Which Tom Hanks Movie is Getting a TV Show Remake?

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Do you guys remember the movie from the 80’s with Tom Hanks and Shelly Long called The Money Pit? It was about a young couple who buy an old beat up house on the cheap and then do their best to try to remodel it and make it as cool as it should be. The comedy rub came from the fact that the house was an absolute dive, and no matter what they did, something else would always go immediately wrong. In the midst of these, they try to work on their relationship, too. It may sound bleak, but it was pretty funny. Well, NBC just ordered a pilot of The Money Pit.

Now I know what people who saw The Money Pit are thinking. That premise was funny for about an hour, but ran itself a little thing by the end. How are they going to squeeze a whole show out of that idea? The truth is, I have no idea. I would love to tell you they are going to expand upon the story by introducing other family members and maybe a kooky cast of neighbors to liven things up as well. But I can’t tell you any of that because all we know so far is that NBC has ordered a pilot.

I would tell you to pop over to TV Line for the full story, but we just gave it to you. More as this develops.

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