Things You Thought You’d Never See: Game Of Thrones Emojis

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Emojis have become an interesting trend of their own. Little faces or figures or symbols we want to put in our emails and messages and such. While some people love doing the fall back smiley face or thumbs up, there are people with more discerning tastes. Elite Daily cater to this crowd by offering of the best emojis on the block. Recently they did Seinfeld emoticons, and people loved them. Well, this time around, you get Game of Thrones, and they are awesomesauce.

Just think about all the opportunities these Game of Thrones emoticons will give you to convey how you’re feeling. Someone made you mad? Send them a Joffrey. Someone said something witty, that deserves a Tyrion! Want to send a clear message to an ex? Littlefinger is the one to go with. Heck, not to be morbid, but there is even a dead and headless Ned Stark emoticon than you can send someone right before they make an awful life choice. Honestly, the possibilities are endless here. Honestly, you you even need a reason with half of these? Heck, I would make the Dire wolf head my new email signature if I could. Hey, can I do that?

Sadly, I just teased you, because they are not out for download yet. They are simply images on the site you can check out, but they will be available for download soon. I am looking forward to the day I send a Khaleesi emoji to all the strong woman I know. Thanks to Elite Daily, that will happen sooner than later.

[Photo v ia HBO]

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