Tina Fey’s FOX Pilot is Officially Dead

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Just because you’re Tina Fey, that doesn’t mean everything you touch turns to gold. In the wake of the success of 30 Rock, Fey has moved on to other TV projects, but one is now pretty much dead. With producing partner Robert Carlock, Fey filmed a pilot for Cabot College for FOX last spring. The show was about an all-female college that starts accepting male students, and it starred Asif Ali, Margaret Cho, Jack Cutmore-Scott and Bonnie Dennison. 

FOX didn’t pick up the project last May after the pilot was filmed, indicating they weren’t especially thrilled with it, but now they have officially passed on it altogether. That means Fey and Carlock could continue to shop it around, but that seems rather unlikely. It’s not the only project the duo has in the works, however, as NBC already has a midseason order for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which stars The Office’s Ellie Kemper as a young girl who escapes a cult and tries to live a normal life. Yes, it’s a comedy.

Cabot College seemed a little more…ordinary, and with a somewhat strange cast as well. Though Fey is a genius, she’s had her share of misses in both TV and film before. Remember Baby Mama? But then again, she’s also given us 30 Rock and Mean Girls, so it’s never wise to count her out. Even if Cabot College didn’t turn out well, there’s every chance Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt could be a new cult-classic comedy (heh), or if not, perhaps her next project after that. Or the one after that. It’s not as if she’ll ever run out of live in Hollywood, given the career she’s built for herself.

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