Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry to Star in CBS’s Rebooted Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple seems like a perfect fit for CBS. It’s a laugh track sitcom, and will be remembered fondly by their largely older audience. All they needed was two likable leads, and it appears they’ve just found them.

Thomas Lennon will be Felix to Matthew Perry’s Oscar in the coming reboot, according to THR. In the original show, Felix was an OCD clean freak while Oscar was a huge slob. The reboot has a bit more of a detailed plot than the original:

“Lennon’s Felix is described as a maddening neat freak and an uxorious man whose compulsion to live in a precisely ordered, meticulously perfect environment alienates him from everyone in his life. Stunned when Ashley, his wife of 20 years, can no longer stand his persnickety, controlling ways, an emotionally devastated Felix looks to his best friend, Oscar Madison (Perry), for help and support. But Oscar is a born slob, a man who believes that pizza boxes, cigar butts and beer-stained sports pages from 2003 are the height of manly decor. Offered a place to stay by Oscar, Felix feels compelled to repeat the behavior that got him homeless in the first place, and Felix’s manic need to clean, cook and control soon shreds every one of Oscar’s nerves right down to the bone.”

It’s weird, I could actually see Perry or Lennon in the Felix role, but neither of them seem like Oscar to me. If Charlie Sheen still was on speaking terms with CBS, that might be a role for him.

Perry has had unfortunate luck with most of his post-Friends work, but landing a show on CBS is usually a recipe for a steady job for at least a few seasons. He worked with Reno 911’s Lennon on 17 Again previously, but that was mostly Zac Efron acting like Perry in the body switching comedy.

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