The Five Biggest Badasses in HBO History

Paul November 6, 2012 3

I was going to write a “biggest badasses” of TV list, but that’s a bit too easy as there are just so many to chose from. When writing that list in my head, I realized that a lot of my choices were coming from one channel in particular. HBO has enough hard characters to fill an entire list by itself, and so here are.

Al Swearengen

In a town of badasses, Al Swearengen was king. He remains one of the manliest men in ALL of TV history, much less HBO, and his brawling and brothel owning earn him a spot on the list. But his character goes above and beyond a one-dimensional archetype, and he went from villain to hero and back again in the course of the show.

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  • E

    There should be someone from OZ on this list!

  • Jason

    Where is Richard Harrow?

  • OmarKH

    Yesss, I love that you put Arya in the list, she deserves it