Tonight Marks The Return of the Funniest Show on TV: Drunk History

drunk history

Many years ago, there was a recurring internet sketch on the Funny Or Die network that was just about one of the funniest things out there. It was called Drunk History, and there had never been anything quite like out there. The show featured comedians (who were slightly inebriated) telling the true and historical stories of our countries history, while very famous actors acted out the scenes, but mimed the inebriated comedian. The end result was a (true) history lesson that was informative and side-splitting. This then turned into a full length show on Comedy Central that ended up being just as good as the sketches were. Good news, kids. Drunk History is back tonight!

Drunk History is one of those shows that it felt like was on the edge for awhile. Because of the subject matter (you know, history being told by drunk people) it was hard to tell the shelf life of the show. Would people love it? Would people hate it? Would it be back to slur some of the best history lessons I have ever heard, mimed by some of the greatest comedic actors of our generation. Felt like the show was in limbo for awhile, but no longer. Drunk History returns tonight at ten pm on your local Comedy Centrail provider.

Do yourself a favor. If you have not watched this show because it seems a little insane, just give it one shot. We can assure you will be in stitches. On top of that, you walk away smarter about the history of your own country. That is win-win for all.

[Photo via Comedy Central]

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