That Time Jenna Turned Down Harvey Weinstein on “30 Rock”

Well here’s a popular trend to jump on as of recently.  Harvey Weinstein has become the talk of the town for his many indiscretions over the past few decades and has in effect become the Big Bad of Hollywood as of late that nearly everyone has decided to turn on. Even those that have known him for years and years have been effectively turning their backs based solely on the fact that he is only inches away from being labeled as a sex offender, even if the stories don’t detail acts going quite that far. It doesn’t really matter since this is a hot topic that everyone is willing to jump on. Even the moment during 30 Rock when Jenna claims to have turned down Harvey Weinstein has become relevant again, and a lot of people had up and forgotten about that a long time ago.

It is funny to notice however that Jenna says she turned him down 3 out of 5 times. What happened the other two times? It’s fiction and all but that kind of leaves a door open for people to say “hey, wait a minute” and might actually hurt or help Harvey’s defense depending on how it’s taken. Right now if he’s guilty then he doesn’t need any help, he needs to finally admit what he’s done and pay for it. And none of this nonsense about coming of age in the 1960’s and 70’s, the man needs to own up to what he did and accept what’s coming, if anything. He’s already been fired from his own company, he’s been vilified by the press in record time as usual, and his wife is leaving him.

So yes, the allegations are very real and Weinstein is not denying anything. But somehow he’s still attempting to mount a defense for himself that is thus far taking a very wrong turn into dangerous territory. His name’s already been sullied, but now it’s starting to bring others down with him as Hillary Clinton and many other noted celebrities are starting to be associated with Weinstein and accused of knowing just what he was like while they said absolutely nothing. How many times did women actually consent and how many times did they say no? Maybe someone should tell Weinstein that just because a woman said yes once doesn’t mean he gets to keep touching them when they tell him to knock it off.

The strangest thing is that he doesn’t deny any of it. That at least would seem like a small measure of justice in a world where such a word is becoming something that is rarely ever heard of. But those that supported him and said nothing all these years are still keeping quiet, unless of course a few of the hypocrites have decided to jump the line and start calling him out for his behavior.

It wouldn’t be that surprising.



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