The Fosters Series Premiere Sneak Peeks: A New Addition to the Family


the fosters abc familyStef Foster and Lena Adams are doing what they can to make sure their family unit is as stable as possible. Raising teenagers is a fundamentally unstable proposition, thanks to hormones, new media, and social pressures, but being a lesbian couple in charge of a multi-ethnic blended family featuring one biological child and two adoptees means that they have to do what they can to make everyone feel secure, loved, and accepted. Not only are Brandon, Mariana, and Jesus trying to discover who they are, they’re having to do so in a situation that could leave them further ostracized and more unsure of themselves than ever before. As sensitive as Lena and Stef try to be about the development and emotional needs of their children, on the series premiere of The Fosters, one of them makes a choice that shakes the entire house to its core.

Lena has brought home a confrontational girl named Callie and hopes to keep her around for at least the next couple of weeks. The girl, who is sporting bruises and some major attitude, was in and out of foster homes before being taken from juvie to live with the Fosters, a situation unlike any she’s been exposed to before. Aside from the makeup of the family, in terms of race, sexual orientation, and biological match, Callie’s never been in a home with two loving parents and siblings her own age that could be more peer than enemy. As much as Stef may be wary of letting another person into their increasingly crowded home, and as much as allowing that would stretch the Fosters emotionally and financially, she knows that this is exactly the type of thing that Callie needs in order to grow as a person and let down her guard. But will the girl agree to stay longer than the few weeks Lena had planned? Or will the family have to do some convincing to make her stick around?

The series premiere of The Fosters is set to air Monday, June 3rd at 9:00 on ABC Family.

How long will it take Callie to get used to her new environment? Is Lena right in trying to help the young girl by allowing her to live with her, Stef, and the other kids? Which of Stef and Lena’s other children will Callie gravitate to most?

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