The Five Most Gruesomely Violent Shows on TV

Paul December 5, 2012 26

TV is getting more violent. Much more so. Two decades ago, it would have been tough to even make a list like this. But with the advent of cable and pay channels, there are less and less restrictions about the kind of violence allowed to be broadcast.

All of these are great shows, but it can be hard to watch them through your fingers sometimes as they’re just so incredibly violent. Even after all the years I’ve spent watching horror films and playing violent video games, some scenes in these shows can be too much to handle.

Check out the entire list below, and see if you want to add any picks of your own:

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  • Ivana

    I’m still not sure that any of these current shows would beat “Oz”.

    • Mala_Madre

      Best show EVER.. and I would assume the most realistic. More than True Blood anyway :)

  • noelani

    Um, what about American Horror Story Asylum? Maybe not gruesome and bloody, but violent and mentally malicious. There really is no shortage of blood though. I don’t understand how it is not on this list.

  • Danielle

    Ok This person needs to get their facts straight if they are going to write an article. There are NO Dryads in True Blood – there are fae (a.k.a. fairies) but no dryads.
    Also Vampires have not ‘returned’ to the world in True Blood they have always been there, just not public. It’s shadowing on the LGBT movement, how vampires haven’t been able to be ‘out of the coffin’ until this new fake blood has been made.
    Also, the show is called True BLOOD, where’s your first clue that it would be bloody?
    This article is foolish.
    These are some of the best shows on television. If The Walking Dead haunts your dreams because of some special effects you need help my friend.

    • Rachel

      Season 2. Marian is the Dryad.

      • Danielle

        Nope Maryann was a Maenad – followers of Dionysus
        A Dryad is a tree nymph
        There’s quite a difference.

    • Kim

      WOW I feel the need to go further with my comment. As stated before, True BLOOD has BLOOD in then name…so why are you shocked about the gore factor? And The Walking DEAD…did you think it was a sitcom??? Come On, you must have led a seriously sheltered life if you think these shows are frightening. And those clambering for Dexter to be on the list…there is very very little actual blood in Dexter. Aside from the crime scenes that he photos…theres no blood at all. (baring of course the half teas spoon the trickles out of the stab wound when he makes a kill) This list is WEAK!

      • Nat

        Reading comprehension is apparently a lost art…

        I do believe he did realize it’s called True BLOOD – hence, why it was included on a list of gruesomely violent tv shows. Imagine that: someone included a bloody tv show on a list of bloody tv shows. He’s not surprised that a show named The Walking Dead is gruesome – he is simply relaying to us that in his opinion it is one of the more gruesome offerings on tv. Which it is, as you’ve agreed. You agree that these shows are bloody, but he’s a wimp for compiling them in a list?

        No one was saying any of those shows were frightening, but don’t worry: your bravado has convinced us all that you are very tough and brave.

  • coukie

    Thank god for the not politically correct True Blood vampires! Sick and tired of the Twilight vampires (and story and everything). I really enjoy the gore details even if I’m not that into gore films in general.

  • coukie

    By the way all these shows are on my top 20 list.

    Walking dead and Spartacus are often gore for the fun of it… it seems very important for creators to invent new disgusting scenes! On the other hand violence in Game of Thrones and Boardwalk empire is in the story and therefore sometimes even more disturbing.

  • Benjamin

    If The Walking Dead was on Showtime or HBO, it would be number one by far. Go read the comics and educate yourself with the differences that are in the two mediums. There is a lot of cursing, a bit of sex and a LOT and I mean A LOT more gory violence that they just would not be able to get away with on AMC,

  • Dee

    American Horror Story should be on here. There is no shortage of death and blood in that show (seasons one AND two), as well as the added psychological terror, and the fact that it touches on some very taboo subjects (ex. school shootings, forced sterilization, suicide, rape, pregnancy due to rape, attempted self abortion with a coat hanger, Nazi scientists).
    I feel that all of these things make it qualify as gruesome and violent.

    On a different note, the pic you SHOULD have had for the True Blood listing would be Russell Edgington ripping the new’s anchor’s spine out on live TV. That was an epic scene. Lol.

  • Jen N

    I agree that American Horror Story should be added. The asylum season is a little TOO much for me, even though I’m a big fan of horror (so long as it’s done up right). Dexter is pretty nasty, too. Although one of my favorite shows is Breaking Bad, don’t think it is quite so gruesome.

  • Erik

    …..what about Sons of Anarchy?
    I guess this list has put my TV viewing habits in perspective. 4 out of the 5 shows on this list are on my top ten list of currently running shows. I guess I like the violence.

  • coukie

    No seriously… I posted 3 comments. Took the time to comment on your opinion. How come all my comments disappeared? Not nice, not nice at all! :-(

    • Clarissa

      It was not deliberate – nor was the problem limited solely to your comments. Some sort of glitch has happened with the commenting system and comments disappeared for reasons we don’t understand. We haven’t yet figured out how – or whether it’s possible – to retrieve them. Unfortunately, technology is not without its glitches. Sorry.

      • coukie

        Pity… My comments were pretty deep ;-)

        I think this happened when someone replied to a previous message. Everything after that disappeared.

        Thanks for your reply though.

  • D.A.

    What about Dexter

  • Kim

    Seriously how wimpy is the person who compiled this list?

  • Tracy

    What about Sons of Anarchy? I mean Jax killed someone with a snow globe for Christ’s sake! Not to mention Opie being pummeled by an iron pipe. Better yet Jax chopping off someone’s hand for fingerprints. I can go on…

    • JD

      Sons of Anarchy showed a girl get burned alive on the first episode this last season how does that not get #1 Sons has the most realistic violence on tv .

  • Thunderstruck

    What about the show “Superjail?” That show is violent.

  • col

    Sons of Anarchy has to be on top of this list for many reasons. These are common men who are plain outlaws of today. Not really professionals killers but sloppy killers which is so much badass. Just for a ink on your skin will get you killed. Today’s justice is much tougher especially with modern tech on you at any given time. They kill without hesitate.

    • coukie

      I agree… do you remember when they burned the tatoo off one guy’s back? This show IS extremely violent and probably number one on the list.

  • Altair

    Um, hello? SUPERNATURAL? Pick an episode. Any episode.

  • Brian C

    Wahhhhh! The TV is too violent for me wahhhhhhhh!Then turn to Nick Jr. then. I hear Dora is still exploring…