Tim and Eric and Dr. Steven Brule Are Doing A Live Tour

tim and eric

God bless Tim and Eric. They have pretty much been at the source of the weirdest television of the last five years. From Loiter Squad to Check It Out to Comedy Bang Bang, any odd, off beat, kooky show you have seen, they have had something to do with. Let’s not forget their own amazingly insane show, Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Good Job, which is also unlike anything out there. Good news for fans of these irreverent funny men. They are doing a live tour with John C. Reilly in character as Dr. Steven Brule.

Now honestly, we just need to ask ourselves. What will this live show be like, exactly? Fans of Tim and Eric know they do these sort of things all the time. The live shows end up being exactly like an episode of one of their shows. There are sketches and characters and sing a longs, and the whole thing is ten times more insane in person. I cannot stress that. Also, The fact that they are bringing Steven Brule with them is only sure to pump up the insanity meter to ten thousand. You can check out the tour dates here and see when they are coming into your city.

The only real thing I would say is do not wear your best clothes to the show. Sometimes, strange fluids come flying off the stage. I honestly wish I was kidding about that last sentence.

[Photo via IFC]

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