whenever they show in a film. Whether it’s the characters they play or the script just thinking the audience wants to see them die, I’m not sure, but this group of guys just can’t seem to stay alive in movies.

You might think the reigning champ is Sean Bean up there, and he does clock in at 25 deaths onscreen, but he’s not. There’s someone with FORTY. Read on to see who populates the list…

Leonardo DiCaprio (12 Deaths)

Actors Die 1

The Quick and the Dead

Total Eclipse

Romeo + Juliet


Blood Diamond

The Departed

J. Edgar

Django Unchained

The Great Gatsby

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  • Frank Ward

    You forgot Con Air.

  • Dave Muir

    Tim Curry….you forgot IT, he was Pennywise the Clown

    • Kofybean

      And The Three Musketeers .

      • Kuhlguy1

        However he did not die in the three Musketeers. The last that you see of him in the film is when the King punches him knocking him into the river. Here is the Wikipedia article for reference (2nd to last paragraph of the plot section) or just watch the film.

    • Rebecca

      I was going to mention this also!!

    • Charmaine Be

      This roll will stick with me forever!

  • Thomas

    At first I thought this was a TV list and I was like, “Where’s Michael Shanks?”

  • luagha

    Surely Michelle Rodriguez gets a guest mention – or does she top the actress list?

  • Mike

    Surprised James Franco didn’t make it on this list.

  • gg

    No Alan Rickman?

    • Charmaine Be

      I would have thought so too. And not just cause he is up there w/my favs oldman and dicaprio.

  • Lara N

    Jensen Ackles – As Dean Winchester, died 102 times in the ep 3.11 Mystery Spot on the show Supernatural.
    BOOM! Suck it!

  • Pkap7ru

    Didn’t Sean Bean die in a Resident Evil movie.

  • DanMan

    Where is Steve Buscemi?

  • hawkeyeproud

    Danny Trejo head exploding on a back of a tortoise in Breaking Bad! Classic!

  • Fox

    You forgot Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

    • jmarinas

      In the last frame of the film, we assume he was going to die afterwards. We never really see it. So 19 deaths is still accurate.

  • Devin

    Danny Trejo also died on Breaking Bad.

  • tman56

    John Hurt did not die in A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS.

    • geodoc

      But Hurt died in Caligula which is not listed lol!

  • muzakjunke45

    I just stumbled across this article. Sorry I’m a little late but what about Bokeem Woodbine? He’s the go to “a black man must die in scene” guy. Seriously. You may not recognize his name but you KNOW his face.(click link)

  • george

    de niro didnt die in mean streets scorese even said he didn’t

  • Pachudo

    Not a single mention of Bill Paxton? WTF?

  • Hms1013

    Johnny Depp did NOT die in Ed Wood.

  • Derp

    What about Willis in Looper?

  • Frank

    Gary Oldman died in The Professional as well.

    • Davidov

      Léon’s in the list :p

  • reece

    You forgot to list The Professional as a movie Gary Oldman died in.

    • jimmeans

      Oldman also died in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead

    • Daniel J Speedone

      The proper name for the movie is Leon. It is also known and Leon: The Professional. So yes actually it was listed.

  • robert

    technically johnny depp died in pirates of the carribean dead mans chest

    • Davidov


  • benda

    How could you forget Rutger Hauer???? seriously. I counted at least 24 and possibly more. Blade Runner- anyone…..

  • Alex Brown

    I don’t believe it actually showed Gary Oldman die in The Book of Eli.

  • jack.hurley44

    Maybe they’re just good at dying.

  • jack.hurley44

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the star of five “Die Hard” movies is on this list.

  • Guest

    Johnny Depp also died in Once Upon a Time in Mexico, doesn’t seem much research was put into this article.

  • JV1981

    Technically John Hurt died in Dr. Who…he regenerated at the end of the 50th Anniversary special.

  • John Harnes

    It should be 41 deaths for John Hurt not the 40 you claim! Didn’t you see the last Doctor Who? John Hurt’s aspect of the Doctor came to an end, with his rejuvenation fully underway at the end of the show. Considering the show’s 50 year plot line when a Doctor dies he rejuvenates into the next version of the Doctor, played by a different actor. This should count as a death for that actor’s version of the world’s most famous Time Lord!

  • Jimmy

    Gary old an didn’t die in book of Eli

  • DanielG

    Depp didn’t die in Ed Wood. At the end of the movie there was something written about his life subsequent to the time portrayed in the movie, and when he died, but that’s not really dying during the movie.

  • Millz13r

    john hurt technically died on doctor who

  • BadTigz

    You missed Doctor Who 50th anniversary special for John Hurt (well, he regenerates…same difference.)

  • Aerisot

    Johnny Depp died in “A Nightmare on Elm Street” Not Freddy’s dead.

    • JuneBug81

      Though he did get his head bashed in by a frying pan during a cameo in Freddy’s Dead lol. XD

  • Aerisot

    John Hurt also died in “Doctor Who: Time of the Doctor” which was released in theaters as well as T.V.

  • vic_vega

    Gary Oldman also died in The Professional (maybe that’s the Leon reference.)

  • Chava Malka Cooper

    john hurt regenerates in doctor who, is that called dying?