That Time “That 70s Show” Had a Scene Animated to look like it was Scooby Doo

That’s funny, I almost thought That 70’s Show was a cartoon caricature anyway. Just kidding, but not really. During it’s run That 70’s Show was among the funniest of sitcoms on the tube. It brought back an entire decade of pop culture and issues that people either tried to forget or barely remember in this day and age. And then it pulled a Scooby Doo act during one show that was supposed to be hilarious and came off as merely amusing.

For a long way through its run this show was actually pretty funny, but like many sitcoms it eventually grew a little stale as the episodes started to seem too much alike and the material started to run dry somehow. When a show is based on an entire decade you would think it would take longer to run through every last little thing that you could use as a plot device. Ten years seems to be a lot of time from which to pull a veritable horde of ideas.

One thing that can’t be denied is that eventually the main stars would no longer be able to pull off the teenager look, they weren’t teens to start with, and would have to move on. The show was destined to come to a close no matter what but the manner in which it was done is still contested by some fans. The truth however is that it was left in a fairly decent manner that shows that everyone involved had the same idea, the show was destined to move on at some point.

So yeah, to be honest there could have been more episodes and at least one more season, but it might have seemed like it was being drawn out just a little TOO much. Kelso and Eric were already gone after all and the others were prepping to do their thing. The actual actors went on to do other work and most people can at least appreciate how that turned out. A couple of them went into TV and movies, others stayed with TV. If a reunion show has ever been talked about it’s a well-kept secret but if you remember this show did spawn the ill-fated and extremely short-lived That 80’s Show. Needless to say that attempt didn’t last long since people had already been wowed by That 70’s Show for seven seasons.

The Scooby Doo episode is one that a lot of people probably forgot since it was a short little blurb in the overall season and didn’t warrant a whole lot of attention. In fact it might be stated that some people didn’t really care for it or appreciate it. That’s interesting since attempts such as this were usually well-received and didn’t invite a lot of criticism from fans.

It wasn’t really different from the show since it shows the guys talking in group like they always do, and Fez somehow making himself look rather foolish like usual. But for some reason it was just less effective than the director probably wanted.


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