The Five Best and Five Worst TV Dads


Coach Taylor

coach taylor

Eric Taylor would win “best husband” too, if we were doing that, but being such a great guy made him a fantastic father on Friday Night Lights. He was fiercely protective of his own daughter sure, but he was also a surrogate father to many members of his team, who didn’t have solid father figures of their own. For that, he’s probably my favorite on the list.

  • chris

    How can Stacy Keach’s Ken Titus not be on this list?! Depending on your perspective, he could easily slide onto either top five.

  • Alouise

    I love how Walter White is only the 5th worst dad on television. I mean he only makes and distributes meth, and has been the direct cause of the death’s of several people, and has put his family in danger, but somehow Frank Costanza is worse than Walter White?

  • http://10worstandbestfathers Shray

    Walter Bishop from “Fringe”!!! How did he get left out?

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