Three Seasons in Three Days: Netflix Okays Binge Watching

Remy Carreiro December 16, 2013 0


Remember how once you discovered Orange is the New Black, you watched the entire first season in one week? Remember how you were worried that might have been a bad idea? Remember how Netflix came out and said their shows were not meant to be watched like that? Well, guess what? They took it back. It’s official. Netflix okays binge watching. Great, because I have two seasons of Sons of Anarchy to catch up on, and only one weekend to do it.

Basically. Uproxx has a bunch of stats that put science into the idea of binge watching. But we can tell you why it matters little how you watch TV. Honestly, if you want to watch one episode a week, that is fine. In the same breath, if you want to watch seventeen episodes in a week, that is fine, too. Some people seem to think that binge watching actually make the show better. Telling one cohesive story, rather than a story broken up by weekly episodes. Seriously, if you watch Breaking Bad back to back, nightly, it is a better show. That is my feeling, anyway. Nothing from the week in between gets in the way. Story is still fresh on your mind. People were worried this was not good. But now now that Netflix okays binge watching, safe to say it might become the preferred way to watch TV.

So how do you watch your shows? All at once, or episode by episode?

[Photo via Dave Kotinsky/Getty]